• 1st Week of 2018-19 is in the Books! - PCMS

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 8/17/2018

    Greetings Pumas,

    Happy Friday! This was a great, short first week back to school. I am so impressed with how quickly our kiddos have adjusted from the short summer break.

    Now that we have navigated all of the back to school specific information, let’s get straight into the good stuff:

    2018-19 PCMS Agenda!

    Today every student recieved a 2018-19 PCMS Agenda in their EPIC classroom. Every page in this agenda was built/selected by a team of teachers and administrators from PCMS to provide important resources for their success. If you would like to learn about all of the amazing things contained in the agenda please watch this video that we showed to all students: PCMS AGENDA VIDEO Please know that the first agenda is 100% free to every student, but if they lose it they will need to purchase another copy in the front office for only $5. They will need this agenda every day for every class.

    8-17-18 pic 9.JPG

    Stay Involved in Middle School:

    There is a misconception that once your child leaves elementary school you should no longer be involved at their school. That is false! We want and need you more than ever. We have so many ways to get involved on campus whether it is volunteering in the library, attending PTO meetings, or simply being connected to other parents for events. If you have any interest please complete this simple form and I will share more info with you: So Many Ways to get Involved at PCMS!

    Athletic Physicals:

    All of our athletes need to have an up to date physical on file. Please use this link to find and print a physical to take to your childs physician: PHYSICAL FORM

    Cross Country:

    PfISD has added cross country to the list of sports offered at PCMS. This will be offered to any 7th or 8th grader. This year’s coach is the fabulous Mrs. Gage. Practices will be held after school and will begin on Wednesday, August 22nd. Please have your child report to B105 after school on the 22nd if they are interested in participating! Students will need a physical on file in order to participate.


    Our boys athletics will have a parent meeting on Tuesday, August 21st from 6-8pm in the PCMS Cafeteria. The meeting is for all parents of students participating in football. If you are unable to attend please contact Coach Wilson in advance at michael.wilson@pfisd.net


    Girls athletics will have tryouts for any 7th and 8th grader interested in participating in volleyball on Monday, August 20th. 7th grade should report to the back of the buliding by the track at 7:00am. 8th graders will try out after school until 5:15pm. Please know that we do our best to keep as many kiddos as possible, but the teams are competitive and spots are limited. If you have any questions about volleyball tryouts please reach out to Coach Hinojos at crystal.hinojos@pfisd.net

    PCMS Yearbook:

    Although yearbooks won’t be available until later in the year during the 2nd semester, you can already reserve yours now. Here is information on how to do that, including a link to the form. YEARBOOK ORDER FORMS

    8-17-18 pic 1.jpg

    PCMS Travelers:

    Every year a group of kiddos take the opportunity to travel to various locations over the summer break. If this is something you are interested in for your child, please see the information below. There is an informational meeting set up for Wednesday, September 12th from 7:00 – 7:30pm.

    Need more details NOW?  Want to sign up? 
    Check out this website:


    Tour number:  2069493UK

    Chaperones:  Lynn Layman and

    some of your very favorite principals/teachers!


    Departing from Austin, Texas

    Requested travel dates are June 9 - 13


    Next Week’s Preview:

    8-17-18 pic 3.png

    Open House: Mark your calendar! Thursday, August 23rd from 6:00pm -8:00pm is our 2018-19 Open House! The event is a come and go setting and will allow you to see the building and meet all of your kiddos teachers. Parents are HIGHLY encouraged to attend and students are welcome, but not required.

    8-17-18 pic 4.png

    Most sincerely,


    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School
    Who are we? WE. ARE. PUMAS!
    PCMS Website
    PCMS Facebook
    Principal's Blog

    "Keep improving, always, in all ways."

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  • Great 1st Day at PCMS!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 8/16/2018

    Greetings Pumas!

    What a wonderful first day of school today was. It was so great to see all of our kiddos from last year, and so many new cheerful faces. I measure the success of the first day based on how many smiles and handshakes I see, that all students successfully make it into their first period and subsequent classes after that, that each child has the time and is able to each lunch, and that each and every kiddo successfully makes it back home to you.

    I want to thank each and every one of you for sending us such amazing students each and every year. I can’t wait to see the amazing things these children can accomplish alongside our Gold Medal Faculty and Staff.

