• SAT or ACT?

    Almost all colleges accept either exam.  Juniors should take the SAT in January or March and the ACT with Writing in February or April.  Then, retake the one you do best on in May or June to see if you can increase your score.  This gives you 3 sets of scores before summer.  The ACT isn't offered again until September and the SAT isn’t offered again until August of your senior year - Most college applications open up August 1st and some deadlines, especially for scholarships, are as early as November 1st!  Plan your SAT test dates and ACT test dates by using their online testing calendar.  Please see your campus transition counselor for assistance with registering for the SAT or ACT.
    In addition to the SAT and ACT test, you can also take the SAT Subject test.
    Subject Tests are hour-long, content-based tests that allow you to showcase achievement in specific subject areas where you excel. SAT Subject Tests allow you to differentiate yourself in the college admission process or send a strong message regarding your readiness to study specific majors or programs in college. In conjunction with your other admission credentials (your high school record, SAT scores, teacher recommendations, etc.), they provide a more complete picture of your academic background and interests.

    If you wait until your senior year to take these exams, you may be missing out many opportunities!!!
    Fee Waivers (if you qualify), FREE study guides, and complete study manuals you can check out are available in the CCC!!!
    Connally High School CEEB: 440305
    Hendrickson High School CEEB: 445499
    Pflugerville High School CEEB: 445500
    Weiss High School: 440164

    Texas Success Initiative

    The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires students to be assessed in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics prior to enrolling at a Texas public college or university. To be exempted from taking the TSI exam, students will need to meet the one of the following exemptions:
    • Student is exempt on the basis of SAT scores (less than 5 years old) with a 480 on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing portion and a 530 on the Math portion.
    • Student is exempt on the basis of the ACT (less than 5 years old) with a minimum qualifying score of 23 composite, with 19 English and 19 Math.