• About the Budget & Compensation Committee

    The Budget and Compensation Committee (BCC) is charged with the following roles and responsibilities:
    • Serve in an advisory capacity to the district leadership team
    • Engage in productive dialogue
    • Remain objective and maintain a district level perspective
    • Explore possibilities
    • Communicate BCC work and outcomes to colleagues
    • Collaborate with campus principal to communicate effectively with the campus
    • Gather input from colleagues 

    Budget & Compensation Committee Meeting

    • March 2, 2015
    • March 30, 2015

    Budget & Compensation Committee Representatives

    Campus Name
    Barron Elementary Lyndsey Olivarez
    Brookhollow Elementry Max Cox
    C & I Chico Portillo
    C & I Tonia Miller
    Caldwell Elementary Colby Self
    Cele Middle School Sarah Gregory
    Community Relations Tamra Spence
    Connally High School Richard Horn
    Copperfield Elementary Georgie Arenaz
    Dearing Elementary Donna LeJeune
    Delco Primary Stephen Coover
    Dessau Elementary Jessie Avalos
    Dessau Middle School Jane Vigliotti
    Finance Lisa Campbell
    Hendrickson High School Zach Kleypas
    Highland Park Elementary Jennifer Banales
    HR Renee Maule
    Kelly Lane Middle School Jason Soileau
    Murchison Elementary Kameron Carroll
    Northwest Elementary Holly Whichard
    PACE Sue Bryant
    Park Crest Middle School Kimberly LaMarre
    Pflugerville Elementary Margaret Triebes
    Pflugerville High School Cindy Russell
    Pflugerville Middle School Aaron Smithers
    Provan Christina Kincaid
    Riojas Elementary Reagan Portillo
    River Oaks Elementary Maritza Lujan
    Rowe Lane Elementary April Nilson
    Special Education Deborah Reeder
    Spring Hill Elementary Elia Cervantes
    Support Services Gary Schulte
    Technology Brittany Moyers
    Timmerman Elementary Candy Mathews
    Westview Middle Jason Hillman
    Wieland Elementary Cheryl Chittenden
    Windermere Elementary Kimberly Sanders
    Windermere Primary Johnna Gregory
    Parmer Lane Elementary Natalie Mikus