    On behalf of all of the teachers, counselors, administrators, office staff, and specialists at Park Crest Middle School, we welcome you to the 2018-19 school year. Together, let’s make this the best year yet!

    8-16-18 pic1

    Most sincerely,


    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School
    Who are we? WE. ARE. PUMAS!
    PCMS Website
    PCMS Facebook
    Principal's Blog

    "Keep improving, always, in all ways."

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  • Are You Ready for the 1st Day of School? - PCMS

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 8/14/2018

    Greetings Pumas,

    We are very excited for our first day of school on Thursday, August 16th.  Our school day officially begins at 8:20 a.m. and we will open doors for students as early as 7:55 a.m.

    Please be prepared, and plan accordingly for extra traffic during the entire first week of school. Buses will drop students off in the outer lane of the front parking lot. Parents may drop off in the back of the school or in the inner loop of the front parking lot (diagram below to help explain the process). I HIGHLY advise utilizing the back parking lot loop as it moves MUCH faster. Please drive safely as you approach the school as many students and families will be crossing the street in various spots.

    On the first day, students will enter the building from the main hallway doors in the front or back of school only. Between 7:55 – 8:14 a.m. students will be allowed to enter the cafeteria for breakfast, or asked to report to their grade level morning hallways (6th Grade – A Hall, 7th grade – Elective Hall, 8th grade – D Hall).

    At 8:15 a.m. the bell will ring to dismiss all students to their 1st day EPIC 1.0 classroom. We will have these lists posted in the hallways on the first day for students to review. Staff members will also be prepared throughout the building to help students locate their room. We are all about a smooth process, with little to no stress. We will make sure your kiddo finds it to their EPIC 1.0 room on the first day.

    First day EPIC 1.0 classes will go over everything your child needs to know for a successful first week of school. This includes receiving their official schedule, reviewing the campus map, 1st day packets (only required if you did not complete it at course verification pick up), bell schedule, lunch procedures, hallway procedures, transportation, etc.

    The end of the school day is at 3:35 p.m. Please expect extra traffic at this time as well. Buses will pick up students and depart promptly from the front of the school. Tutorials and Puma Den will not be held during the first week of school so please make arrangements for student transportation after school.

    Finally, please take a moment if you have not already to review my prior blog’s checklist to ensure your child is ready for the 1st day of school.

    I cannot wait to experience the first day of school at PCMS with your wonderful children on Thursday, Aug. 16.



    P.S. More Important Info:

    • Parking Lot Drop Off & Pick Up:

    Thank you in advance for helping make our morning drop off and pick up safe for everyone on the first day of school. The added traffic of the first day, combined with the new students who are unfamiliar with our processes, make it even more important to drive in and around our school with care and caution. I HIGHLY recommend you use the back parking lot for drop off and pick up as it moves much quicker and is not impacted by buses. If you do choose to use the front loop, please stay within the car lane (shown below) and not in the bus lane. Otherwise, you will politely be asked to move to ensure the buses stay on schedule. Finally, please remind your kiddos to use the cross walks when dropping off and picking up so our staff and myself can help get them across the streets in a safe manner (images below):

     8-14-18 pic1.png

    • Being a Good Neighbor:

    I had the opportunity last school year to meet with some representatives from St. Elizabeth Church (next door to us) regarding some concerns that came up after school. I have to say I completely agree with all of them. They are very gracious and allow us to utilize the side of their parking lot for both morning drop off and afternoon pick up. This is extremely helpful with traffic flow through our own parking lot during these peak hours. Here are the issues, followed by the quick and easy solution.

    1. Cars driving increasingly fast and without caution through their parking lot. This is unsafe for kiddos, parents, and members of the church. Please remember to proceed with caution and at an appropriate speed, just as if you were in our school parking lot. Also, they added speed bumps this summer, so please proceed with caution.
    2. Students hanging out all throughout the church property. At the end of the day kiddos are released at 3:35pm. In addition to tutorials, we offer Puma Den until 4:15pm to help with busy working parents’ schedules. The expectation is that students who have not been picked up by the time the buses leave (3:40ish) head inside if they do not see their parents and wait in Puma Den. Not all kiddos love doing this, as they would rather wait outside. For safety reasons, we insistent on kiddos waiting inside if they are not walking home or ready to be picked up. Typically, we have a lot of kiddos walk towards the church and linger and/or hide out while they wait. Please encourage your kiddo to utilize Puma Den.
    3. Students walking through the church property. Last year we noticed that students who are waiting for parent pick up in the church parking lot would hang out and sometimes stroll through the church grounds. Although the majority of the time this does not cause problems, it is a lot of extra foot traffic that simply isn’t polite for our neighbors and causes them to be burdened with supervising kiddos. I want to ask that if your child walks home (or waits for you by the church) that they meet you in Puma Den or off of the church property if you are not at PCMS once the buses have left campus (3:40ish). Students should not be cutting through the church property but instead using the sidewalks along Railroad Ave (image below).

