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Parent Information Items
  • May tuition was due on Monday, May 1, 2017. Late fees are being added on May 8th. Non-pay withdraw will take place on May
  • EDP will be closed on May 29, 2017 for a student and staff holiday 
  • Last Day of School & Last Day of EDP for 2016-17: The last day of school will fall on Wednesday, May 31st. Extended Day Program will be available on the last day of school. Please remember, this will also be the last day for the Extended Day Program as well. 
  • Summer Camp registration is taking place online. Registration is first come, first served until spaces fill. Several camps are filling fast so don’t wait—register today. HPES has very limited availability at this time—we encourage those families who really need HPES to get their registration completed ASAP. See this webpage for all Summer Camp details: . 
  • Fall 2017 Registration for EDP continues including for all currently enrolled EDP families. Registration for Fall 2017 afterschool services opens online Monday April 17, 2017 for all PfISD families, but current EDP families can still contact the office directly to use the pre-registration form to expedite the registration process for EDP for next school year. Registration fees are $75 for one child or a maximum of $110 for two or more children. Currently enrolled EDP students must register for EDP services in order to save their space for next year. Failure to register for EDP Fall 2017 will result in the child being withdrawn from EDP as of the last day of this school year.
Extended Day Program Camp Information


The Pflugerville ISD Extended Day Program offers several camps throughout the year including Fall Camp, Winter Camp, Spring Break Camp, and Summer Camp. All camps have limited availability and registration is conducted on a first come, first served basis until all spots fill. Registration is done via an online form. Links to the online forms will be included in the appropriate section on this page during the registration window for that camp. Camp fees are in addition to, and not included in, regular tuition payments for those enrolled in the Extended Day Program for after school childcare.


Summer Camp 2017 Information: 

Camp Dates & Hours of Operation:         June 5, 2017 through Aug. 18, 2017 from 7:00 am – 6:30 pm daily [closed July 3rd & 4th]

Locations:                                             Brookhollow Elem., Dearing Elem., Highland Park Elem., and Wieland Elem.

Registration Dates:                                       March 20, 2017 until full 

Registration* Fee:                                      $35 per family

Tuition & Deposit* Fees:                             $155 per child per week; paid as $25 deposit per child per week due at time of 
                                                                        registration plus $130 remaining weekly tuition due in full one week prior 
                                                                        to camp attendance

                                                 EXAMPLE DEPOSIT & REGISTRATION COSTS: For one student who is 
                                                                        registering for all 11 weeks, the fee due at time of registration is the

                                                                        (1 student X $25 deposit per week X 11 weeks) PLUS $35 per family registration
                                                                        (1 X 25 X 11) + 35= $310 due at time of registration

Activities & Trips:                                        Field Trips: Field trip locations are subject to change. We will list trip 
                                                                       destinations and the week that each trip occurs on this webpage during 
                                                                       the month of April. There will not be any off site trips during the final 

                                                                       two weeks of camp. Updates and other trip details specific to each camp 
                                                                       will be available at the parent table and in camp newsletters at the camp site.
                                                                       Swimming: Every camp visits a pool once per week pending weather. 
                                                                       Students must pass a swim test in order to move into the deeper areas of 
                                                                       the pool. All camps will use the Gilleland Creek pool in Pflugerville.
                                                                       On Site Activities: Every camper will participate in a variety of curriculum 
                                                                       activities including arts & crafts, gym games, outdoor games and play, center 
                                                                       activities that encourage imaginative play, and various team building events.

                                                          Camps will also host added on site enrichment activities during most weeks.

Link to Online Registration forms open below on Monday 3/20/17 at 8:00 a.m.:    


*NOTE: All camp registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Summer Camp registration and deposit fees are non-refundable and non-transferable 

2017-18 (NEXT School Year) After School Childcare Information
**Open registration for all PfISD families begins online on April 17, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. See below for link.
2017-18 Registration Fee:
$75 per child
$110 maximum for family with multiple children
**Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
2017-18 EDP After School Care Tuition Rates
$75 – August 2017
$280 per month – September 2017 through May 2018
June 2018 included in May 2018 tuition (program services in June through last day of school included in May tuition)
**Tuition is based on a monthly charge rate per child rather than a daily rate including during holiday months.
Parent Information Items for 2017-18
All Day Out EDP Services are included in regular monthly tuition for October 9th, January 8th, and February 19th. Due to lower student attendance, we consolidate EDP services into only 8 locations on these dates. Please see your Site Director at your home campus to find out how to sign up for All Day Out events and where your EDP student should go for any All Day Out. 

