• Staff Directory

    Area Executive Directors & Admins
    Brandy Baker Chief Academic and Innovation Officer 512-594-0188
    Trana Allen  Area Superintendent of the Panther Learning Community 512-594-0193
    Dr. John O'Hare Area Executive Director of the Hawk Learning Community 512-594-0125
    Alma Gonzalez-Castillo  Area Executive Director of the Cougar Learning Community 512-594-0151
    Brian Dawson Area Executive Director of the Wolf Learning Community 512-594-0153
    Sabrina Spires Ex. Admin. Associate to Chief Academic & Innovation Officer 512-594-0196
    Milaura Singletary

    Ex. Admin. Associate to AED over Hawk Learning Community and Asst. Supt. over Panther Learning Community 

    Corey Shepperd

    Ex. Admin. Associate to AED's over Cougar & Wolf Learning Communities



    Curriculum and Innovation
    Holly Galloway Director of Curriculum and Innovation 512-594-0044
    Krista Perez Ex. Admin. Associate to Curriculum & Innovation 512-594-0150
    Stephanie Harrison Accounting Specialist 512-594-0164
    Korey B. Sykes Continuing Professional Education Specialist              512-594-0045
    Jerry Karacz Student Success and Rti Coordinator 512-594-0123
    Valerie Sosa Early Literacy Coordinator 512-594-0104
    Shannon Pourmanafzadeh Elementary ELA Coordinator  512-594-0131 
    Kimberly Roark Elementary Social Studies Coordinator 512-594-0127
    Sue Ann DeCuir Elementary Science Coordinator              512-594-0121
    Yolando Hoard Elementary Math Coordinator  512-594-0135
    Melissa Dobrenel Secondary Math Coordinator 512-594-0120
    Michael Moak Secondary Science Coordinator 512-594-0108
    Cortney Esquitin Secondary Language Arts Coordinator                          512-594-0109
    Marc Schwarz Secondary Social Studies Coordinator  512-594-0110


    Accountability, Compliance & Assessment
    Karen Shah  Executive Director of Accountability & Compliance  512-594-0067 
    Kelly Bertholf Assistant Director of Accountability 512-594-0126
    Player Richardson Coordinator of Assessment 512-594-0112


    Federal & State Programs
    Christy Fox Director of Federal and State Programs 512-594-0106
    Karen Shah Executive Director of Accountability & Compliance 512-594-0067
    Sharon Erickson Federal and State Programs Specialist 512-594-0146
    Reyna Gastelum Sr. Associate Federal and State Programs 512-594-0130
    Stephanie Bonnet-Kramer Coordinator, Prekindergarten 512-594-0093


    Multilingual Instruction
    Cara Schwartz Executive Director of Special Programs 512-594-0068
    Gema Hanson Director of Multilingual Instruction                                 512-594-0192
    Lisa Westbrook Senior Administrative Associate 512-594-0113
    Stephanie Harrison Accounting Specialist 512-594-0164
    Natalia Carrillo Multilingual Curriculum/LOTE Coordinator 512-594-0137
    Hannah Davis Secondary ESL Specialist 512-594-0194
    Vanessa Cockroft ESL & LPAC Coordinator 512-594-0183
    Donna Layton High School New Comer Program Facilitator  512-594-0889 
    Neny Zavaleta Coordinator of Dual Language Program  512-594-0157
    Tanya Quezada Dual Language Specialist 512-594-0078
    Frances Vargas Dual Language Specialist  512-594-0077 
    Maribel Hernandez Translation and Parent Support Specialist 512-594-0175
    Alejandra Mireles Dual Language Specialist 512-594-0079
    Emily Rivera Elementary ESL Specialist 512-594-0105