• If Walls Could Talk @ PCMS

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas at 9/15/2017

    Greetings Pumas,

    Happy Friday!

    If Walls Could Talk:

    Much like in commercial advertising, walls, billboards, banners, etc. are a great way to advertise messages we want others to see. At Park Crest, we use our walls to remind our students of our message that they are all a crucial piece of the puzzle that makes Park Crest a Gold Medal Campus – the best of the best. The puzzle pieces have been signed by students, staff, parents and relatives at Open House, and other visitors who play a huge role in our success.

    There are still pieces to be added, and with new support and students coming throughout the year this project is not yet complete. You can see the final product by coming to campus during one of our many upcoming events and family nights, including book fair in October. Watching this puzzle grow will be part of the fun!

    In addition to the names on the pieces you will notice from the photos below that we are teaching our kiddos to have a growth mindset. If you missed last weeks blog attachment regarding the Principal’s Message over Growth Mindset and the puzzle pieces, feel free to click this link: 2017 PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE

    Another important piece of the puzzle are the many highly engaging classes and clubs we offer along with the systems and processes we have in place at PCMS to help ensure your child is successful. If we stick to our plan this year to “put the pieces together” and to get even better at the things we already do well, I have no doubt that this will be the best year yet at Park Crest Middle School!

    Thank you again for sending us such amazing kiddos, being actively invovled, and supporting our campus as we keep improving, always, in all ways.

    9-15-17 pic 1

    9-15-17 pic 2

    9-15-17 pic 3

    9-15-17 pic 4

    EPIC 2.0 Has Begun:

    We have successfully completed our EPIC 1.0 presentations (campus-wide expectations) and are now operating with EPIC 2.0. What is the difference? During EPIC 1.0 students are assigned a classroom, similar to having a homeroom teacher. In EPIC 2.0 students will have the ability to choose which classroom they go to during this time to get help and support. That being said, our teachers are choosing students who they want during EPIC to provide additional instruction through intervention or enrichment. They request students by signging their agenda under the section labeled “EPIC”. Having your agenda signed is not a bad thing at all, in fact it means that a teacher wants more time with you. For more information on EPIC 2.0 please check out this presentation we delivered to our students: 2017-18 EPIC 2.0 PRESENTATION

    Safe School Ambassadors:

    This Thursday and Friday we sent a team of forty students and eight adults to be trained as Safe School Ambassadors. This is an extremely important part of our campus’ succcess and contributes to our friendly climate and culture. These students and adults are our leaders on campus to listen for issues that may be brewing, help model positive behaviors, and also to influence the culture in a positive way. I am excited about the work this team will do, much of which will never be known, but absolutely felt.

     9-15-17 pic 5

    Attendance Matters:

    With flu season quickly approaching it is so important that our kiddos practice good hygene habits. Most importantly, washing their hands. Another thing that kiddos can proactively do is to get a flu shot. I know I will be getting mine! PCMS offers flu shots to students through our school nurse on October 5th. The form to complete to register your child is located on our website or by using the link below. If a flu shot is something you are considering for your kiddo, there is no more convenient way than to get it done here at school. LINK TO FLU SHOT FORM

    Since attendence is so important to our kiddos success, please help us remind them to wash their hands, get a good night sleep each night, and eat  three healthy meals each day. Having good hygene and taking care of our bodies will help in keeping us from getting sick and catching any germs.

    9-15-17 pic 6

    Catch the Spirit:

    Speaking of catchings…. This is something your kiddos ARE going to want to catch. Check out these two new pieces of PCMS gear that are exclusively given out by our 2017-18 Cheer squad at athletic events. The new Spirit towel on the left and the Spirit shirt on the right are game day exclusives! We would love to see your kiddos supporting our fantastic teams at our events and to have an opportunity to “Catch the Puma Spirit”.

     9-15-17 pic 7

    8th grade SSI brochures:

    At the start of the week, PfISD sent home the 8th Grade SSI brochures through math classes to all 8th grade students. This brochure explains the importance of the 8th grade math and 8th grade reading STAAR tests at the end fo the year. Students in the 5th and 8th grade are expected to pass both of these two tests in order to be promoted to the next grade level. No worries, we at Park Crest work hard to make every day matter and prepare each child for success on these two exams. Students should visit their math and english teacher throughout the year in after school tutorials and EPIC 2.0 anytime they feel they need help. If you want to check out the brochure, please click this link for the electronic copy: 8th GRADE SSI BROCHURE

    Athletics Recap:

    This week our football kicked off with a scrimmage against Pflugerville Middle School. The boys looked great and are ready for games to begin next week. Scores were not kept this week as it was just a chance for our kiddos to practice their plays, safety, and teamwork.

    The ladies took on Kelly Lane on Thursday and all teams played great, but fell to the Knights. I was at the 7th grade games and was super impressed with some long rallys and extra effort! Not to mention the great school spirit the teams showed while cheering on their teamates from the bleachers.

    Hurricane Support Reminder:

    Just a friendly reminder that we are collecting coins and cash during all lunches until the last day in Septmeber along with cans and non-perishable food items in 2nd period. Thank you so much for all of you who have sent in checks and money. Cash, coins, checks and items may be sent to school with your child or brought to the front office. Checks can be made out to Park Crest Middle School. We will be putting together a team of Pumas to deliver all donations to Sugar Grove Academy, the school we are supporting at the start of October.

    Currently 6th grade has the Gold Medal for raising the most money. But who will finish first? Only time will tell.

    9-15-17 pic 8

    Next Week’s Preview:

    9-15-17 pic 9

    Picture Day:

    Don’t forget that this Thursday is picture day. Students will be coming home with their order form envelopes early next week. Please make your selections and send those with your child on Thursday. If your kiddo misplaces or doesn’t get the order form to you by early next week, please feel free to swing by our front office for another copy.


    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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  • Short But Sweet Week at PCMS

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas at 9/8/2017

    Greetings Pumas,

    Happy Friday! What a fantastic, fun, and fast week we had at Park Crest Middle School. We definitely zoomed past the “start of school” phase and into the “get to business” phase. Take a moment to enjoy your weekend and check out all the information below in this week’s Principals Blog.