2017-18 EDP Registration Instructions

An ONLINE registration process is being used for the Extended Day Program for after school care, and the link to the enrollment form will be used throughout the summer and into the 2017-18 school year beginning April 17, 2017.

You can register online without having to travel to the EDP office. We will also have a computer area available for registration to take place at the Pflugerville ISD Extended Day Office, 1401-D West Pecan Street during regular or summer office hours. 


*Per licensing requirements, during registration ALL fields on the enrollment form must be completed and verified– including the full address (street address, city, state, zip code) and phone numbers for all additional contacts listed for each child. Incomplete registration forms cannot be processed.
NOTE: Registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis. Campuses that fill will be placed on waiting list status. When you are registering, please look at the message next to the campus choice on the enrollment form and it will tell you if that campus is on wait list status.

Please follow the steps below to enroll your child for 2017-18:

1. Click the link below to access the Online Enrollment form (active as of 4/17/17 at 8:00 a.m.). [CURRENT EDP FAMILIES-- You do NOT have to complete the online form which requires typing in all of the contact information and addresses. You can go to the EDP office to review & sign off on your current information and to sign the Acknowledgement Form for the new year.]


2. Complete the Online Enrollment form and click submit.

3. Receive an initial automated email verifying the form has been submitted.

4. It may take up to 7 business days for the form to be processed by EDP depending on the volume of forms received each day. Once the EDP office processes the 2017-18 Enrollment Form, you will receive a 2nd email from the Extended Day office confirming registration & including instructions on how to pay your Fall 2017 registration fee.

5. Follow instructions in the 2nd email about how to make your payment for registration fees. You will also be able to discuss monthly tuition payment options at that time. The monthly tuition payment options include a) pay in person at the EDP Office, b) pay using self-initiated online payments, or c) pay by setting up a once or twice monthly auto draft from a credit or bank account.


***Please note: Your online reservation is not complete until you receive final confirmation from the EDP office. Please read each email you receive carefully for further instructions. If the requested EDP campus is full, you will be notified by the EDP staff about waiting lists.


Por favor, siga los siguientes pasos para inscribir a su hijo para 2017-18:
1. Oprima en el enlace de abajo para acceder a la línea 2017-18 formulario de inscripción.

2. Llene el formulario de inscripción en el internet y oprima en enviar.

3. Recibirá por automáticamente correo electrónico una confirmación que recibimos su aplicación.

4. Pudiera tardar hasta 7 días para que su forma sea procesado dependiendo en el volumen de las formas recibidas cada día. Una vez que el formulario es procesado, usted recibirá un segundo correo electrónico de la oficina de día extendido de confirmación de su inscripción con un formulario de reconocimiento 2017-18 adjunto y instrucciones sobre cómo pagar su cuota de inscripción.

5. Imprima el formulario de reconocimiento, completarlo y enviarlo a la oficina de EDP para completar su documentación de inscripción.

6. Siga las instrucciones en el segundo correo electrónico acerca de cómo hacer que sus pagos de cuotas de inscripción. Usted también será capaz de discutir las opciones de pago mensuales de matrícula. Estas opciones incluyen: a) pagar en persona en la Oficina de EDP, b) pagar usando el paso iniciado en el internet, o c) pagar mediante la creación de auto proyecto una o dos veces al mes a partir de una tarjeta de crédito o cuenta bancaria. 
***Nota: Nuestro sistema de reservas por internet no está completa hasta que la matrícula y forma de reconocimiento de 2017-18 se han recibido en la Oficina de EDP. Si la escuela elegida se encuentra llena, usted será notificado por el personal de EDP sobre las listas de espera.
*** Por favor póngase en contacto con nuestra oficina al 512-594-0148 si tiene alguna pregunta y estaremos encantados de ayudarle.

3112 Speidel Dr, Pflugerville, TX 78660
EDP Site Phone: (512) 594-6630
For further information on registration or billing, please contact the Extended Day office
1401 W. Pecan St, Pflugerville, TX 78660
Main Phone: (512) 594-0148 
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