• Employee Voluntary Transfer Procedures

    2019-20 School Year

    (Updated March, 2019)

      Effective for the 2019-2020 school year, campus employees desiring transfers will no longer be required to apply for transfers during the "transfer window."

    Voluntary Employee Transfer Requirements
    • A voluntary transfer will only be considered if the employee receives an employment contract or a letter of assurance for the 2019-20 school year.
    • Any staff member identified with performance concerns during the current and/or previous school year may not be considered for transfer. Both the sending and receiving principal must approve of an employee in this situation.
    • Prior to submitting an application for positions, employees must notify their current campus principal in writing or through email communication.
    • To be considered for a voluntary transfer, the employee must complete the application for positions in which they are interested on Frontline Applicant Tracking (formerly AppliTrack).
    • Requesting a transfer does not guarantee that a change in assignment or an interview will occur.
    • No voluntary transfers for 2019-20 will be approved after June 7, 2019.
    • Employee involuntarily reassigned earlier this school year will have the first opportunity to transfer back to the sending campus. 
    Voluntary Employee Transfer Process Information
    • Principals with vacancies will review the applications and contact applicants who meet their screening criteria for interviews. If a transfer candidate is selected for the position, the employee will be contacted and the transfer submitted before the June 7, 2019 deadline.
    • Prior to submitting a recommendation in the Online Employee Management System (OEMS), the receiving principal will contact the current principal to communicate the intent to hire. 
    • The receiving principal will submit a Personnel Action Form (PAF) using the OEMS by June 7, 2019.
    • Human Resources will process personnel changes in assignment and campuses.
    • Employee transfers in hard to fill areas (i.e. Bilingual, Math, Science, Special Ed, etc.) will be closely monitored by Human Resources and Area Supervisors to assure that no single campus loses excessive staff in these areas.