    8-14-18 pic2.png

    Thanks for helping us continue to be good neighbors to St. Elizabeth’s. We sincerely thank them for graciously letting us use their parking lot and want to ensure we are doing our part to keep kiddos safe and accounted for after school.

    • Traffic Changes to Railroad Avenue:

    I want to publically thank the City of Pflugerville Staff for their amazing communication on this project. I have personally noticed a commitment to keeping everyone informed, and this project was no exception. Here is a word from the city on this project:

    The City of Pflugerville wants to make sure that all parents and drivers are aware of NEW roadway changes on Railroad Avenue that affect driving patterns near schools.

    Thank you to all school staff and parents for your continued patience as we work together to improve safety along our routes to school. Attached are some aerial pictures showing some of the changes outlined below.

    Railroad Avenue traffic pattern changes

    If you’ve driven down Railroad Avenue lately, the lanes have changed.  Traffic pattern changes to watch for on Railroad Avenue include:

    • New lanes in front of Brookhollow Elementary help keep thru-traffic progressing smoothly. Turning traffic now has space to wait for a safe left turn or right turn into the school. (This change can manage traffic patterns for up to 15,000 cars a day; currently we have less than 7000.) 
    • A dedicated southbound right-turn lane into the Brookhollow campus driveways to help with peak school drop-off and pick-up congestion concerns. 
    • A parking lane for homeowners on South Railroad Avenue.  
    • Signal modifications and four lane approaches at the Pfennig Lane intersection – Now there is a right-turn, straight and left-turn lane in each direction. Signal modifications provide for protected and permitted left-turns to reduce traffic delays.
    • Pedestrian pushbuttons are being upgraded to enhance accessibility at the Pfennig Lane intersection.
    • There will be no change to the school zones or mid-block crosswalk, however new yield lines for northbound and southbound traffic help serve as a buffer and traffic yield reminder.

    The contractor is using the MoKan right-of-way across the street from Brookhollow Elementary School as a staging area, so the City requests that parents please only use the northern most access point to this area for drop-off & pick-up activities.

    We appreciate everyone using extra caution and patience when traveling on newly modified roads.  If you have any questions on this project, please contact the City’s project manager, Chad Wood, at chadw@pflugervilletx.gov or by phone at (512) 990-6341.

    8-14-18 pic3.jpg 8-14-18 pic4.jpg


    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    "Keep improving, always, in all ways."

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  • Less Than One Week - PCMS!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 8/10/2018

    Greetings Pumas!

    We are officially less than one week away from the 1st day of school. How exciting!

    Our teachers have been trickling in throughout the week, and officially all came back today! They are eagerly getting back to campus to transform their empty, polished rooms back into engaging learning environments. As we complete our list of tasks to prepare for the arrival of your children, I wanted to share some checklist items that you can do with your children to best prepare for a great start to the school year.

    8-10-18 pic 1.JPG

    • Review the 1st Day Bell Schedule and the typical EPIC Bell Schedule – specifically start & end times as well as lunch. I will discuss the 1st Day Procedures in my next blog…

