• Happy Friday @ PCMS!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 1/24/2020

    Greetings Pumas,

    Happy Friday!

     5th Grade Student’s Visit:

    PCMS was invaded with our incoming sixth graders on Tuesday. It was so great to see so many younger siblings in the building! The students were great and our 8th grade student tour guides were even better! It was a proud day to be the Park Crest Principal, and I am excited about our next class of Pumas!

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    Share with Your Friends!

    If you know a 5th grade parent who will be joining PCMS next year, please help us spread the word (message shared at elementary too):

    To prepare for your child’s transition from elementary to middle school next year, the district will be hosting a parent information night and course fair on Monday, Jan. 27 at 6 p.m. These events will be held at the middle school your child will attend next school year. Principals and counselors will be on-hand to answer any questions you may have. You also can get information on courses offered and extracurricular activities.

    You may have already received some information about 5th grade parent nights with a date of Jan. 28. The district has moved this event to Jan. 27 in order to avoid a conflict with the PfISD Elementary Pfine Arts Showcase.

    Austin Spurs Game:

    Thanks to our amazing partnership with the Austin Spurs we were able to take a group of roughly 80 kids and chaperones to the Austin Spurs Game! It was a great event and there were tons of happy faces. Thank you Dr. Baker for your work in finding partners to provide experiences to our students, and thank you Austin Spurs for generously providing us free tickets.

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    FREE Snacks After School:

    Did you know that Park Crest is a Title 1 campus? What is a Title 1 School you ask? Title 1 by definition is the largest federally funded educational program. The program provides supplemental funds to school districts to assist schools with the highest student concentrations of poverty to meet school educational goals. What does that mean for Park Crest? Well we receive additional supports as do other Title 1 campuses to support student needs. One of those supports is FREE after school snacks. In order for a student to receive them they simply need to be in a tutiral with a teacher. Please encourage your kiddo to stay after to make up work and get some extra time with their teacher, and we will take care of the snacks!

    A Word from PTO:

    1. January Teacher Breakfast: Sign Up Genius for Jan 31: January Breakfast

     2. Valentine Gram Sales:  

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    valentine flyer

    District Opportunity for Parents: Budgeting Workshop for Parents

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    A+ Federal Credit Union invites you to learn more about how to identify income and analyze spending to create a sound spending and savings plan.

    Join A+ Federal Credit Union to learn more about Budgeting Basics:

    • Budgeting misconceptions
    • Values and goals
    • Finding room in the budget
    • Outline for building a spending & saving plan

    Ms. Desiree Lopez will host an interactive session with practical suggestions for your situation. Please join us on February 10 for snacks, refreshments, information and fun!

    A Word from Officer Lopez:

    Lost and found items. At a school of this size, items go missing all the time. Whether they are left in the classroom, on a lunch table, or fall out of a backpack, we find stuff everywhere. Please encourage your child that if they find property to not hold onto it. Please take it to the nearest adult, whether it is a jacket, phone, ID badge, etc. Especially things like electronics, Jewelry, high valued needs to be turned into the front office. Also a safe bet is to simply find the nearest adult and report the location of an unaccompanied item. We can take it from there.

    For Your Information – 2018-19 TEA School Report Cards Available:

    Every year the Texas Education Association (TEA) publishes a “school report card” showcasing the work of each campus in the state. I am proud to say that Park Crest was at the top of the district with regards to results and distinctions (recognitions). Please check it out for yourself at this link on our website: http://www.pfisd.net/cms/lib/TX01001527/Centricity/Domain/130/2019%20PCMS%20Accountability%20Summary.pdf

    Other School Reports:

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    Extra-Curricular Review:

    Girls’ basketball: 7th grade B team won, while our other teams fell short.

    Boys’ basketball: The boys had a 50/50 split. Both 8th grade B and 7th grade B had wins while the A teams did not.

    Next Week’s Preview:

    1-24-20 pic 6.png

    Basketball: our teams take on Cele next week. The 7th grade is home and the 8th grade is away. Girls will be on Wednesday and Boys on Thursday. Come on out and support our teams!


    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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  • 3 Day Weekend @ PCMS!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 1/17/2020

    Greetings Pumas,

    Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday on Monday. One of my favorite things to do is read about influential people throughout history and in our current times. People like Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Elon Musk, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, just to name a few. One of my favorite is Martin Luther King Jr. I could literally read through his quotes all day long. In light of MLK Day, here are a few of my all-time favorites:

    1-17-20 pic 1.jpg
    1-17-20 pic 2.png 1-17-20 pic 3.png

    2020-2021 Course Sheets & High School Information:

    It is kind of crazy to think that we are already discussing and planning for next school year. However, that is what we have to do to pull off all of the things that go into a successful school year. Please check out this link for more information on the different events and documents in one easy to access location: http://www.pfisd.net/Page/5144


    3 Awesome Opportunities for Puma Parents & Families:

    FREE Strengthening Families Program:

    I am sharing a special program for parents and students on our campus next month. Any parents in Pflugerville are welcome, but I want to especially invite our Puma Parents since we will be hosting here at Park Crest.

