Pflugerville ISD
    Tuition-Based Pre-Kindergarten Program



    2017-18 Tuition-Based Pre-K Registration Process:
    Beginning Feb. 15, 2017, in-person registration takes place at the Extended Day Program office located at 1401-D West Pecan Street, Pflugerville, Texas in the portable building in the parking lot at the PfISD Administration building. 
    General PfISD Tuition-Based Pre-K Information
    Beginning with the first day of instruction for the school year, the Tuition-Based Pre-Kindergarten Program is provided every day that school is in session. The Tuition-Based Pre-K classes follow the same calendar as all other PfISD grade levels attending the same campus. 
    • The instructional day begins at 7:40 a.m. and ends at 2:45 p.m.
    • The instructional day is set up to include various student activities including but not limited to circle time, centers, math and literacy instruction, rest time, snack and lunch times, and physical activity time (indoor and/or outdoor).
    • Breakfast and lunch must either be brought from home or purchased through the regular school cafeteria program. If a parent wishes their child to have a snack, it must be brought from home.
    • At the end of the regular campus instructional day, Pre-K students must be picked up by an adult designated by the parent or guardian.
    • For an additional fee ($180 per month), parents may enroll their child in licensed childcare services with the Extended Day Program after scheduled class times end and/or on school holidays. 
     2017-18 Locations for Tuition-based Pre-K (limited space remaining at each site--register ASAP to secure your seat in the class):
    • Mott Elem.  (Limited Space Available)
    • Murchison Elem.  (Limited Space Available)
    • Riojas Elem.  (Limited Space Available)
    • Rowe Lane Elem.  (Limited Space Available)

    **After all positions have been filled, an official waiting list will be developed for each site.



     2017-18 Tuition Rates for Full Day Pre-K Instruction


    • The total 2017-18 tuition amount of $6500 per child will be paid in 10 equal payments which consist of the following scheduled payments:
      • $650 due at initial registration [NOTE: This registration payment is non-refundable.]
      • followed by 9 equal monthly payments of $650 due on the first of each month, beginning September 1, 2017 and ending May 1, 2018 via automatic draft.
      • Parents interested in out of school childcare incur an additional fee for licensed childcare. See the EDP Registration page for more information. Parents interested in the Extended Day Program from 2:45 pm-6:30 pm will receive a $100 per month discount ($280-$100=$180) for childcare services during concurrent enrollment in the Tuition-based Pre-K program.
    • If the total annual Pre-K tuition is paid in advance, a $200 discount will be applied to the total amount. If each semester's Pre-K tuition is paid in advance, a $100 discount will be applied to the total amount as $50 per semester.
    Tuition for Pre-K must be paid through automatic, electronic draft each month. The electronic draft authorization form must be completed and signed by the holder of the account at the time of registration and will begin with the first monthly payment on September 1st of the school year in which the child enrolls. The district may not adopt a tuition rate for the Pre-Kindergarten program that is higher than necessary to cover the added costs to the district of providing the program, including any costs associated with collecting, reporting, and analyzing data under Section 29.1532(c) and must submit the proposed rate to the Commissioner for approval.      
    2017-18 Tuition-based Registration Information
    • DATE:  Opens to PfISD residents on February 15, 2017
    • TIME:   8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday 
    • LOCATION: On the first day, registration will take place in the PfISD Board Room until 12:00 noon. Then registration moves to the Extended Day Program office located at 1401-D West Pecan, Pflugerville, TX.
      • NOTE: The EDP Office is located in the portable office building in the parking lot in front of the PfISD Administration building.
      • All enrollment paperwork and the auto draft payment form available at the enrollment session must be complete at the time of registration. Parents must also bring the following documents in order to register for PfISD Tuition-Based Pre-K:


          • Proof of residency (2 items): a current     lease or mortgage statement AND a current utility bill; (Please note: The     only bills accepted are gas, water or electric service. Cell phone or cable bills will not be accepted.  For new     Pflugerville residents, a utility work order will be accepted. Proof of     residency must be dated within 30 days of enrollment.) If proof of     residence is not in parent’s name, you must have a notarized Temporary Residency Form     signed by the residence owner. Owner must produce Proof of Residency as     listed above and photo identification along with the parent/guardian;
          • A certified copy of the student’s birth certificate (must be 4 years old by September 1st of the school year);
          • The student’s social security card;
          • Proof of student’s up-to-date immunization record; and
          • Parent/Guardian’s valid Texas driver’s license, valid Texas Photo Identification Card or other acceptable picture identification reflecting current address.
        • The non-refundable payment of 10% of the yearly tuition is due at the time of enrollment. Tuition must be paid through electronic draft each month. The electronic draft authorization form (available at enrollment) must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian at the time of registration and will begin on the first business day of the month following initial enrollment during the school year, which is September for the new school year. In the event that a parent chooses to discontinue enrollment in the PfISD Tuition-Based Pre-K program, the cancellation form must be turned in to the Extended Day Office one month in advance.
    • After all positions have been filled, an official waiting list will be developed.


    For more information, please contact the Pflugerville ISD Extended Day Program at (512) 594-0148 or ExtendedDay@pfisd.net

    Tuition-Based Pre-K Philosophy & Information
      • Child-centered, research based curriculum based on the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines (including “Scholastic Big Day”)
      • Literacy-rich environment designed to prepare children for success in kindergarten
      • Differentiated, multi-sensory instruction to introduce concepts in a culturally responsive manner
      • Highly qualified and certified teachers
      • Full day instructional program offered during regular school hours
      • Child to Teacher Ratio –11:1 during the instructional day
      • Operates under the direction of Pflugerville ISD 
    • The Tuition-Based program is designed to serve students who do not qualify for the federally funded pre-kindergarten program by implementing access to the same curriculum and instruction as all full day Pre-Kindergarten students throughout the district.
    • The Tuition-Based Pre-Kindergarten program is available to children who live within the Pflugerville ISD attendance zones who will be 4 years old by September 1st of the school year they will be enrolling in Pre-K. Children must be potty trained and must not display any consistent disruptive behaviors that would interfere with the classroom instruction.
    • Parents of students enrolled in the Tuition-Based Pre-K program also have the option of enrolling their child in the Extended Day Program after school childcare program. For more information regarding this licensed childcare option for out of school time, see our EDP Registration page. 


    For more information, please contact the Pflugerville ISD Extended Day Program at (512) 594-0148 or ExtendedDay@pfisd.net. 


    Other PfISD Pre-K Options  (Full Day Programs)


    Pflugerville ISD also offers state funded pre-kindergarten to children who are four years old on or before September 1st who qualify under the federal pre-kindergarten guidelines. To qualify the child must meet one of the following criteria: limited English proficiency, economically disadvantaged, homeless, active military service or injured in line of duty, or in conservatorship of the state of Texas. For more information, please visit 2017-18 Pre-K Registration Information or you may contact Reyna Estrada at (512) 594-0130 or email her at reyna.estrada@pfisd.net