    Open House:

    I want to start by thanking the hundreds of parents and family members we had at Open House on Tuesday. It seems as though every year our turnout is greater and greater. Having a strong school to community connection is SO important to the success of our students. It shows our kiddos that together we value them, and we value education. I am excited about the puzzle pieces you completed for me in the Principal’s Welcome sessions. I will keep you updated on the status of the complete puzzle once we begin to put the pieces together on the wall.

    Along with attending Open House, I also want to welcome our nearly 100 new members who were signed up for this blog during Open House. If it is your first time here at the blog, I hope you enjoy it! I also recommend that, when you have time, you glance back at the previous ones to see if there is anything you missed that you may be interested in knowing more about.

    We have only begun to upload the photos from Open House, but you can begin to see some of them now on our Park Crest Facebook page. Please check it out using this link: https://www.facebook.com/PFPCMS/  (also don’t forget to please give our page a like when you get there!)

    Finally, I want to thank all of the parents who commented on how clean and nice PCMS looked. I want to give a special shout out to 6th grade AP Ms. Scarbo for her attention to detail in assuring our campus is properly maintained. She treats Park Crest as if it is her own home, and is constantly going the extra mile to ensure work orders are in, and the campus is clean and safe for our kiddos. The environment plays a huge role in the climate of the campus, and I am so thankful to be in a building that looks much newer than it actually is.

    PCMS Family:

    Did you enjoy meeting the teachers and staff at Open House? Want to know a bit more about them or how to get in touch with them? Easy, check out our brand new update to the PCMS Website located under the “Staff Tab” that can be found at this link: PCMS STAFF Here you can find a picture, contact information and under the section that says website, you will find additional informaiton including their bio. You may scroll through the pages of staff members, or use the search by to find them by name.

    Can I give you a suggestion? Check out the link above, read a bit about each of your child’s teachers and then take a moment to email them a short, but positive welcoming email. Think of it as YOUR homework due next week. You can even tell your kiddos you completed Mr. Kleypas’ homework for the parents, so there are no excuses when it is their turn. :)

    You want to talk capturing a heart, making an adult cry happy tears, reinvigorate their purpose, and inspiring them to be the best teacher they can be… positive emails do just that! My teachers work hard, long hours for our kiddos and I gaurantee the quick email is a great investment for ya, and it’s free!

    Learn Along With Us at Park Crest MS:

    It is super important to me that you feel connected to our campus and to the learning that your kiddos experience. One of the many important messages they received this week came through my annual Principal’s Message in EPIC. Last year, I presented to the kiddos the concept of the “Butterfly Effect” – which simply is the idea that a small action (even as small as the flapping of a butterflies wings) can have a huge effect on other things around it. Here is a link to a YouTube video on the topic if you want to learn more: THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT In regards to Park Crest, that translates to the idea that even small acts of kindness, hardwork, improvement, good deeds, leadership, etc. can have a huge effect or impact on the success of our campus.

    This year’s message is about mindsets. More specifically on Growth Mindsets vs. Fixed Mindsets, as explained in Carol Dweck’s book Mindset. The basic idea is that your mindset is an extremely powerful contributor to your success as a student, and in life in general. Below is a picture of the book cover, followed by an awesome image (credit to the creator; Schoolhouse Diva) to help describe the difference between a Growth & Fixed Mindset. Please also take a moment to click this link and view the entire student presentation which contains some helpful videos: 2017 PRINCIPALS MESSAGE

    9-8-17 pic 1

    9-8-17 pic 2

    PCMS Art T-shirt Contest:

    9-8-17 pic 3

    It is that time of year again! We are looking for a design for the next Park Crest Middle School shirt to be sold to students, staff, and the community. We are looking for art that has been created by our PCMS students to use on the shirt. In order to find the highest quality image, we have created an art contest. The first place (Gold Medal) art piece will be printed on the new PCMS shirt!

    Here are the guidelines that will be used to select a winner:

    1. The art piece must be created by a PCMS student or students
    2. The art must be done on paper that can be turned in for judging
    3. The art may be created using markers, pencils, paint, or any other form you prefer
    4. The art must relate to PCMS and represent Park Crest in a positive way
    5. The art should contain one or some of the following:
      • A Puma
      • The P & C of Park Crest
      • The idea of Puma Pride and/or being a Proud Puma
      • Include our campus mottos: Keep improving, always, in all, ways, Gold Medal – the best of the best, pieces of the puzzle, etc.
      • Our School colors; grey, black, white, and teal

    All eligible art submissions must be turned into the front office by Wednesday, November 1st.

    9-8-17 pic 4

    Submissions can be made on any piece of paper, or on the official submission form which can be found in the front office or through this link: PCMS TSHIRT ART CONTEST

    Park Crest Gold Medal Moment – AP:

    In case you missed it in an early blog, our very own 7th grade AP, Mr. Shuman has been recognized as the Region 13 TASSP Assistant Princpal of the Year! Check out this fantastic article about this accomplishment: CLINT SHUMAN ARTICLE

    Attendance Matters:

    I have said it before, I will say it again, and I will continue saying it… attendance matters! If a kiddo is not in school for whatever reason, they are missing out on a learning opportunity. I know that things come up, and issues arise, but I ask that you please help get your child to school each day. Since school started we are averaging nearly 98% attendance per day! That is phenomenal. Last year we finished at an impressive 96.7%, but I KNOW we can do better than that. One important factor that I would like for you to consider is to please avoid taking your child out of school on the day before or after a holiday. We really need them here each and every day. Here is a copy of the district calendar so you can start planning ahead for any appointments or vacations: DISTRICT CALENDAR. In order to help kiddos get excited for having good/perfect attendance we are going to reward them with a certificate and gift card from our community sponsor, Zaxby’s. Stay tuned on more information regarding reward eligibility and dates.

    9-8-17 pic 6

    9-8-17 pic 7

    Supporting Students in Houston:

    9-8-17 pic 8

    We will be helping students affected by Hurricane Harvey through two ways:

    1. Collecting can food and non-perishable food items in all 2nd period classes
    2. Collecting coins/cash by grade level in all lunches

    We will continue these efforts throughout the month of September and will then deliver what we have gathered to our fellow Texans at Sugar Grove Academy. Thank you in advance for your kind heart and generosity as we demonstrate that we are “One Pride. One Family”.