    We have scheduled for Park Crest Middle School a 10 weeks, 2 hours training programs for parents and students in collaboration with the Phoenix House. The curriculum is focused on Strengthening Families Program. Participants completing the program will receive two large grocery filled bags during the graduation. Diner will be served at each meeting. We are meeting in the cafeteria at 6:00pm for an orientation on February 3, 2020. Please feel free to share this information with friends and families in our community.

    Session Topics

    • Look for and Compliment the Good Daily
    • Communicate with Love and Understanding
    • The Five Rs for a Happy Home: Rules, Reward, responsibilities, Routines, Happy Rituals
    • Limits & Consequences
    • Problem Solving and Negotiation
    • Stress & Anger Management Skills
    • Goals & Contracts to Change Behavior
    • No Alcohol, Tobacco or other drugs
    • Choosing Good Friends & Monitoring Activities
    • Values, Traditions & Service

    See the following dates for classes:

    • 10, 2020
    • Feb 24, 2020
    • 2, 2020
    • 9, 2020
    • 23, 2020
    • 30, 2020
    • 6, 2020
    • 13, 2020
    • 20, 2020
    • 27, 2020

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    Park Crest Middle School Multicultural Parent/Teacher Group:

    We want YOU on our Park Crest Middle School Multicultural Group.

    An example of a comprehensive multicultural program is Project REACH (Respecting Ethnic and Cultural Heritage), which has gained prominence as an academic discipline-based program for middle school social studies, and which now includes over 60,000 students and hundreds of teachers in twelve states. REACH infuses information on the history and culture of various groups into the regular curriculum. It is a multicultural curriculum and process, and teacher training process, managed on a school- or district-wide basis, organized around four phases: 

    • Human Relations Skills. Students participate in activities on self-awareness, self-esteem, interpersonal communication, and understanding group dynamics. 
    • Cultural Self Awareness. Students conduct research on their personal culture, family history, or community. 
    • Multicultural Awareness. Students study from booklets on American history from diverse ethnic points of view. 
    • Cross Cultural Experience. Historical and cultural information in the booklets is made personal through dialogue and exchange with students and adults from different ethnic groups (Howard, 1989). 

    According to Jones (1986), multicultural learning activities are most effective for learners when they: 

    • Offer students opportunities to observe/participate in the affairs of the community. 
    • Engage students directly and actively in learning. 
    • Relate directly to the concerns of the students. 
    • Rely on a broad range of instructional materials. 
    • Offer a scope and sequence that is developmentally based. 

    One of the greatest reasons for all of us to organize a multicultural celebration at our school is the opportunity it offers students, teachers, and families to encounter one another in celebration of what we all bring to the table. It's an occasion to have fun while strengthening the academic connections to students' knowledge, background experiences, and ways of viewing the world.

    This group will help us raise awareness, plan, and present multicultural events to our students and community throughout the school year.

    If you are interested please reach out to Dr. Luther Baker @ luther.baker@pfisd.net

    Thank you,

    Dr. Luther Baker

    Park Crest Middle School
    1500 N. Railroad Avenue
    Pflugerville, Texas 78660

    We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience creates unity. –Malcom X

    An Opportunity in Our Community (Parent University):


    I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

    My name is Alicia Jackson and I am the President of Black Pflugerville. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 community organization based in Pflugerville with the mission of creating space and community for the Black and Brown families of the city. We do this with a spirit of inclusion and a heart to help the well-established and newly-arriving families.

    In keeping with this purpose, Black Pflugerville will be hosting a series of info-sessions designed to foster community and support families as they navigate challenges in and around the city. This series of info-sessions will be entitled Parents University and will begin in August 2020. They will be held in-person with available child care and streamed live on Facebook Live for flexible attendance; we want everyone to have access to this information.

    The kickoff will be a fair with kid friendly activities and information booths, with details and handouts for each upcoming session. The subsequent info-sessions will be held at a centrally located venue on a biweekly basis.

    In this planning phase, we are seeking community support and volunteers who can commit to ownership of an info session topic and building a curriculum or presentation. The topics are as follows:

    1. GT Programming
    2. PFISD 101
    3. School Discipline and Behavior Policy
    4. Mental Health, Elderly and Disability Resources

    We would like each topic to have the support of a small committee and coordinated leadership in order to ensure a cohesive curriculum.

    If you are interested in being a point of contact, professional resource or team leader, please respond to this email. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who would be interested in this opportunity in any capacity. These events will be open to all community members.

    From Black Pflugerville, thank you for your continuing commitment to equity and community in Pflugerville.




    Next Week’s Preview:

    No School Monday: Monday all staff and students will be off for MLK Day. See you all Tuesday!

    Basketball: Our teams will take on Kelly Lane this week in basketball. The girls play Wednesday and the boys play Thursday. 8th grade teams are home and 7th are away. Come out and support our teams!


    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School
    Who are we? WE. ARE. PUMAS!
    PCMS Website
    PCMS Facebook
    Principal's Blog 

    "Keep improving, always, in all ways."

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