• Extended Day Program Camp Information


    The Pflugerville ISD Extended Day Program offers several camps throughout the year including Fall Camp, Winter Camp, Spring Break Camp, and Summer Camp. All camps have limited availability and registration is conducted on a first come, first served basis until all spots fill. Registration is done via an online form. Links to the online forms will be included in the appropriate section on this page during the registration window for that camp. Camp fees are in addition to, and not included in, regular tuition payments for those enrolled in the Extended Day Program for after school childcare.




    Summer Camp 2018 Information:


    Camp Dates & Hours of Operation:         June 11, 2018 through Aug. 10, 2018 from 7:00 am – 6:30 pm daily [closed July 4th]

    Locations:                                                     Dearing Elementary, Riojas Elementary, Springhill Elementary, and Wieland Elementary

                                                                        **Springhill Campus is now closed due to enrollment limit.

                                                                        **Riojas Campus is now closed due to enrollment limit.

    Registration Dates:                                      March 19, 2018 until full 

    Registration* Fee:                                        $35 per family

    Tuition & Deposit* Fees:                             $165 per child per week; paid as $25 deposit per child per week due at time of registration

                                                                            plus $140 remaining weekly tuition due in full at least 5 business days prior to camp attendance


                                                                  SPECIAL NOTE: The tuition for June 11th week is due TWO WEEKS prior.


                                                                  EXAMPLE DEPOSIT & REGISTRATION COSTS: For one student who is 
                                                                            registering for all 9 weeks, the fee due at time of registration is the

                                                                            (1 student X $25 deposit per week X 9 weeks) PLUS $35 per family registration
                                                                            (1 X 25 X 9) + 35= $260 due at time of registration

                                                                           Activities & Trips:                                        

                                                                           Field Trips: Field trip locations are subject to change. We will list trip destinations
                                                                           and the week that each trip occurs on this webpage during the month of April
                                                                           There will not be any off site trips during the first and fourth weeks of camp.

                                                                           Updates and other trip details specific to each camp will be
                                                                           available at the parent table and in camp newsletters at the camp site.
                                                                           Swimming: Every camp visits a pool once per week pending weather. 
                                                                           Students must pass a swim test in order to move into the deeper areas of 
                                                                           the pool. All camps will use the Gilleland Creek pool in Pflugerville.
                                                                           On Site Activities: Every camper will participate in a variety of curriculum 
                                                                           activities including arts & crafts, gym games, outdoor games and play, center 
                                                                           activities that encourage imaginative play, and various team building events.

                                                                           Camps will also host added on site enrichment activities during all weeks.

    Link to Online Registration forms:


    New Accounts - ONLY use if you have never had an EDP account


    Current Accounts - ONLY use if you have a current EDP account


    Previous Accounts - ONLY use if you had a previous EDP account (Afterschool or Camps)


    *NOTE: All camp registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Summer Camp registration and deposit fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


                                                                         EDP Summer Camp FAQ’s

    If the answer to your question is not here please feel free to email us at ExtendedDay@pfisd.net, and we will get back to you.


    What are the billing and payment dates for the entire summer?

     Click on this link for a PDF version of this table:  EDP Summer Camp 2018 Billing Dates

    • Registration fee & Deposits due at time of registration. These are non-refundable & non-transferable.
    • Remaining weekly tuition due at least 5 business days prior to attendance or on date indicated below whichever is earlier.
    • Late fee applied 3 business days (the Wednesday) prior to attendance if tuition not paid in full.
    • Failure to pay by at least 1 business day (the Friday) prior to attendance will result in being dropped from enrollment due to nonpayment.


    Where can I get a one page reference for Billing, Field Trips, and Camp schedule for swim & Field Trip days?

    Please click on this link:   2018 EDP Summer Parent Info Page


    What are the locations for Summer Camp 2018?


    Dearing Elementary: 4301 Gattis School Rd., Round Rock, TX 78664

    Riojas Elementary: 3400 Crispin Hall Ln., Pflugerville, TX 78660

    Springhill Elementary:  600 S. Heatherwilde, Pflugerville, TX 78660

    Wieland Elementary: 900 Tudor House Road, Pflugerville, TX 78660


    When will my child go on Field Trips & Swimming?

