Westview Middle School


Athletics & P.E.

Boy Coaches

Boy's Coaches:  Football, Basketball and Track & Field
Left to Right: David Gutierrez, Matthew Carter, Everett White, Robert Ryan
Boy's Coaches Staff List
WHITE, EVERETT ATHL COORD/TEACH MS Everett.White@pfisd.net (512)594-2251
RYAN, ROBERT  HEALTH HS Robert.Ryan@pfisd.net (512)594-2257
GUTIERREZ, DAVID PE/HEALTH MS David.Gutierrez@pfisd.net (512)594-2256
CARTER, MATTHEW MATH MS Matthew.Carter1@pfisd.net (512)594-2256

Westview boy’s athletics information sheet

2017 – 2018


Every student that has athletics must have a physical on file. This also includes an emergency contact form, concussion acknowledgment form, and a sudden cardiac arrest awareness form. We highly encourage that all athletes get this completed during the Summer. You can download all the necessary forms at the following link on the district website:


equipment and locker distribution dates

On August 23rd and 24th from 3pm to 7pm, we will be passing out football equipment and assigning lockers to all athletes that have their physical information and forms completed. 


 Girls Coaches:  Volleyball, Basketball and Track & Field
Maladeline Dreier, Jamie Ochoa, LaShonda Toliver, Rachel Sanders
Girl's Coaches Staff List
DREIER, MADELINE PE/HEALTH MS Madeline.Drier@pfisd.net (512)594-2253
SANDERS, RACHEL  SOCIAL STUDIES MS Rachel.Sanders@pfisd.net (512)594-2323
TOLIVER, LASHONDA  ATHL COORD/TEACH MS Lashonda.Toliver@pfisd.net (512)594-2252
OCHOA, JAIMIE  PE/HEALTH MS Jaimie.Ochoa@pfisd.net (512)594-2253