•  Advanced Academics

    The mission of Pflugerville ISD Advanced Academics Program is to identify potentially high academic students and provide them with opportunities for:

    • Academic rigor, depth, and breadth
    • Acceleration
    • College Preparation
    • Nurturing of healthy social and emotional development so that their overall education program is enhanced.

    The Advanced Academics Program including the Gifted and Talented Program is designed to meet the general intellectual and specific academic needs of the top 20-25% of students, grades K-12, who desire to participate in advanced coursework and activities in preparation for higher education.

    Advanced Academics for PfISD’s outstanding learners are provided in a variety of ways:

    • In elementary schools all teachers are required to provide curriculum and instruction at high levels of difficulty and at high levels of complexity. Teachers use different instructional techniques to meet the instructional needs of these students.
    • In middle and high schools, Pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement classes in the four core disciplines as well as languages and the arts, are available to any student willing to take on the challenges of difficult coursework.

    The Gifted and Talented Program, as part of the Advanced Academics Program, is designed to meet the general intellectual and specific academic needs of students, grades K-12, who:

    • Score in the top 5 - 8% in Verbal, Quantitative, or Non-Verbal  areas of a general intelligence test
    • Display high degrees of gifted characteristics demonstrated on a nationally - normed checklist compared to campus peers
    • Demonstrate  a need to learn at a pace and level beyond grade level expectations in order to thrive

    Many other programs are available to Advanced Academics and Gifted students:

    • The Distinguished Achievement Program encourages high school students to prepare for higher education programs by working with a mentor to develop academic skills of planning, organization, use of technology and research in both high school and college settings. Successful completion of the program includes a special designation at graduation ceremonies and on the students’ transcripts.
    • Many areas of the arts – music, drama, and art – are available.
    • Participation in many national and international competitions are available