    Dearing Elementary

    Swimming: Friday, Field Trip: Wednesday 

    Riojas Elementary

    Swimming: Wednesday, Field Trip: Friday

    Springhill Elementary

    Swimming: Thursday, Field Trip: Tuesday

    Wieland Elementary

    Swimming: Tuesday, Field Trip: Thursday 


    Where will my child go on swim days?

     All camps will go to Gilleland Creek Pool located at 700 N. Railroad Ave., Pflugerville, TX 78660.


    What Field Trips will my child be going to?

    * Trips are subject to change.

    * All students will leave the camp via bus between 8:00-9:00 a.m. for each trip.

    Summer Camp Dates 2018


    When can I drop off or pick up my child?

    We open at 7:00 am and close at 6:30 pm daily.

    Onsite Days are three (3) days per week. We stay on campus all day so picking up and dropping off at any time is perfectly fine!

    Field Trip Days are one day per week. We usually leave the camp around 8:30 am, and we return around 4 pm. Signs will be posted at least 24 hours in advance on what time we are leaving/returning, the address of where we are going, and what you should bring.

    Pool Days are one day per week. We leave camp around 12pm and return by 3:30pm depending on the location of the pool. These signs will also be posted at least 24 hours in advance.


    What if I arrive late to drop my child off and the bus is already gone? 

    If we are off campus, you are welcome to come to the pool or any trip we may be on to pick up or drop off. If you do plan on doing this, please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements to have your child ready to meet you or a staff ready to meet your child. You may also call the EDP front desk for assistance on the exact location of your child’s camp on days when the office is open. EDP office phone number is 512-594-0148.


    Why must I bring my ID in everyday to pick up my child?

    In order to release your child to you, or anyone else, we must verify using a government issued photo ID that the name of the person picking up matches with a name on the enrollment form. If someone comes to pick up your child and their ID does not match any authorized people on their pick up list, your child will not be released.


    How do I add someone to my child's pick up list?

    We have a form you can fill out. Only a parent/guardian can add or make changes to enrollment forms. Any amount of people can be added to your pick up list, but we require a minimum of 2 emergency contacts other than parents/guardians.


    My child takes medication that may need to be given to them during camp hours. Can they keep their medicine with them?

    No, students are not allowed to carry their own medication. All medication needs to be checked in with the camp director and the parent/guardian must complete a medication authorization form. Medication must also be kept in original container with prescription label attached. Please do this on first day of dropping off your camper. Remember to pick up the medication on the last day your child attends camp. All medication left at camp will be destroyed using appropriate protocols at the end of camp.


    What will my child be doing while at camp?

    We will have a schedule posted at our parent table with your child’s activities through each day. We plan gym games, outdoor activities, art activities, and computer time.


    Do you provide snack?

    Yes, we will serve every child an AM and PM snack. We will post a snack menu at our parent table for you to see and take a copy of what your child will be served daily. If your child does not want a snack they are welcome to bring something extra from home to eat during this time. The Springhill and Wieland camp sites have qualified for a grant program and the morning food items will consist of a breakfast menu provided through a federally funded program as well as a free lunch; however, Dearing and Riojas students will bring their own lunch from home.


    What type of lunch should I send with my child?

    We strongly recommend using a sack lunch instead of a lunch box. We get lots of lunch boxes left behind. You are welcome to send your child with any type of lunch as long as it does not require a microwave/oven to cook or heat it. Dearing and Riojas camp students are required to bring a lunch from home every day. The Springhill, and Wieland camp locations qualify for a grant program and the lunch will be provided through a federally funded program.


    What if my child has certain food allergies?

    If you did not note your child’s food allergy on the enrollment form please let us know ASAP! We do have other options for those children. At sites where Aramark is providing free breakfasts and lunches, there is an additional form available through the cafeteria manager. This allows for us to know what food allergies a student has in order to request the alternate meals and to assign seating areas. For example, if someone in their group brings a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and your child has a severe peanut allergy, we can make sure they don't come in contact with the sandwich that day at lunch.


