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    FOCUS is a web-based Student Information System.
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    PfISD is in the process of confirming parent/guardian email addresses and creating Parent Portal accounts. 
    UPDATE:  We are now in the process of linking parent accounts with multiple children and siblings. The process of linking parents to multiple children can become a manual process should data elements not align exactly between students.
    In this case a follow up email or phone call will be required to verify information prior to accounts connecting to multiple students.
    Confirmation email messages are now being delivered to custodial parents/guardians who:
    • provided a current email address during student registration or;
    • verified their email address through the first day packet information forms.
    Parents may familiarize themselves with the Focus Portal using the Focus Resources link.
    QUESTIONS: For assistance or inquiries about Parent Portal please contact us at focus.support@pfisd.net.