    Our girl’s athletics started the year off extremely strong with round robin play at the nearby high schools against Westview and Pflugerville Middle School. 7th grade traveled to Pflugerville High School and 8th grade went to Connally HS. All 7th grade teams (A & B) claimed victories against both Westview and Pflugerville MS. 8th grade A team was victorious over Westview but fell to Pflugerville MS in the 3rd match. The B team swept their two games bringing home two victories. This was a great start to the season for all of our teams and we look forward to more great volleyball to come. As always, our focus is to keep improving, always, in all ways. Special thanks to one of our 8th grade teams for letting me sneak in for a pre-game photo!

    9-8-17 pic 9

    Next Week’s Preview:

    9-8-17 pic 10

    PTO Meeting:

    Please, please, please, if you are available on Monday night at 6:30pm, swing by the Park Crest library to check out what our PTO is up to. Anyone and everyone is welcome! This is our first meeting of the year and is the perfect time to check us out. Whether you know exactly how you want to get involved, or simply want to be a fly on the wall and hear what is happening, I encourage you to be involved. I genuinely hope to see you there!

    Football Scrimmages:

    Football “kicks off” with an 8th grade scrimmage on Tuesday at Pflugerville MS and a 7th grade scrimmage on Wednesday at Park Crest. As a reminder scrimmages are free to enter, but official games are $2 for students and $4 for adults.


    Volleyball plays Kelly Lane on Thursday Night. 8th grade is away and 7th grade is home.


    Thanks for being an awesome PCMS community and for sending us such fantastic kiddos every day. WE are Pumas and WE are the PCMS Family.

    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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  • Week One in the Books - PCMS

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas at 9/1/2017

    Greetings Pumas,

    This was a jam packed first week of school. It seems that students are getting accustomed to their schedules, hallways, teachers, and campus expectations. This week was all about laying the foundation for a solid school year.

    Check Out Our Classrooms:

    I had the opportunity to pop into all of our classrooms to get a sense of how things were going, and let me tell you things are off to a great start! I don’t want to put an overwhelmingly long blog posting in front of you on week one, so I have attached my classroom recap within this link:AS I WALK THE HALLS OF PCMS

    Free & Reduced Lunch Application:

    This year, the district’s Free & Reduced lunch application is only available online. No more paper form. This will help streamline the process and eliminate the human error associated with handwritten forms. That being said, I am worried about people missing out on the application and thus kiddos going hungry. Students not eating at lunch is NOT an option at PCMS. We know how important it is to have a solid meal throughout the day. The AP’s, counselors, and myself circulate the cafeteria to try and ensure everyone has eaten. Please know that a new application must be submitted EVERY SCHOOL YEAR. Even if your child is still receiving the free/reduced lunch, if you have not completed a new form this year, the service will fall off at some point. We will have computers available at open house, but if you want to complete the process now please visit the website at this link: FAR LUNCH APPLICATION FORM

    Supporting a Houston ISD School:

    We realize how fortunate we are here at Park Crest Middle School for so many reasons. It is hard to imagine what the families and students in Houston and the coastal region who were affected by Hurricane Harvey are going through, especially those who cannot get to their homes and cannot get to their schools. Park Crest is joining in on the efforts to support those families by fostering a middle school campus that resembles PCMS, but happen to live in the path of the disaster. Through the program Principals supporting Principals, Park Crest will be directly supporting one middle school in the Houston area who has reached out with a need. At this time, they are unable to return to the school and their neighborhood so they are unable to even begin to know what they need. For now, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers and be on the lookout for more information on how you can help in my next blog.

    9-1-17 pic 1

    Agenda Presentation:

    On Thursday we handed out pur new 2017-18 agendas to all kiddos in EPIC 1.0. Please note that every student at Park Crest gets one free agenda, and after that they are $5 for a replacement. Students will need to have that agenda at school EVERY day. It is super important. Today we showed them a video in EPIC 1.0 describing all of the components that we put into this year’s agenda so they will know how to effectively utilize it as a tool for success. Click this link to view the video that we showed students so you can know and understand our 2017-18 PCMS Agenda: 2017-18 PCMS AGENDA

    9-1-17 pic 2

    Campus Academic Advisory Council (CAAC):

    Stuffy name, but down to earth group. The CAAC is a fancy name for a group of interested and invested individuals who are willing to come together 4-5 times throughout the year for an evening meeting to discuss and plan the future of Park Crest and the success of our students and staff. For more information on the CAAC or the DAAC (District version) please click this link: CAAC & DAAC INFORMATIONAL.  We are looking for individuals to represent parents, business owners, and/or community members. If you are interested, please simply email me at zachary.kleypas@pfisd.net

    Meet the Pumas:

    You will notice below that next week is Open House. Check out this awesome short video put together by our very own Ms. Layman so you can see all of our new and returning faces before coming to open house: MEET THE PUMAS!

    Next Week’s Preview:

    9-1-17 pic 3

    No School Monday:

    Monday we will be celebrating Labor Day which means no school for students or staff. It is the perfect little break to allow everyone to catch their breath from the first week rush.

    Open House:

    This year’s open house on Tuesday, September 5th from 6-8pm is going to be awesome! Please mark your calendar to ensure you don’t miss it. I have a special task for parents and friends during my principal’s welcome. Similar to last year it will be a come and go event. This allows everyone to move throughout the school as they wish. Please plan on attending either of the two principal’s welcome in the cafeteria. The second will be a repeat session for those coming later or if the first session fills up. We are also having our football and volleyball parent meetings that night so we can save you a trip. During the times when you are not in one of those meetings you may move around the campus to visit your child’s teacher. Students are welcome and encouraged to attend with you so they can walk you around through their schedule. My one request is if you have detailed information to discuss with a teacher about your child that you please set up a time, send an email, or give them a call. We want to respect everyone’s time on Tuesday and the event is set up to meet and greet, not to hold a meeting. Thank you for understanding. Please see below for a visual of the schedule:

     9-1-17 pic 4

    1st Athletics Event:

    Here at PCMS we hold our students and our fans to high expectations at our athletic events. We want to model being professional, respectful, and overall good sportsmanship. B team games start at 5:30pm and A team starts when they are over. Please note that tickets are $2 for students and $4 for adults (Scrimmages are free). Our students are asked to either sit with their parents or in our student section and stay seated until halftime and breaks. This is because we want to be courteous to our athletes whom our parents and students have come to watch. There is nothing more frustrating than going to a game to watch your son or daughter shine and be distracted by fans who have not come to watch the game. For a complete list of the student expectations at athletic events that we shared with them on Wednesday, please feel free to click this link: ATHLETIC EVENTS EXPECTATIONS

    Most sincerely,


    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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    Posted by Zachary Kleypas at 8/27/2017

    Greetings Pumas,

    First off, I hope all of you are safe and well today. I am writing this message as of 3:00pm on Sunday, as the rain continues to fall. I am sure you have a few questions about tomorrow so I will try to answer as many as possible.

    Well, I knew this year was going to be different (in a good way) than all the rest, but we didn’t see this in the forecast…

    8-27-17 pic1

    Please stay tuned as our district is closely and carefully watching the weather to make the best decisions possible to ensure the safety of our staff, students, and families. As you know, we are currently scheduled for a 2-hour delay, 10:00am start time.

    We will still operate, business as usual tomorrow, just on a slightly shortened bell schedule. The most important thing is that you please make arrangements for your child to get to school by the later start time of 10:00am. Buses will run the same routes as planned, just two hours later than normal. If you plan on dropping off your child, please know that we will not have staff on campus at normal morning hours and thus students should not be dropped off too early due to lack of supervision. Our doors will officially open tomorrow morning at 9:40am.

    Below is a copy of the newly adjusted 1st day of school bell schedule for your convenience. Please note that we have still provided time for EPIC 1.0 schedule handout, 30 minute lunches, and plenty of time for passing periods. The reason for the peculiar order of class periods is so we can pass out lunch ID cards during 2nd period prior to lunch. Each class will be 28 minutes to allow students to find each classroom, visit each teacher, and begin to get to know their classmates.

    8-27-17 pic 2

    As always, we want this first day to be as stress-free as possible so being flexible will be key for everyone. Our success on a day like this is to ensure all students arrive to school, make it to their epic class, eat lunch, find each of their classes, and finally make it back home safe and sound.

    Please make sure you prepare for extra traffic in the morning and in the afternoon and as always please drive safely as you enter and exit the campus vicinity. We will have staff members outside to help students across the crosswalks and into the buildilng.

    Most importantly, please be safe and dry, and stay tuned for additional updates via calls, emails, and our district website.

    Most sincerley,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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  • Welcome Back Pumas!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas at 8/25/2017

    Greetings Pumas,

    Here we are. Only one weekend stands between us and the first day of school! We have officially posted the EPIC 1.0 list of which classroom your child will start in on the first day of school. The list can be found on the windows next to the front door of the school so you can swing by today or this weekend if you want to see it ahead of time. It will also be posted throughout the school for kiddos to view as they enter the building and head to that first class. As a reminder, during this first class they will be given their official call schedule. Keep reading for more important details on what to expect on the first day of school.

     8-24-17 pic 4

    Meet the Pumas!

    On behalf of the 2017-18 faculty and staff at Park Crest Middle School, we welcome you to another Gold Medal School year! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Open House on Tuesday, September 5th from 6:00-8:00pm so you can meet all of these wonderful people below:

     8-25-17 pic 1


    ***The 1st Day of School***:

    We are very excited for our first day of school on Monday, August 28th. Our school day officially begins at 8:05 a.m. and we will open doors for students as early as 7:40 a.m.

    Please be prepared, and plan accordingly for extra traffic during the entire first week of school. Buses will drop students off in the outer lane of the front parking lot. Parents may drop off in the back of the school or in the inner loop of the front parking lot (diagram below to help explain the process). Please drive safely as you approach the school as many students and families will be crossing the street in various spots.

    On the first day, students will enter the building from the main hallway doors in the front or back of school only. Any student arriving between 7:40 – 7:59 a.m. will be allowed to enter the cafeteria for breakfast, or asked to report to their grade level morning hallways (6th Grade – A Hall, 7th grade – Elective Hall, 8th grade – D Hall). Please know that we ask all parents who want to drop off their children to please do so at the front or back doors. Due to all of the extra necessary logistics on the first day of school we do not allow parents to walk their children into the building beyond the front/back doors. I know many parents will want to help their kiddo navigate the hall and save the goodbye for the final moment, however I promise we will take good care of them and help make sure they find their way. Simply bring them to us, and we will take care of the rest.

    At 8:00 a.m. the bell will ring to dismiss all students to their 1st day EPIC 1.0 classroom. This is the room assignment that has been posted on the glass windows at the front of the school. We will also have these lists posted in the hallways on the first day for students to review. Staff members will also be prepared throughout the school to help students locate their room. We are all about a smooth process, with little to no stress. We can assure you we will make sure your kiddo finds it to their EPIC 1.0 room on the first day.

    First day EPIC 1.0 classes will go over everything your child needs to know for a successful first week of school. This includes receiving their official schedule, reviewing the campus map, 1st day packets (only required if you did not complete it at course verification pick up), bell schedule, lunch procedures, hallway procedures, transportation, etc.

    The end of the school day is at 3:35 p.m. Please expect extra traffic at this time as well. Buses will pick up students and depart promptly from the front of the school. Tutorials will not be held during the first week of school so please make arrangements for student transportation after school.

    Finally, please take a moment if you have not already to review my prior blog’s checklist to ensure your child is ready for the 1st day of school.


    EPIC Classrooms on Monday (1st day):

    Students will start on Monday by going to their assigned EPIC 1.0 classes. You can figure out which class your child has been assigned by viewing the list that has just been posted to the glass windows at the front entrance of the school. If you want to swing by PCMS today, or this weekend and check them out please feel free to do so. If not, no worries. They will also be there on the first day of school, as well as throughout the school for kiddos to see. Once we get all of our students into their EPIC 1.0 classes they will their official schedule.