    Will my child get a T-Shirt?

    Yes! The first week your child attends camp they will receive a camp T-shirt. These are for your child to wear on Field Trip days. This helps us easily spot each of our campers, and it also has our EDP phone number in case of an emergency.

    If we lose our shirt will we get a new one?

    Unfortunately, no—at this time we need to make sure every child gets a t-shirt, and we do not order extra shirts to sell. If a shirt is lost, you may send your child in another shirt of the same color to make it easy for them to match.


    While on field trips, how will I know my child is safe?

    Safety is our number one priority. While offsite we have a 1 to 10 staff to student ratio and the camp director will be out of ratio at all times.  All campers will have camp shirts that have our address and contact info on the back; and for swim days, we provide every child with wristbands that include our contact info. 


    How can I reach the camp staff while they are offsite?

    You can call the EDP office at 512-594-0148 and they can transfer your call to the site director or lead staff in charge that day. You will also be given your site director and assistant’s email addresses to email them any questions you may have.


    Can I send my child with money for food or toys to buy?

    No, all of our field trips are already paid for as included in weekly tuition, and all the students must follow the prescribed schedule we have booked which does not include time for purchasing any extras on a trip.


    Can my child bring their electronics or toys to camp?

    This is highly discouraged. We have had many items stolen or lost during camp time. If a child chooses to bring anything from home, the only time they are allowed to play with it will be very small periods of time designated by the camp director and scheduled around organized curriculum activities. If student use of the personal item becomes a distraction while staff are instructing, then it will be taken away and returned to the parent at pick up time. Due to licensing guidelines, screen time with any type of electronic media is very limited. Screen time includes personal electronics as well as computers, movies, iPads, etc. 


    My child does not know how to swim. What will they be allowed to do at the pool?

    We swim as a camp once per week. Each week we will have a swim test for students. If your child can pass our swim test, they will be color coded (green) with a wrist band indicating that they passed. They will get a wrist band each week and will no longer need a swim test once they have passed the first time. They will be allowed anywhere in the pool.  

    If your child does not take the swim test or cannot pass that day for some reason, they will be color coded (red) as not passing. The student will be allowed to re-take the test the next week if they would like, but in the mean time they will be in the roped off, shallow area of the pool during pool time.


    Who are the directors that are working summer camp? A member of the camp staff will be at the door each day to answer any questions or help with any concerns you may have:


    Dearing Elementary

    Site Director- Kimberly Ferree

    Assistant Directors- Erica D’Amato & Micah Rueter


    Riojas Elementary

    Site Director-D’Jon Pitchford

    Assistant Directors- Rebecca "Becky" Schrowang & Emylee Priem


    Springhill Elementary

    Site Director- Grayson Brantley 

    Assistant Directors- Paige Jochen & Darian Norris


    Wieland Elementary

    Site Director-Garrett Maldonado

    Assistant Directors- John Castro & Jeremy Herrin


    A list of all our other camp staff will be posted on the parent board at camp. We will be posting updates there as well as pictures for this summer. (If your child is not allowed to be photographed for advertising purposes, they will not be in photos. This option is on the enrollment form. If you need to make any changes, please let us know.)


    What should my child bring with them to camp each day?

    To help make your child’s camp experience the best possible, please send your child with the following.

    Tennis shoes-- we do lots of running! We want every child to participate in everything, so socks and shoes are a must! Flip flops can be brought in a bag on pool days.

    Labeled Sunscreen-- it’s HOT! We will apply sunscreen on faces and arms of children daily for outside time. Swim days and field trip days will require much more sunscreen for reapplication! We do not provide this, so please send this to camp and label it clearly so we are able to return it if lost.

    Labeled Water Bottle-- we will have water stations throughout the school as well as on field trips. We will also be stopping for water breaks frequently.

    Swimsuit/towel-- we use them for pool days as well as some field trips. Flip flops will be good to bring in a bag for after pool time.

    Lunch-- see information above about sack lunch needs at each campus.