• Applying Policy and Law

    1. Is the district required to provide a student transfer process that allows students to attend a campus other than the one to which they are zoned?
    No, but the district has chosen to offer a student transfer process [View FDA (LOCAL) Board Policy here].
    2. How do I find the governing policy on-line?
    The policy governing this process may be reviewed by visiting www.pfisd.net/transfers, or click the following links.

    IDT Board Policy

    ODT Board Policy

    Applying for Transfer Requests

    1. How do I initiate a transfer request for my child?
    Please download and complete the ODT application form. Once you have completed the application you will return it to the administration building, located at 1401 W. Pecan, Pflugerville, TX 78660. Our hours of operations are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. on Friday. Offices are closed on Fridays during the summer schedule that is released on our website.

    2. How do I initiate a new programmatic transfer for my child?
    Programmatic transfer requests will be included in the Out-of-District Transfer application. Programmatic transfers will only be accepted to open campuses.  
    3. If my ODT application is approved this school year, will I need to apply next school year?
    Yes, according to Board Policy FDA (LOCAL), an ODT application must be submitted annually.    
    4. What is the process the district uses to determine whether a campus is open to accept transfers?
    Projected enrollment for the campus must be below 95% of the capacity of the campus. Elementary campuses will not accept transfers in grades where projected enrollment exceeds 19:1 for grades K-4 and 22:1 for grade 5.
    5. Will my child receive transportation services if my ODT Application is approved?
    No, on an ODT Transfer, you are responsible for providing transportation for your child.
    6. May I submit more than one application per school year?
    No, only one application per child, per school year will be accepted for consideration.
    7. May I request a specific Campus on the ODT?
    Yes, as long as it is an open campus.
    8. May I go to a campus on my own and request/arrange for an out-of-district transfer for my child?
    No, you must download the application online (see question #1). Your approval or denial notice will be sent to you and the campus by the Department of Student Affairs.  
    9. May I, as a Pflugerville ISD employee, submit an ODT application for my child to attend a campus that is closer to the campus where I work?
    Yes, you may apply for a transfer to an open campus closer to the campus where you work. Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, non-resident employees requesting student transfers will use the ODT application. The office of Student Affairs will assist present employees with the ODT application in the first year of its implementation.

    10. As an Aramark employee, Durham employee, or someone who holds a temporary or part-time position within PfISD (such as a substitute teacher), may I make application as an employee for my child to transfer?
    If you are living outside of the school district, you have the same opportunity as any parent that wants to complete an ODT application.
    11. How will I know when my application has been received or the status of my application?  
    Because of the number of applications received, it is not feasible for the office of student affairs to notify you upon receipt of the application. However, every application is time and date-stamped and recorded upon receipt (see question #1). Notification will be mailed within two weeks of receipt of the application.
    12. Will my child be permitted to participate in sports if he/she is approved for an ODT to attend high school?
    If your child is approved to attend a high school as the result of your ODT Application, he/she may not participate in varsity level athletics for one calendar year; however, participation in JV, sophomore, or freshman level athletics is permitted.
    13. Is there a chance that one of my children could be approved for a transfer to the campus I requested and the other one be denied for the same campus?
    Yes, this could happen due to grade level capacity concerns. 
    14. When will I know if my ODT Application has been approved or denied? 
    An email or letter will be sent from the Office of Student Affairs beginning May 20, 2019 after 5 p.m.  If your application is approved, the campuses involved will also be notified. For applications submitted during the schoolyear, please allow two weeks for a decision to be communicated. When registering your child at a new campus, you must bring a copy of the approval letter or email with you.

    15. Does a campus have a cap on the number of students it will accept?
    PfISD will follow guidelines for space availability when considering the acceptance of any student transfer (see question #4). These guidelines are essential to ensuring adequate teacher-to-student ratios.

    16. Can a student enrolled in the District on an ODT approval be removed from PfISD?
    Yes. Students in the District, through ODT approval, must continue to meet our expectations in order to maintain enrollment. Revoked transfers are effective at the end of the semester for which the student is enrolled.



    Questions and Answers about the process can be found on the district’s Website. Completion of the Application form, the approval process, accessing the information on-line, or the appeals process may be directed to the office of student affairs by calling 512-594-0046. The Board Policy governing this process maybe reviewed by visiting the Pflugerville ISD website at www.pfisd.net/transfers.