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Message from the Principal

Message From the Principal: April 24

Summer Slide Family Event
Wednesday 5 – 6:30pm (See the attachment)

Teacher Appreciation Week - May 1-5
We will be celebrating our staff all across the school next week. I hope you will join in by sending a thank you to your child’s teachers.

See you at school sometime soon!

Christi Siegel
Principal, Windermere Primary School 
Message From the Principal
Please click on the link below to read our latest news:
Christi Siegel
Principal, Windermere Primary School 
Message from the Principal: April 3

We hope you can sign up to help with the carnival Friday! It is going to be fun, fun fun!

More info here:
Message from the Principal: March 31
We are working hard to finish strong in the last nine weeks of school! Please make every effort to be here at school on time, in the classroom at 7:40 a.m.
We have been averaging 19 tardies per day in the last two weeks! That is twice as much as we had before Spring Break!
I know I am going to be able to send an update next week with a better average! We can do it parents!
I hope to see you at school some time soon,
Christi Siegel
Principal, Windermere Primary School 
Message from the Principal: Feb. 10 
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Christi Siegel
Principal, Windermere Primary School
 Message from the Principal: Jan. 23 
The district is proposing next year’s school calendar. We have created a webpage and feedback form for access through this Friday, Jan. 27: Proposed calendar
This page includes important considerations and parameters that the DAAC considered as it reviewed different calendar options. The information is available in Spanish or other languages by using the translation link in the upper left-hand corner of the website.
Please take a moment to look at the calendar and provide feedback to the district.
Thank you,
Christi Siegel
Principal, Windermere Primary School
Message from the Principal: Jan. 20 
We have some fun news to share this month! Have a great weekend!
Click here to see my newsletter: January News
Christi Siegel
Principal, Windermere Primary School 
  Message from the Principal: Jan. 6
Happy New Year WPS families! And welcome back to school!
We have had a great week getting back to learning around here and including some joy in the classroom and around the building. The PreK classes literally joined together to line almost the entire length of the main hallway to demonstrate the measurement of a Sun Jellyfish tentacle!
School is a great place to be! I want to thank the families who have been working hard to arrive on time each day. Our tardies are improving! However, we have had a HUGE number of absences this week, averaging 33 students per day. As always, if your child is sick, they should be at home. But please make every attempt to be at school each day!
We will see you at school next week!
Christi Siegel
Principal, Windermere Primary School 
  Message from the Principal: Dec. 9
WPS Families:
I have sent a few emails recently about attendance, but this week has been quite different. On most mornings at Windermere Primary we have about six or seven students who are running late and counted as tardy. This week we have had the following number of tardy students:
Monday: 32
Tuesday: 28
Wednesday: 29
Thursday: 30
Friday: 28
This equates to approximately 14 percent of our students being late this week. Please make every effort to bring your children to school on time next week and in the Spring semester.
The tardy bell rings at 7:40 a.m.
I would LOVE to write a note next week that says how GREAT our tardies have been.
I hope to see you at school on time next week!
Christi Siegel
Principal, Windermere Primary School 
November update

Thanksgiving luncheon, marriage proposal and more in our November newsletter
 Message from the Principal: Nov. 3
WPS Families,
It is always important to have our students here at school every day because this is “where the learning is happening!” It is also very important for our students to be here on time and stay for the entire day of learning.
In the last month we have seen a slight dip in our overall attendance average. There has also been a large increase in tardies and early sign-outs. Students who arrive on time are able to have a focused start to their school day. While these may not seem as significant on the surface level, just a few minutes of lost learning can have a large impact over time.
You probably already know this, but the state funds school districts based on our average daily attendance. Each percentage point on our average daily attendance is worth approximately $1.8 million in PfISD. If our attendance drops from 97.2 percent to 96.2 percent the district could lose a lot of money.
Please help your child and our school by making good attendance a priority. I hope we will see you at school some time soon!
Christi Siegel
Principal, Windermere Primary School 
Afternoon dismissal times

WPS Families,
When the school year started, we allowed several extra minutes for packing up and lining up at the end of each school day. As our end of day routines have become more efficient, we are finding that we do not need those extra minutes for packing up. We really want to use every minute we have for learning! 
So we are making a 3-minute adjustment to dismissal. Three minutes does not sound like a lot but it can feel like a lot if you are waiting in the car lane or at home for your child.
Starting next Monday, Oct 24, we will start dismissing kinder students at 2:43 p.m., with first and second grade following. There is no need for you to change your pick-up procedure. Just be aware we will be coming out of the building about 3 minutes later than we have been.
Thank you for understanding and being patient as we all get used to the schedule. See you at school some time soon,
Christi Siegel
Principal, Windermere Primary School
 Message from the Principal: Sept. 8
We have created an easier way to sign up for our book fair volunteers. Please use this new link: 
Come have fun at book fair!
Message from the Principal: Sept. 7 
The Book Fair is coming to WPS Sept. 12-16.

We need you to volunteer at the Book Fair! This is the perfect way to stay connected to your child at school and help students find the books they can't wait to read. Sign up now and get ready for a fun and rewarding volunteer experience.

To sign up:

Christi Siegel
Principal, Windermere Primary School
Pflugerville Independent School District 
Message from the Principal: Aug. 30 
Snow Cone Social:
Thursday 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Come to the cafeteria for a snow cone and meet and talk to our staff and area business representatives such as Costco, A+ Credit Union, Barnes and Noble, and more. Super fun for all!

