•  Admission Readiness
    The Admission Readiness Pillar seeks to ensure that all PfISD students are prepared to enter the postsecondary training or career of their choice. To support student success in college entrance exams, we administer the PSAT 8/9, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, and ACT during the school day. We also administer TSI and ASVAB to students needing these test options. Our goal is to support academic planning by using data from this array of assessments to help each student make informed decisions on pathways of testing best supporting their future plans. Each high school in PfISD has a College and Career Center, staffed by a College and Career Advisor, to assist all students in college and career discovery as well as application procesess that connect them to their future dreams.
    • Get and keep your grade point average and class rank as high as possible.
    • Take the most rigorous level of courses matched to your future planning.
    • Take  PSAT seriously and use My College QuickStart to help prepare for the SAT and ACT.
    • See your counselor to register for the SAT or ACT and for test prep opportunities.
    • Get to know the College and Career Advisor at your high school's College and Career Center. Help is available!