    8-10-18 pic 2.png


    8-10-18 pic 3.png


    • Ensure that your FOCUS (student grade and attendance verification) account is set up and ready to go. Visit (LINK TO FOCUS LOGIN) to set up an account.
    • Breakfast & Lunch: visit (LINK TO SCHOOL LUNCHES) to update lunch account funds and/or (LINK TO FREE & REDUCED LUNCH APPLICATION) to renew/apply for free & reduced lunch.
    • Collect school supplies (LINK TO SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST )
    • Review the Dress Code Policy (DISTRICT DRESS CODE POLICY) and communicate with your child which articles of clothing are suited for school and which ones are for other occasions.
    • Discuss transportation and after school arrangements. For information about bus routes, please visit: (LINK TO BUS ROUTES)
    • Check on your child’s Summer Reading progress for Pre-AP English (LINK TO SUMMER READING LIST).
    • Set a school year goal with your child (and write it down):
      • “What is one thing I am going to do this year at PCMS that will make me more successful?”
    • Discuss your positive expectations of them as a student. This is the perfect time to positively and proactively set the tone for a great year.
      • “We want you to ask questions in class when you are stuck”
      • “You can use the front office phone if you ever need to stay after school for tutorials”
      • “It is cool to do well in school”
      • “Give your best every day”
    • With your child, write down questions and concerns they have about middle school and/or PCMS.
      • We have built in time on the first day of school during EPIC & throughout the twelve days of school to go over everything they need to know to be successful and provide time for them to ask those questions.
    • Reinstate the bed time. The more rested they are, the better they learn. Period.
    • [6th graders primarily] Remind your kiddos that it is okay to be a bit nervous, anxious, excited, or whatever they may be feeling. There are plenty of adults to help them with anything they may need. We will all be out and about on the first day to make sure they make it to classes, get through the lunch lines, and find their ride home. If in doubt, ask any adult in the building!
    • [7th graders only] A copy of updated Immunizations is on file at PCMS (warning: students may not attend class until this is on file, seriously).
    • [8th graders primarily] Talk to your child about being a leader and a role model. All the kiddos watch what the 8th graders do and our campus climate & culture is set by our student leaders.

     We all know, “it takes a village to raise a child”. At Park Crest we are committed to building strong relationships with you as parents, and together developing our children into high school ready students with every opportunity open. Our theme for this year is simply; Unity. If we all work together in the best interest of children, there is no limit to the things we can achieve. I cannot wait to embark on this school year with you, and together as staff, student, parents, and a community continue the high level of success that is associated with being a Park Crest Puma! We. Are. Pumas.

    8-10-18 pic 4.png

    Most sincerely,


    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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  • 6th Grade Camp & Course Verification Info at PCMS!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 8/6/2018

    Greetings Pumas!

    New Student registration went great last week! We are excited to welcome over 60 new families to the PCMS community. Our next big event coming up is Course Verification and 6th grade camp on Thursday, August 9th. Here is what you need to know:

    6th Grade Camp:

    This is a 6th grade only event that your kiddo will not want to miss. If you have not yet signed up, you can do that now in the front office. It helps us tremendously if you pre-register so we can get an accurate count for groups and food. It is $12 to attend for which students will receive pizza and their first piece of PCMS gear! Doors open for camp at 8:00am and the event officially begins at 8:30am and concludes with pizza at 11:30am.

    For all of our 6th grade parents, this is the time to swing by and pick up your child’s Course Verification (list of classes). As you drop off your kiddo for camp, we will guide you through the building to complete the process. You will need to bring a copy of proof of residency with you. (Proof of residency includes: Gas, water OR electric bill AND Lease agreement OR mortgage statement) Once we have a copy, we ask that you complete the first day packet of information in the comfort of our classrooms. From there, you turn in all completed forms and collect your child’s Course Verification. Counselors will be available to answer any questions or make any corrections needed.

    7th & 8th Grade Course Verification:

    For our older students, course verification takes place in the evening from 4:30 - 7:00PM. For this event you will only need proof of residency if you have moved over the summer. For our 7th graders, we MUST have a copy of your child’s immunizations on file. We can make copies for you at this time, or you can bring your own. We will also have coaches present if you would like to drop off your child’s updated physical form. Remember that all other forms should be completed online (we will have computers available as well). We will ask everyone to take a moment to complete the first day packets and then pick up their child’s course verification forms. Counselors will be available to answer any questions or make any corrections needed. The whole process should be quick and painless! We want to be able to get you in and out as fast as possible.

    Gold Medal Custodial Crew:

    We love children, it is what we do… but sometimes they can be a bit messy (you may have noticed, having them home all summer). So you can imagine how a building full of 950+ 11-13-year-old kiddos can look after a long school year. Well, check out this picture of the AMAZING work that our Gold Medal – the best of the best, custodial crew led by our lead custodian Robert have done:

    8-6-18 pic 1.png

    That floor looks like glass! No smudges, scratches, or dirt! We believe that a clean school sends a strong message to the kiddos that this is a place to value and want to be at. I cannot thank our team enough for the work they do throughout the year, and especially over the summer to transform this building back into an impeccable place of learning!