    Parking Lot Drop Off & Pick Up:

    Thank you in advance for helping make our morning drop off and pick up safe for everyone on the first day of school. The added traffic of the first day and the new students who are unfamiliar with our processes make it even more important to drive in and around our school with care and caution. Please remind your kiddos to use the cross walks when dropping off and picking up so our staff and myself can help get them across the streets in a safe manner (images below):

    8-25-17 pic 3

    PEF $10,000 Campus Grant!

    Monday was an exciting day for PCMS. Our grant application was selected for the 2017-18 PEF Campus Grant! This grant is provided by our fantastic Pflugerville Education Foundation each year to one school in the district. Our grant proposal was to acquire resources to expand the technology, robotics, engineering, coding, and much more in our library makerspace, new project lead the way and computer science courses, as well as all across the campus. Specifically, we are going to purchase resources that can help kiddos explore, discover, tinker, design, and create regardless of grade level or ability. We will be able to provide an experience that will engage students at the highest level of coding background to our students in our essential academic’s classroom and everyone in-between. To find out more information about our grant, click this link: 2017-18 PCMS PEF GRANT APPLICATION

    8-25-17 pic2

     Mark Your Calendars:

    8-25-17 pic 5

    I cannot wait to experience the first day of school at PCMS with your wonderful children on Monday.

    Most sincerely,


    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving all ways, in all ways.”


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  • Countdown to School - PCMS

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas at 8/22/2017

    Greetings Pumas!

    We are officially less than one week away from the 1st day of school. How exciting!

    Our teachers have been back for a few days and are completing their district and campus level back to school learning.  They are also eagerly getting back to campus to transform their empty polished rooms back into engaging learning environments. As we complete our list of tasks to prepare for the arrival of your children, I wanted to share some checklist items that you can do with your children to best prepare for a great start to the school year.

    Back to School Checklist

    • Review the 1st Day Bell Schedule and the typical Bell Schedule – specifically start & end times as well as lunch.

    8-22-17 1st day of school bell schedule

    • Ensure that your FOCUS (student grade and attendance verification) account is set up and ready to go. Visit (LINK TO FOCUS LOGIN) to set up an account.
    • Breakfast & Lunch: visit (LINK TO SCHOOL LUNCHES) to update lunch account funds and/or (LINK TO FREE & REDUCED LUNCH APPLICATION) to renew/apply for free & reduced lunch.
    • Collect school supplies (LINK TO SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST)
    • Review the Dress Code Policy (2017-18 DRESS CODE) and communicate with your child which articles of clothing are suited for school and which ones are for other occasions.
    • Discuss transportation and after school arrangements. For information about bus routes, please visit: (LINK TO BUS ROUTES)
    • Check on your child’s Summer Reading progress for Pre-AP English (LINK TO SUMMER READING LIST).
    • Set a school year goal with your child (and write it down):
      • “What is one thing I am going to do this year at PCMS that will make me more successful?”
    • Discuss your positive expectations of them as a student. This is the perfect time to positively and proactively set the tone for a great year.
      • “We want you to ask questions in class when you are stuck”
      • “You can use the front office phone if you ever need to stay after school for tutorials”
      • “It is cool to do well in school”
      • “Give your best every day”
    • With your child, write down questions and concerns they have about middle school and/or PCMS.
      • We have built in time on the first day of school during EPIC & throughout the first weeks to go over everything they need to know to be successful and provide time for them to ask those questions.
    • Reinstate the bed time. The more rested they are, the better they learn. Period.
    • [7th graders only] A copy of updated Immunizations is on file at PCMS (warning: students may not attend class until this is on file, seriously).
    • [8th graders primarily] Talk to your child about being a leader and a role model. All the kiddos watch what the 8th graders do and our campus climate & culture is set by our student leaders.

    We all know, “it takes a village to raise a child”. At Park Crest we are committed to building strong relationships with you as parents, and together developing our children into high school ready students with every opportunity open.

    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School


    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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  • Welcome Back Teachers!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas at 8/18/2017

    Greetings Pumas,

    Happy Friday! Things are definitely speeding up here on campus. We had a fantastic start to the school year by hosting 6th grade camp, course verification pick-up, Staff & teacher welcome back, and district professional development this week alone.

    6th Grade Camp:

    I want to take a moment to give a special thank you to our phenomenal 6th grade AP Ms. Scarbo for putting on an amazing 6th grade camp and preparing our newest Pumas for a successful year one in middle school. I also want to thank our many AVID students who came up on their summer break to plan and lead the groups alongside the teachers. It never ceases to amaze me how great of leaders our students are. Finally, I want to thank our many 6th grade teachers who volunteered their time to be here for the event. It says a lot about their passion for our kiddos that they were willing to spend the morning on their final day of summer vacation here on campus. I can assure you, your kiddos are in great hands with this group of adults and student leaders. So what did the 6th graders actually do? Well, they went through stations around the campus to get better oriented with the campus layout, and while in those stations they did team building activities, played an obstacle course game in the gym to get some energy out (always good for 6th graders), participated in a listening and critical thinking game because following instructions is crucial for success in school, learned about the library and got to experience technology along the way, became better oriented with procedures for using the restroom, being in the hallways, passing periods, morning procedures, and other important campus logistics, familiarized themselves with a pretend student schedule and how the campus bell schedule works. Finally, the day concluded with pizza and every student receiving our awesome new Puma Bags. Overall it was a great day, filled with smiles, great questions, and lowered student anxiety. Don’t just take it from me, check out our students and teachers in action:

     8-18-19 pic1


    Course Verification Pick-up:

    Later that evening, we hosted our 7th and 8th grade course verification pick-up. I want to commend our awesome parents for coming in prepared and ready to fill out the paperwork and get through the lines as quickly as possible. We again had countless teacher volunteers to make the process as smooth as possible. I understand that filling out all of the paperwork in the white packets can be cumbersome, but for everyone that came, it’s done! You can check that off the list. Having that paperwork completed really helps us throughout the year to ensure we have the most accurate and up to date information. I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to do that for us. As our motto goes, we strive to keep improving, always, in all ways, so if you have any feedback for us, good or bad, please take a second to let us know by using this link: FEEDBACK SURVEY

    Actual Student Schedules:

    Were you unable to attend course verification pick-up? Or were you there, but want to know what your child needs to do on the 1st day of school? No problem, we make it super easy for everyone. On the first day of school ALL students will start in an EPIC 1.0 classroom (sometimes referred to as homeroom). This is where they will be given a copy of their official schedule and will discuss daily procedures. Once we are able to balance all of the classes to create the most ideal master schedule and are finished ensuring all of our new Pumas are registered and in our system we will create EPIC 1.0 class rosters. Those will be complete next week. Once those are ready we will let you know and explain how you can figure out which room your child has been assigned. No need to worry about a thing.

