• The mission of the Kelly Lane Middle School Guidance and Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the personal/social, academic and career development of students.

                                  Meet the Counselors of KLMS


    picture of Sherri Vigil

    Sandra Sebesta

    Sherri Vigil

    Desiree Sauceda

    7th Grade Counselor

    8th Grade Counselor

    6th Grade Counselor








    Kelly Lane Middle School counselors are available to:

    • Conference with faculty, staff, parents, and students;
    • Assist teachers with parent-team conferences, parent-teacher conferences, provide to teachers and parents records of student's achievement, social and emotional development, and consult with teachers as needed;
    • Present course curriculum information to parents and provide consultation to parents regarding student academic and social progress;
    • Assist students with academic, social and personal issues in individual and group counseling settings;
    • Conduct classroom guidance activities with students;
    • Attend academic team meetings.


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