    Most sincerely,


    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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  • Already August at PCMS!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 8/1/2018

    Greetings Pumas,

    Can you believe it is already August 1st and we are only approximately two weeks from the start of the 2018-19 School Year? Me neither! I hope everyone is having a wonderful, restful summer and are able to escape the heat!

    As we approach the start of the school year I will continue to send out important information through this blog, the campus Facebook page, and on the PCMS website. Please be sure to share the information with neighbors and friends so everyone is ready to go on August 16th!

    New Student Registration:

    If you are receiving these emails, chances are good that you have already registered your kiddo. However, the summer is the time of year with the most relocations/moves, not to mention the new homes that are popping up right around the corner, so chances are good you may see a new family nearby you! Please share this important information with our community:

    8-4-17 Pic 11.png

    You can also share this awesome guide to registering a kiddo in Pflugerville ISD: http://www.pfisd.net/domain/1243

    Course Verification Pick Up:

    8-1-18 pic 2.png

    Now, for those of you returning to the district/campus, course verification is just for you! If you have been a Park Crest before, you know we do not like long lines and waiting around. Thus, we do our best to utilize the entire building and smooth systems to get you in and out for course verification pick up. What is course verification pick up? It is a chance for you to come by Park Crest and grab a list of classes your kiddo registered for. It won’t yet provide the order of classes BUT it will help you ensure that they have accurately registered for the courses you were expecting. Counselors will be on standby for question, comments, and concerns. It is completely come and go so I highly recommend you come in about 30 minutes after the doors open when the initial rush has passed. This is important; 6th grade takes place during 8:30 – 11:30am and 7th and 8th grade take place between 4:30 – 7:00pm.

    6th Grade Camp:

    8-1-18 pic 4.png

    Have you signed up your 6th grader for 6th grade camp? I sure hope so! They will not want to miss it. You can print out and bring in the form using this link: 6th GRADE CAMP FORM

    Or, feel free to come pick up a copy in the front office. The front office is open Monday – Thursday from 8:00 – 3:00pm over the next two weeks. Forms may also be turned in at camp (however this may slow you down a bit in a line).

    Athletic Forms & Physicals:

    8-1-18 pic 5.jpg

    Pop quiz! Did you know the physical form/requirement has changed slightly for 2018-19? YEP! Make sure your child is ready to particpate in their activities. We are not allowed to practice our athletes without a current physical that was completed AFTER April 15th, 2018.

    Here is a link to access those forms and important information: https://pflugervilleathletics.rankonesport.com/AthleticPortal/OnlineForms/Default.aspx

    School Supplies & Dress Code:

    Tax Free Weekend is coming up August 10th – 12th. Before you embark on back to school shopping please check out our district dress code and our recommended 2018-19 school supply list:

    District Dress Code: http://www.pfisd.net/cms/lib/TX01001527/Centricity/Domain/275/Pflugerville%20ISD%20Dress%20Code%202017.pdf

    8-1-18 pic 6.png

    7th Grade Parents – Immunizations:

    To the Parents of Park Crest 7th Grade Students,

    ***IF you have not yet sent your child’s immunization record to the shots@pfisd.net email or brought them in to Nurse Christine you will be required to bring your child’s record to the course verification pick-up August 9th.  We are unable to release course information sheets until the immunization requirements have been met. The vaccinations are required before he/she will be allowed to attend classes in the fall.***

    You can email your shot record today to: shots@pfisd.net

    Students entering 7th grade for the 2018-2019 school year are required by the state of Texas to have vaccinations for Meningitis and TDAP (TDAP must be done within the past 5 years) in addition to the vaccinations they have previously received.

    It is important to have these vaccinations done early this year, there will likely be a large number of students who need vaccinations before the next school year with a limited number of available appointments. You will need to take your child’s immunization record and this letter with you to be sure your child receives the correct immunization(s).