    School Lunch:

    Every year, we have parents who forget to reapply for the free and reduced lunch program. Every year, we find out because we notice students avoiding the lunch lines, or accruing a credit on their account. Please, please, please, take just a moment to complete the online application. You must complete the application every school year. Even if you do not think you qualify, it doesn’t hurt to try. This year there will NOT be any paper forms. You may access the online form using this link: FREE AND REDUCED LUNCH APPLICATION

    Another helpful link is our district food services website. Here you can find lunch menus, put money on your child’s account, and much more. Here is that link on the district website: PfISD FOOD SERVICES

    8-18-17 pic2


    Great news, the bus routes are ready to go. If you are curious about what bus your child needs to ride, where it will be picking them up and dropping them off and what time to expect it to be there in the morning that information can all be found using this link: TRANSPORTATION BUS INFORMATION

    Teachers are Back!

    Every year we kickoff the school year with a facutly and staff welcome back event on campus. This is perhaps my favorite day of the year, second only to the first day of school. That’s because this is a time when we are able to reconnect, share stories of the summer, reflect on the success of the prior school year, and discuss our direction for the year ahead. We are fortunate enough that we could have spent all day talking about the many Gold Medal moments and successes of last year!

    Check out our nearly 100 staff members in this panoramic picture as we had them line up in order stariting with those who are beginning their 1st year at Park Crest to those starting their 23rd year at Park Crest, when the school opened: WELCOME BACK TEACHERS

    It says a lot about the climate and culture of a campus when you have staff members who have continued their career at a campus for over 20 years. It also says a lot about their dedication to making Park Crest the best of the best. I could not be more excited about the 2017-18 PCMS Staff and the work ahead. I can already tell it is going ot be an amazing school year!

    8-18-17 pic3

    The Insiders Guide – Putting the Pieces Together:

    This school year I want you to not only feel like, but to actually be, a part of this years PCMS family. In saying that, our big message at Wednesday’s staff welcome back presentation was “Putting the Pieces Together”. A successful campus involves many moving parts, programs, systems, and most importantly people. Like any organization, achieving success is like putting together one giant puzzle. In the process of putting together a puzzle there are two key components, being able to see the picture on the box and having all of the pieces. This year, we will be putting the pieces together simply by clariying and even further enhancing everyones understanding of the picture on the box (the many important systems we have in place to support students and adults), as well as making sure every single teacher, student, staff member, and parent understands that they are a crucial piece in the puzzle that makes Park Crest successful. I welcome you to the 2017-18 school year, and our journey of putting the pieces together in our puzzle of success. I have a special task for you on the night of open house on September 5th, so please make sure you mark your calendars! Below is our “picture on the box” of the important program/system pieces. I want to share it with you so that you too can understand and help contribute to the success of Park Crest:

    8-18-17 pic4

    Puzzle Pieces Explained:

    1. PCMS Crest – Our mission, vision, values
    2. Puma PROS – Our consistent campus wide behavior expectations
    3. Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) – Teacher groups who work together to create the best classroom experience for your child
    4. Capturing Kids Hearts (CKH) – We understand that relationships come before content
    5. Outstanding Customer Service – We can’t promise that everyone will agree with every decision, but we do pledge to provide quality service, and reliability
    6. EPIC 2.0 Rosters – We know it is crucial to our student’s success to create time to provide intervention and enrichment into the school day
    7. AVID – Through our AVID program and our District’s summer bridge we want to challenge students to achieve more
    8. Student Involvement – We realize that not every student will love every class, but every student enjoys something. If we can figure out what that is and find a way to help them enjoy something here at PCMS, we believe it will help them enjoy everything else a little bit more
    9. Student Agendas – we created our 2017-18 agenda from the ground up with our students, staff, parents, and our purpose of improving in mind

    Here’s to a great school year together, as one PCMS family. Whether it’s your first year here, or your final child to come through, welcome to the Park Crest family!

    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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  • Don't Miss Next Week's Events at PCMS

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas at 8/11/2017

    Greetings Pumas,

    Happy Friday! This week we had the opportunity to register a ton of new pumas, as many families have moved into our attendance zone. In talking to a few of the families, I was so humbled to hear them tell us that they were excited to find a home in this area because they have heard what a great school Park Crest is. It brings a smile to my face to hear that our reputation of being a Gold Medal campus – the best of the best, has spread beyond just our community. My goal is that Park Crest is undeniably known as the campus that every student, parent, and staff member wants to be at. I want our campus to be “the place to be” in the district and in the state. Thanks for helping to make that goal a reality. I also want to thank you for all of the positive things you say about Park Crest, it really makes a difference and has brought us many new families who care as much about their kiddos and their school as we all do.

    In addition to welcoming new students, today was our new teacher/staff orientation. Although we hate to see any of our amazing staff members from last year leave us, we are excited for their new opportunities. With that, we have brought on some amazing new teammates. I honestly could not be more excited about the talented and caring adults we are adding to our PCMS family. We have somehow found a way to grow our team even stronger as we move into the 2017-18 school year.

    Next week, we welcome the rest of our students and staff back to campus. Tuesday, August 15th is an important day for all students. Please make sure you have marked your calendar. In case you missed it, here is what we have going on:

    6th Grade Camp:

    First, 6th grade camp takes place in the morning from 8:30-11:00am. 6th grade parents, please make sure you have signed your child up, they are not going to want to miss this exciting and informative day. With over 300 sixth graders next year, we want to make sure all of our newest Pumas are informed and prepared for their new adventure. You may register your student in our front office.

