• Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program
    Do you have student loan debt? Is your debt made up of federal loans? (ex. Stafford, Perkins, etc.)
    If so, you may qualify for student loan forgiveness from one or more of the four programs below. 
    1. Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program 
    Review the Texas Education Agency website for an eligibility questionnaire.
    These PfISD campuses meet the 30% low socioeconomic status required:
    Brookhollow Elementary Parmer Lane Elementary
    Caldwell Elementary Pflugerville Elementary
    Cele Middle Pflugerville High
    Connally High Pflugerville Middle
    Copperfield Elementary River Oaks Elementary
    Dearing Elementary Ruth Barron Elementary
    Delco Primary Springhill Elementary
    Dessau Elementary Timmerman Elementary
    Dessau Middle Westview Middle
    Highland Park Elementary Wieland Elementary
    Northwest Elementary Windermere Elementary
    Park Crest Middle Windermere Primary
    2. Teach for Texas Loan Repayment  
    Brookhollow Elementary Parmer Lane Elementary
    Caldwell Elementary Pflugerville Middle
    Cele Middle  River Oaks Elementary
    Connally High Ruth Barron Elementary
    Copperfield Elementary Springhill Elementary
    Dearing Elementary Timmerman Elementary
    Delco Primary Westview Middle
    Dessau Elementary Wieland Elementary
    Dessau Middle Windermere Primary
    Northwest Elementary  
    3. Public Service Loan Forgiveness* 
    • For non-teaching staff
    • Public Service Loan Forgiveness
    • Requires 120 separate on-time payments during 10 years of qualifying employment; PSLF started in 2007, so no borrower will be eligible for forgiveness until 2017*
    4. Federal Perkins Loan Program 
    • May qualify for cancellation of Federal Perkins Loan 
    • Check US Department of Education’s Student Aid 
    • Federal Student Aid from Office of U.S. Department of Education

    Next Steps
    1. Review your eligibility
    2. Complete necessary documents
    3. Contact Human Resources to obtain necessary signatures and employment verification
    4. Spread the word! 
    For more information on loan forgiveness, visit the Texas Education Agency website or contact Director of Federal Programs Christy Fox at 512-594-0106.

    For additional information, please refer to the Federal Student Aid website.