    The Care Van program has been discontinued and there will no longer be free shot clinics held throughout the year. Austin Public Health (http://austintexas.gov/immunizations) offers appointments for vaccinations through Shots for Tots and the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, information is provided on the second page of this letter.

    Please bring or fax a copy of the record showing your child has received the immunizations.

    Immunizations are the key to preventing many communicable diseases.

    8-1-18 pic 7.png


    Christine Loerwald, RN
    Park Crest Middle School Nurse
    Fax: 512-594-2405

    Important Dates Recap:

    8-1-18 pic 8.png

    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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  • Summer Halfway Point at PCMS!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 7/9/2018

    Greetings Pumas,

    I hope you are enjoying your summer break! We are unofficially at about the half way mark (already!). Thus, I wanted to share with you some important info and some summer accomplishments.

    7th Grade Immunizations:

    Attention 7th grade parents, proof of immunizations for Meningococcal (MCV4) and a TDAP booster within the past 5 years are required before your child can attend 7th grade. Immunization records can be sent to shots@pfisd.net

    All students MUST have this completed and on file at Park Crest before they may start their 7th grade school year. I simply want to make sure you are aware now so you can make arrangements between now and August. Every year we have a handful of kiddos who cannot start on the first day because they have not yet gotten the required shots. I can tell you from experience, the longer you wait, the harder it is to make an appointment.

    6th Grade Camp:

    6th Grade Camp is a must, or at least highly highly recommended for all incoming 6th graders. Students will get to meet some of their teachers, see all of their friends and meet new ones, and learn more about what it means to be a Park Crest Puma. Kiddos leave excited about 6th grade, at ease with the transition, and engaged with new friends.

    The Front office will be open to collect completed forms starting this Wednesday, July 11th  and Thursday, July 12th  from 8:00am – 3:00pm. We will then return to summer hours which inlcude Monday – Thursday from 8:00am – 3:00pm until August. Here is a copy of the 6th grade camp form: 6TH GRADE CAMP REGISTRATION FORM and more information:

    7-9-18 pic 1.png

    Pre AP English Language Arts Summer Reading:

    I highly recommend that all kiddos take some time to read over the summer. Especially on a rainy day like today.

    All students entering Pre AP English are expected to do some specific summer reading. If your kiddo has not yet started this task, this week is is the ideal time to jump in. Here is a list of the summer reading choices for each grade level from entering 6th graders to rising 9th graders: 2018 PRE AP ELA SUMMER READING INFO.

    Gold Medal Cheerleaders:

    7-9-18 pic 2.jpg.png

    Our Cheerleaders wasted no time representing Park Crest this summer. They traveled to UT for the annual summer cheerleading camp/competition. As usual, this group did not disapoint. Along with the fun they had, they received all of these great accomplishments:

    • 3 – 1st place trophies
    • 1 – 2nd place torphy
    • 1 – 1st place Most Spirted Mascot


    • 3 Spirit sticks

    Oh and not one, not two, not three, but FOUR All American Cheerleaders:

    7-9-18 pic 3.jpg.png



    I hope you stay dry and enjoy the rest of your summer break. Stay tuned for additional updates as we get closer to August and back to school.

    Most sincerely,


    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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  • Updates from PCMS!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 6/18/2018

    Greetings Pumas,

    I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your Summer Break! Please check out this important information:

    STAAR Results:

    In order to view your child’s STAAR results you may either use the Test Portal through your FOCUS account or directly through the TEA website. Here is how to do so:


    OR, using the TEA Website:

    1. Enter your student's access code (found on any previous STAAR report along the bottom of the page, or in your student's FOCUS account, see above),
    2. Enter your student's birthdate.
    3. Click GO

    6-18-18 pic 1

    High School Listserve Emails for PHS or HHS:

    I hope you have enjoyed being part of this weekly blog. For my (former) 8th grade parents I highly recommend that you take a moment to join the high school Listserve list as well. You can do so by clicking this link and selecting your new school.  http://www.pfisd.net/Page/837

    High School Freshman Orientations:

    HHS: Take Flight Flyer 2018.pdf

    PHS: Panther-Palooza 2018.pdf

    No Place for Hate:

    6-18-18 pic 2.png.jpg

    We are excited to announce that Park Crest Middle School has been recognized as a No Place for Hate campus (again)! This is a huge honor and something we take very seriously. Staff and students demonstrated their commitment to end bullying through activities and events throughout the school year. It does not mean we are a perfect campus, but does show our efforts and committement to making Park Crest safe and inviting to ALL students.