Main Hallway Drop Off procedures:
We have had a very smooth start to our school year and with one week under our belts, we feel it is a great time to start our Main Hallway Drop Off procedure. The teachers and students have established morning routines and need to get their day started at 7:35 a.m. We are asking that parents who walk their children into school to drop off their children at the main hallway areas of the K/1 hallway and the 2nd grade upper hallway.
If you need to communicate with teachers, please email them or call the office. You can always send a note in your child’s folder, too. Please prepare your child for this change in your routine, if needed.
And we look forward to seeing you at school sometime soon!
Message from the Principal: First day
Our first day of school was amazing! See my newsletter and photos by clicking the link below:
From the Principal

Christi Siegel
Principal, Windermere Primary School
Pflugerville Independent School District
 Message from the Principal: First day of school tomorrow!
We had a wonderful time on Thursday and Friday night greeting and meeting students & parents! The energy in the building was amazing, filled with excitement and the joy of a new school year!
A big cheer and thank you goes to all of our teachers, educational assistants, custodians and office staff for getting our building ready! It was wonderful to have our hallways filled with parents and students and we cannot wait until Tuesday!
See you at school in the morning!
Student Arrival at School:
  • 1st Day of School: All students will report directly to their classrooms. Doors will open at 7:05 a.m. for free breakfast and the classrooms will open at 7:10 a.m. Parents may walk their children to class. You may also use our car lane (near the cafeteria) or our bus lane (after 7:20 a.m.) to drop off your child. Make sure he/she can exit the car on the passenger side without assistance. You must remain in your vehicle in the drop-off lanes at all times. Do not park or exit your car in the car/bus lanes. 
  • Day 2: Wednesday through the first few weeks of school: Parents can continue to walk children to their hallway/classroom area. As students arrive at school each morning, they should go to their assigned seating area outside of their classroom. (We will show our students how to do this. Don’t worry!) While in the hallway, students may read, talk quietly, or do another quiet activity. Students who eat breakfast at school will go directly to the cafeteria upon arrival and then report to their classroom area. If your children will be eating at school, please bring them early enough to have time to go through the line, eat and get to class by 7:40 a.m.
    After the first few weeks of school: We will build independence for our students by asking parents to drop off students in the main hallway and allowing the students to go to their classroom area on their own. A reminder note will go home when this is starting.
Afternoon Dismissal:
All students will be escorted by a staff member and all students must be checked off by the staff member before being released to go home. Parents/Guardians, please make sure you check out with the adult assigned to your child.
  • Bus riders: Students will be dismissed with the teachers/adults on the bus lane side of the building. Remember: All K/1/2 grade students must have an adult present at the bus stop or a 3/4/5 grade sibling on the bus with them in order to be released from the bus.
  • Parent Pick up: Students will exit from the cafeteria side of the building and go to their grade-level locations near the cafeteria windows and picnic tables. All students will be monitored by staff members in order to ensure their safety.
  • Car rider Parents: You must remain in your vehicle in the drop-off lanes at all times. Do not park or exit your car. Please pull up to the farthest pick-up space in the line, closest to the front crossing guard before stopping. Do not stop or block the crosswalks. HB 347 restricts the use of a wireless device in a school crossing zone. Effective Sept. 1, 2013, the bill also prohibits use of the device while operating a motor vehicle on campus property during the time a reduced speed limit is in effect for school crossing zones. For the safety of our students and staff, do not use wireless devices while you wait in line to pick up your child.
The first few days of school tend to be very busy in the parking lot. Please remember that the other families in our driveways are your neighbors and your children’s friends. For the safety of all students and adults, please be courteous and patient.

We look forward to a joyful year!
Message from the Principal: Aug. 16, 2016
Dear WPS Families,
This summer has really flown by and we have been hard at work around WPS getting ready to welcome all of our new and returning students and families!

Meet the Teacher Events:
PreK and Kinder Orientation
Thursday, Aug. 18, 5:30 p.m.
The principals and teachers will be introducing themselves to you and your children and presenting important start of school information. Bring your school supplies and be prepared to hear about routines, procedures, and all the learning that happens for our youngest students. We will start in the cafeteria. See you there!

1st and 2nd Grade Meet the Teacher
Friday, Aug. 19, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
Teachers will be in their classrooms ready to introduce themselves to you and your children. Bring your school supplies for a come-and-go meet-and-greet event. You are welcome to meet other staff around the building and say hi to previous teachers.

First Day of School 
Aug. 23 (7:40 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.)

We can’t wait to see you at school sometime soon,
Christi Siegel
Principal, Windermere Primary School
Message from the Principal: May 2016
See link: 

The relationship between our school and our families is very important for the success of our children. And the success of your child can start with a few things that should happen every day.
  1. Ask questions every day. Around the edges of this section of the newsletter, we put a variety of open-ended questions to get your conversations started with your child. If you start this kind of dialogue now, hopefully great discussions about school and friends will last all the way through college.
  2. Read every day. Read to your child, with your child, and let your child read to you. Make this a special event each evening by choosing a special place and time with your child. Don't always save this for right before bed, because if you are late for bedtime, the reading may get skipped.
  3. Practice your math facts every day. This can be anytime, anywhere. You can count cars while you are driving home, or waiting at a stop light. You can ask your child to count the change in your wallet/pocket while you are at the grocery store.You can even add up the commercials you saw while watching your favorite TV show. Don't forget subtraction!

I can't wait to see what great things we accomplish this year!

Come Early.

Learn A Lot.

Be Smart.

Thank you and I hope to see you at school some time soon!