PfISD Big Event

    PfISD’s 4th Annual Big Event is scheduled for March 2, 2018! 

    Since its introduction in 1982, The Big Event has become the largest, one-day, student-run service project in the nation. Each spring, tens of thousands of Texas A&M students come together to say "Thank You" to the residents of Bryan and College Station.

    Students at Hendrickson High School began this movement here in Pflugerville ISD three years ago and although last year’s event was hampered by inclement weather, the Big Event is back again this year! This continues to be an amazing opportunity for PfISD students to give back and serve their community. Although The Big Event has become the largest one-day, student-run service project in the nation, our message and our mission remains the same – to simply say “Thank You.”

    "Through service-oriented activities, The Big Event promotes campus and community unity as students come together for one day to express their gratitude for the support from the surrounding community."
    Vision Statement:
    The Big Event will provide the opportunity for any secondary PfISD student to demonstrate their appreciation for our community through a single day of service and inspire a mindset of lifelong generosity.
    Mission Statement: The Big Event is our students, teacher's, staff and district's way of saying "thank you" to the community in which we call home.




    Big Event Coordinator Contact
    Philip Clayton Assistant Principal/Pflugerville High School 512-594-0518