    6-18-18 pic 3.png


    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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  • Have a Great Summer from PCMS!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 6/6/2018

    Greetings Pumas,

    Happy “Last Day of School”. I want to thank you for sending us such amazing kiddos each and every day. As I often say, the success of our campus has some to do with our amazing faculty and staff, and so much to do with our amazing kiddos! Please have a safe, relaxing, and wonderful summer! We wish our 8th graders well as they travel to high school and can’t wait to see our 6th and 7th graders again in August.

    A few shining moments to share before we go:

    Special Vistors:

    A few former Pumas came by this week to encourage, motivate, and congratulate our 8th graders for their completion of middle school and next chapter of high school. Thank you so much seniors for coming this way and showing us some love. We are so proud of you and wish you nothing but the best at graduation on Saturday.

    6-6-18 pic 1.jpg

    End of Year Awards Ceremonies:

    I want to congratulate all of our recipients of End of Year Awards. Our kiddos have worked hard all year and it is incredibly special to be able to celebrate our top performers. Whether it was perfect attendance, principal’s award, all A’s, or a content area award, all of our kiddos have not only met, but exceeded our expectations!

    Reading Grant – Mrs. Visness:

    After attending the Book Love conference last spring, Emily adopted all of the Penny Kittle techniques and made a difference for her 8th graders’ reading lives.  She then applied for the Book Love grant to buy more books for her classroom library.  Self-choice is a main stay in the Book Love program.  Getting the right book in the right student’s hands is what makes life long readers.  We are thrilled to announce Mrs. Visness won the grant and will be able to purchase $2000 worth of books for her classroom.  We are extremely proud of Mrs. Visness and excited for all the reading that her students will be doing.  The Book Love grant is awarded to 60 teachers nationwide annually.

    6-6-18 pic 2.png
    Student’s Corner:

    Last Year of Middle School Sentiments

    By: Rachel Calabuig

    Oh Pumas, what such a memorable year we’ve had! This is the last time we’ll meet until next school year, but for the eighth graders it will be the last year they’ll be here! (Sniff)

    I interviewed some eighth graders to see what was their favorite memories of Park Crest Middle School and any advice they can give for incoming eighth graders.  Alize Aviles’ favorite memory was Mrs. Brydson helping her to pass Math.  Alize’s advice for incoming 8th graders is “I’d say, don’t slack on your grades. Treat your teachers with respect.” Annika Marquez’s favorite memories during her time at Park Crest were “Getting to know Polette and Desiree and Karen and also getting to know people who don’t have friends and hanging out with them.” Her advice is “Always turn in your homework on time, plus don’t be rude to the teachers.  And if you have Mr. Kincaid, you’re LUCKY, plus Mrs. Denny!

    Last, but not least are the two eighth grade boys named Dion Inmon and Jacoby Jackson. Dion’s favorite memory was last year’s Band Trip to Schlitterbahn and he advises future 8th graders to “Be nice to all of your teachers and you could get better than what you have now.”  Jacoby’s favorite memory is “Basketball and Football” (of course he’d say that since he’s an athlete!).  And he encourages future eighth graders to “Never give up.”

    PCMS Video Announcements:

    6-6-18 pic 3.jpg

    Eighth graders, remember that “Once a Puma, you’re always a Puma.” Have a great time in high school! We’ll miss you!

    Parents, has your child ever come home and said they were on the Morning Announcements?  Maybe they were in Pfriday Pfotos, footage from a football game, a band performance, or pictures from an AVID trip.  They probably wanted to share it with you!  Or maybe you just want to see what we have happening at Park Crest throughout the year.

    We have a way to share each of our PCTV broadcasts with you.  Go to Park Crest’s website and look in the upper right-hand corner.  The clickable gray link is “Announcements.”  We are proud of our daily newscasts.  They are all the more impressive when you realize the students are responsible for each day’s production from beginning to end.  Try it!


    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    PROUD Principal
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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  • The Final Countdown - PCMS!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 6/1/2018

    Greetings Pumas,

    Happy Friday! It is hard to believe we are just two full days and one half day away from another school year coming to an end. This has definitely been a year to remember, full of great memories and so many accomplishments. Check out this final full blog posting of the 2017-18 school year. I want to thank you so much for being part of our journey and staying in tune through this weekly blog. I hope everyone has an opportunity to enjoy their summer!

