• Math Pentathlon

    What is Math Pentathlon?
    Mathematics Pentathlon is a program of interactive problem-solving games.  It includes supportive curricular and instructional activities as well as assessment tools for students in grades K-7.  The program strengthens basic math concepts and skills in addition to supporting creative thinking and developing problem-solving skills.
    Math Pentathlon focuses on conceptual learning and integrates spatial, computational, and logical reasoning.  The games can be used in a classroom setting or as an enrichment activity.
    How are the games organized?
    Math Pentathlon games are organized into four divisions:
    •       Division I - Kindergarten-1st grade
    •       Division II - 2nd-3rd grade
    •       Division III - 4th-5th grade
    •       Division IV - 6th-7th grade 
    What are the Benefits?
    •       Interactive and active problem solving
    •       Three types of mathematical thinking
    •       Promotion of conceptual understanding
    •       Varying abilities and learning styles
    •       STEM
    •       Higher math achievement
    •       Character development
    •       Alignment to state and national math standards
    •       Community involvement 
    How can I get involved?
    Math Pentathlon is open to all students K-7 in Pflugerville ISD.  Parents and teachers are essential to the facilitation of Math Pentathlon on our campuses.  Please contact your child's school to see how you can help.

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    Who can I contact?
    • For questions specific to a campus, please contact the front office of your child's school and ask for the Math Pentathlon contact.
    • For district-wide Math Pentathlon questions, please email Amy Williams, Pflugerville ISD Gifted and Talented Specialist
              (Although I do have an office phone, please email as I am out on campuses most days of the week.)