    6th Grade Schedule Verification Pick up:

    6th grade parents, when you drop of your child for 6th grade camp on Tuesday, we will be allowing you to pick up your child’s schedule verification sheet. This sheet will list all of the classes your child is registered for so we can make sure we got them all right prior to the start of school.  In order to do so, you must bring a COPY of proof of residency and complete a registration packet. Please see below for information on how to get through the lines quicker with our “FAST PASS”.

    7th & 8th Grade Schedule Verification Pick Up:

    Later that evening we will be having our 7th and 8th grade schedule verification pick up between 4:30 – 7:00pm. In order to do so you must complete a registration packet. Only 7th and 8th grade families that have moved will need to provide a copy of proof of residency. We will also require 7th graders to have a copy of their shot records on file in order to pick up their schedule. Please see below for information on how to get through the lines quicker with our “FAST PASS”.

    Schedule Verification Pick up FAST PASS:

    8-11-17 pic 1

    Do you hate long lines? So do I! Unfortunately, schedule verification pick up is typically known for being a long process. Not anymore. We want to help you get what you need quickly and easily. Similarly, to how amusement parks now offer guests fast passes to skip the line, we want to allow you the same opportunity by having your necessary items copied and prepared before you arrive. Here is how it works:

    1. Copies of proof of residency – if you are a 6th grade parent please bring a copy (not the original) with you to turn in when you come. If you would like us to make a copy, you can come into our front office on Monday and we will happily make you a copy in advance, at no charge so you are ready to go. If you are not able to do this, we will happily make a copy for you during pick up, but please be prepared for a slight wait as we only have a limited number of copiers on campus. Here is what is allowed to serve as proof of residency: LINK TO PROOF OR RESIDENCY INFORMATION.

     8-11-17 pic 2

    1. Know the forms: The registration is full of important forms to help us support your child. Here is a brief PowerPoint we created to help you see and understand the forms prior to arriving. This will help speed up the process. Click this link for more info: REGISTRATION FORMS EXPLANATION

    Ultimately, our goal is to make this an enjoyable experience for you while still receiving the required documents to ensure your child is properly registered for school. Please call or come in to our front office if you have any questions.

    The arrival of these annual events have triggered the start of the countdown to the first day of school; Monday, August 28th. There are only ten weekdays between now and the start! Although we still have lots to do between now and then, we are ready for another great year.

    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”


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  • 1st PCMS Principal's Blog of 2017-18!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas at 8/4/2017

    Greetings Pumas,

    Happy Friday! I cannot tell you how excited we are to be back, and to be planning for another amazing school year here at Park Crest Middle School! Although our teachers have not quite returned yet, our front office staff, and administrators are hard at work.

    Being that this is the first official blog posting of the 2017-18 school year, I want to take a moment to reorient you to the format. Each Friday I will send out a link along with the highlights for easy access and viewing. Please notice that each blog is packed with up-to-date information about students, staff, and the campus, as well as reminders of upcoming events. I will separate each topic with titles so you can easily navigate the content, or skim through what’s important to you. I also try to fill the blog with pictures and links to help transport you into our world here at PCMS. This blog is for you, the parents and community, and I want it to be a helpful resource. Thus, feedback is always welcome. Ultimately, I want to make sure you have all of the information you need to be part of this team, part of the experience, part of the fun, and part of the Park Crest family.

    Thank you in advance for tuning in each Friday and supporting our kids, our staff, and our campus, as we, together, create a Gold Medal Campus – the best of the best.

    Now, let’s get to it!

    I would like to welcome our newest teammate, Richa Muhammad who will be leading the 8th grade class. I can already tell she is going to be a great addition to our team. For more information from Ms. Muhammad, please click this link: RICHA MUHAMMAD

    8-4-17 pic 1

    Returning AP’s to PCMS are our amazing Pamela Scarbo (6th grade) and Clint Shuman (7th grade).

    Gold Medal Moments this Summer:

    AVID Summer Bridge: I am proud to report that PCMS had the largest number of students attend the PfISD AVID Summer Bridge Program, which serves as an opportunity to provide students support entering Pre AP classes and math acceleration. The program was so successful that it was recognized by the local news on “COOL at school”. Check it out at this link: AVID SUMMER BRIDGE

    8-4-17 pic 2

    Making PCMS Look and Feel Gold Medal: If you are like me and my family, it is really tough to keep the house clean and tidy. Imagine trying to keep a large campus that has nearly 100 staff members and over 900 students looking good. Well, check out how great PCMS looks thanks to the work of our Gold Medal custodial staff. I have never seen these floors so shiny!

    8-4-17 pic 3

    Please help me thank and recognize our amazing staff who keep Park Crest looking great:

    8-4-17 pic 4 8-4-17 pic 5

    Cheerleaders Representing PCMS Well: Every summer, our cheerleaders and their sponsors travel to Cheer Camp. This is a time for our squad to bond, practice, learn, and show off their skills and spirit. I could not be more proud of our 2017-18 sponsors, Mrs. McMullen (formerly Ms. Wade) and Ms. Flores along with this years team. They brought home 1st place in cheer routine and 2nd place for the extrame dance (and stunting) routine. Below you will also notice the large banana which was awarded for having the most spirit. I can already tell this team is going to even further enhance the school pride at PCMS!

    8-4-17 pic 6

    Assistant Principal of the YEAR: The Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (TASSP) is a highly renowned organization that provides support and growth for Texas administrators. Each year TASSP selects outstanding principals and assistant principals based upon exemplary performance and outstanding leadership in secondary education. This year’s Region 13 Middle School Assistant Princpal of the Year went to our very own Clint Shuman. We could not be more proud and honored to have such an outstanding leader on our campus and in our district.