    8th Grade Formal Recap:

    Friday night (of last week) we held our annual 8th grade formal. It was another AMAZING event. I want to give special thanks to our 6th and 7th grade student council kiddos and their amazing leader Mrs. Akuretiya for organizing, coordinating, and setting up a night to remember for our 8th grade kiddos. Students ate, danced, laughed, and took tons of pictures. They all looked so grown up in their professional attire. I don’t want to get all sentimental, but I am going to miss this group of kiddos next year. Here is an inside peek at the event:

    6-1-18 pic 1.png

    6-1-18 pic 2.jpg

    Cool in School:

    A few weeks back, Park Crest was featured on the CBS News Austin segment “Cool at School” for our amazing Step Team. This week we are being featured again for our Staff vs. Students games. These events occur each year around this time; dodgeball, basketball, and open gym. But why do we do it? Well, because even though we work VERY hard and push our kids every day to be the best of the best, we understand that building relationships and taking time to have a little fun is incredibly important. We must be doing something right to get featured not once, but twice this school year! I will happily share a link to the news feature when it is aired.

    PfISD Counselors in the Spotlight:

    Each month, PfISD puts a spotlight on some of our most important jobs. This month PfISD featured our counselors and specifically Cassandra Jackson, Hendrickson HS counselor. We have some of the BEST counselors at PCMS and I can tell you from working with Mrs. Jackson at Hendrickson, she is fantastic as well. Thanks for passionately serving, Cassandra, and to all of our counselors, for providing unique learning environments for our students. Here is this month’s video.

    Highland Park 5th Grade Ceremony:

    In the midst of a busy Friday I got the honor and privilege to be with the 5th grade class at Highland Park today as they celebrated their 5th grade graduation. I cannot thank the elementary school principals, counselors, teachers and staff for their work this year preparing the 5th graders for middle school. I have been so impressed with this incoming group from Dearing, Windermere, Timmerman, Highland Park, and Brookhollow. 

    6-1-18 pic 3.jpg

    End of Year Trips

    Next week is our beloved end of year trips. This is a great opportunity for kiddos to close the book on this school year. Please make sure if your kiddo is attending a trip that they bring the appropriate clothes and items necessary. If your child is not attending, please remember that it is a normal day of school on campus. They get to stay with me J and a bunch of teachers who aren’t traveling. Attendance will be taken and it is important they come to school.

    End of Year Awards:

    With the coming of the end of the year, also comes the end of year award ceremonies. Many of our individual programs have already given out their awards, so this event is an opportunity for students to receive one of the following awards that we value here at PCMS:

    1. The Principal’s Gold Medal Award – this award is given out to only one student by each teacher on campus for exhibiting one of the six character traits above and beyond.
    2. The Keep Improving, Always, In All Ways Award – this is given out to only one student by each teacher on campus for showing the most improvement or continuous effort throughout the school year.
    3. [Subject Area] Boy & Girl of the Year Award – each teacher is allowed to pick one outstanding boy and one outstanding girl for each of the subject they teach.

    Teachers are calling parents of all kiddos who have been nominated. All parents are welcome to attend the awards, but we want to ensure that you know before you take off work that here in Middle School not every student will receive an award. Although we, of course, value and recognize each and every kiddo all throughout the school year in many different ways, we believe it is important to recognize those who go above and beyond in one of the categories above amongst their peers. Each ceremony will begin at the date/time below:

    • 6th Grade: June 5 at 9:00 am
    • 7th Grade: June 5 at 1:30 pm
    • 8th Grade: June 6 at 9:00 am

    Early Release:

    Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 is the final day of school and is also an early release day. Students will get out at 12:45pm. Lunches will be available to any student who would like to get one and buses will run their normal routes, at 12:45pm. There will NOT be Puma Den or after school tutorials.

    End of Year Teacher Luncheon:

    Our amazing PTO has one last treat up their sleeve for our amazing staff, the end of year luncheon. If you would like to support this lunch that is provided on Wednesday, June 6th at 1:00pm (after all the kiddos have gone home) check out this link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0c4aa9ac2da1f49-schools1


    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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