• 1.     Who should be contacted if I have any questions, comments, or concerns about my student’s transportation?

    Durham School Services can be contacted with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have about your student’s transportation needs. Please return to the main “Transportation” link to locate all relevant contact information.

    2.      Why is my student not eligible for transportation?

    Students are deemed eligible or ineligible for transportation based on policies determined by the school board in conjunction with local, state, and federal guidelines and regulations for student transportation. Please visit the “Student Eligibility Requirements” link for more information.

    3.      The bus is late and has not arrived to pick up my child. How long should he/she wait at the stop? Who do we contact if it does not arrive?

    All students should arrive at their bus stops at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. A number of circumstances could contribute to a bus arriving late. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, traffic conditions, inclement weather, road construction and closures, vehicle breakdowns, the use of a substitute driver, etc. Please have your child remain at the bus stop, as the majority of these circumstances will mean that the bus is only running 5-10 minutes behind schedule. Should the bus not arrive within 20 minutes of its scheduled time of arrival, please contact the Durham School Services office at (512) 594-0484.

    4.      The bus stop for my child is not as close to my house as I would like for it to be. How are stops determined? Can I get the stop moved closer to my house?

    Due to the large number of students that we are responsible for transporting on a daily basis, the district must place stops at locations that are central to the greatest number of students. This practice allows us to ensure that students are boarding buses at the safest locations possible and that we are getting students to school on time. If you are concerned about your student’s safety as he or she walks to the designated stop, we encourage you to accompany your child to the stop or to arrange for another friend or student group to walk together to the stop each day. Requests to move stops can be made by contacting Durham School Services; however, requests can only be accommodated should they meet district guidelines for safety and efficiency.

    5.      Is it possible for my child to be picked up and/or dropped off at another location other than my home?

    For the ultimate safety and consistency of providing services for our students, students will be picked up and dropped off at the student’s designated bus stop, even if after school care is provided at a different drop-off. Only one location for pick-up and drop-off will be allowed.