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    PfISD Staff Wellness Program


    The Pflugerville ISD Staff Wellness Program invites you to consider participating in any or all of the activities provided. Our site Wellness CHAMPS welcome any suggestions our employees might have. PfISD promotes a culture for learning and working that empowers individuals to  value healthy lifestyle choices.

    Let's GET Ready...GET Set... GET Healthy and Fit!


    Wellness Council Mission Statement

    Our mission  is to promote quality health awareness with a commitment to improve life-long wellness for our employees, students and community. 

    We are committed to modeling healthy lifestyle habits for our families, peers and students.


    District Wellness Values:

    We believe that...

    • The staff deserves health awareness education, physical wellness education, stress management education and healthy weight management education.
    • The district  shall promote engagement in employee wellness activities at suitable District and campus events.
    • All individuals have worth.

    District Wellness Vision:

    Our employees are...

    • Productive employees committed to the community, district and to a health and wellness program.
    • Enthusiastic participants committed to self awareness and self improvement.
    • Setting personal goals to achieve their full potential for a healthier lifestyle.
    • Effective decision makers and positive role models who will communicate and share an understanding for the importance making healthy lifestyle choices.

    PfISD Wellness Program Plan:

    • Each employee can achieve value from a Health Awareness Program.
    • Each employee can achieve value from a Physical Activity Program.
    • Each employee can achieve value from a Stress Management Program.
    • Each employee can achieve value from a Nutrition Education Program.