    8-4-17 pic 7

    Same Focus, Fresh New Look: We are rolling into the 2017-18 school year with the exact same mission and vision as last year; we are going to be a Gold Medal Campus; the best of the best, by striving to keep improving, always, in all ways. Check out our continuous reminder throughout the main hall:

    8-4-17 pic 8

    6th Grade Parents:

    Have you signed your kiddo up for 6th grade camp? If not, here is a copy of the form: 6th GRADE CAMP FORM This is a half day event your child will not want to miss. We are accepting forms Monday through Friday in the main office from 8am – 3:00pm. Please see below for more information:

    8-4-17 pic 9

    7th Grade Parents:

    Nurse Christine has been busy emailing the parents of our rising 7th graders who do not have immunization records on file. If you have received one of those emails, please make sure you get those shots taken care of asap and bring us a copy of the records. Students entering the 7th grade are not permitted to even start school without them. I would hate for your kiddo to miss out on any instruction due to this. If you are unsure or have any questions, please feel free to email Nurse Christine at christine.loerwald@pfisd.net

    High School Parents:

    Let me start by saying, we sure are going to miss you and your kiddos. On behalf of all of us at PCMS, we wish you the best of luck on your high school journey. As a former High School AP, I can assure you it will be a great expereince. If you have not yet signed your child up for 9th grade orientation, I strongly recommend that you do. Here is a link to each of the high schools orientation information:

    No longer interested in getting these PCMS blog postings? No hard feelings. Here is a link to remove yourself from our email chain: UNSUBSCRIBE. Please know however, that you are more than welcome to continue staying tuned through the blog. Once a Puma, always a Puma.

    8th Grade Parents:

    Don’t worry 8th grade parents, I havent forgotten about you, there will be plenty of 8th grade specific info to come this year, but for now, just enjoy every moment of your child’s final year in middle school. :)

    PfISD Back to School General Info:

    Pflugerville ISD has put together a great link to general information and frequently asked questions. Please check out this link from the districts webpage for information: BACK TO SCHOOL INFO

    8-4-17 pic 10

    New Student Registration:

    Do you have a neighbor or friend who has moved into the PCMS boundary? Help spread the word that new student registration will be held during the times below. Here is a link to more information including the necessary forms: NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION

    8-4-17 pic 11

    Schedule Verification Pickup:

    Similar to last year, we will be providing students with a list of the classes they have registered for during schedule verification pick up. The actual schedule (sequence, teacher, etc.) will not be available until the first day of school. Here is a link to more information: SCHEDULE VERIFICATION PICK UP

     8-4-17 pic 11

    Reminder, Summer Reading:

    If you child has registered for a Pre AP English class, I want to take some time to remind you of their summer reading requirement. Please check out this link for a reminder of what books may be chosen: SUMMER READING LIST

    The 1st Day of School:

    The first day of school is Monday, August 28th. School begins at 8:05, but we open the doors as early as 7:40am. On that morning, all faculty and staff will be available around campus helping students find their way around. It is a slightly adjusted schedule on day one to allow for students to be given their official schedules. More information on that schedule, and where your particular child will report to will be available in the near future. Our main goals on the first day of school are to ensure all students have a smooth transition from summer, find their way to each class, have plenty of time to eat lunch, and make it back home to you safe and sound. Ultimatley, we want to ensure it is as stress free as possible for our kiddos.

    School Supplies:

    Our 2017-18 school supply list is available on line through this link: PCMS SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST

    Boys Athletics:

    Equipment pick up for football will be on Tuesday, August 15th. 8th grade is from 4:30-5:30pm. 7th grade is from 5:30-6:30pm. Please remember that ALL athletes must bring a physician approved UIL Physical to receive their equipment. If you have any questions, please email our Boys Athletics Coordinator, Coach Lauve at robert.lauve@pfisd.net

    Free School Supplies:

    Through the support of district staff members and partnerships in the community, I would like to share an opportunity for free school supplies to families in need. You must register by this Saturday, August 5th using information on this link:COMMUNITY SCHOOL SUPPLIES FLYER

    Get Connected:

    Being connected to your child’s school is not just an elementary thing. Keep informed and up to date through this blog, our website, our Facebook, and the information on this cheat sheet below:

    8-4-17 pic 13

    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”

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  • 3 Quick Things from PCMS!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas at 6/15/2017 1:00:00 PM

    Greetings Pumas,

    Happy Thursday! I hope you are enjoying your summer. I have to say, it is nice to slow down for a bit after such a busy, and successful year at PCMS, but I sure do miss you all and your outstanding kiddos!

    I wanted to reach out to you for three quick things:

    1. End of Year Videos
    2. STAAR Scores
    3. Same Hall, New Look

    1. End of Year Videos:

    Our amazing Ms. Layman put together some fantastic videos to encapsulate a successful 2016-17 school year at PCMS. One of the highest measures of success for a school is the number of smiles and memorable moments we share with our students and families. These videos will illustrate just that. Please visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PFPCMS/  to check out both videos (End of Year 8th grade video & Park Crest Go for Gold video).

    2. STAAR Scores:

    I also want to let you know that our STAAR scores have officially arrived electronically. After a quick review of the results, we are so proud of the yearlong commitment to keep improving, always, in all ways of our teachers and students. This truly was a Gold Medal performance by our students, and is evidence that our hard work and commitment has paid off.

    In the past, the scores were sent home with the students before the school year ended.  However, the new system has the scores arriving long after the students are away for their summer vacation. We will be sending home Confidential Student Reports in the future when they arrive at campus.

    In the meantime, scores for your child’s STAAR test will soon be available and can be found by logging into the TEA student portal. 

    ***An easy to use guide has been posted to the Park Crest Website which can be found on our homepage, or by clicking this link: HOW TO VIEW YOUR CHILDS STAAR SCORES

     Other Helpful Documents:

    FOCUS Parent Portal User Guide: http://www.pfisd.net/cms/lib/TX01001527/Centricity/Domain/98/PFISD%20Parent%20Portal%20FAQ.pdf

    The Texas Assessment Student Portal Login Assistance: http://www.pfisd.net/cms/lib/TX01001527/Centricity/Domain/1579/TASP%20Instructions%20for%20Focus.pdf

    Annotated Sample STAAR Report Card: http://tea.texas.gov/Student_Testing_and_Accountability/Testing/CSR/Annotated_STAAR_Report_Card/

    3. Same Hall, New Look:

    In addition to our campus mural of the PCMS Crest located in our main office, we have added our mission to the halls. If we continue to keep improving, always, in all ways, there is no limit to what our students and our campus can achieve!

     6-15-17 hallway picture

    I hope that you continue to have a great summer.

    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School


    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”


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