• Universal Screeners 

    PfISD teachers have access to a variety of research based assessment tools to use with students for progress monitoring and intervention.  For grades K-9, PfISD uses the STAR 360 universal screener to screen students for math and reading proficiency.  Students who are flagged as needing tier 3 support (urgent intervention) may need additional assessments. PfISD teachers have access to other assessment tools such as DIBELS, DRA, EDL, Tejas Lee, and AIMSweb to gain additional data on these students.  See PfISD Response to Intervention (RtI) Process Overview.


    Screnners used in Pflugerville ISD.

    Universal Screeners for Monolingual Classrooms

    Universal Screeners for Dual Language Classrooms


    What are STAR 360 Assessments?  Video Link

    STAR 360 is comprised of STAR 360 Reading, STAR 360 Math, and STAR Early Literacy. This system of assessments informs data-based decisions and supports instructional frameworks such as Response to Intervention (RtI) and three tier system of supports. Moreover, STAR 360 Assessments are accurate, reliable, and valid. They are highly rated for screening by the National Center on Response to Intervention and for progress monitoring by the National Center on Intensive Intervention.

    STAR 360 Assessments provide a wealth of actionable data. Information from STAR 360 helps you see which students are gaining ground or falling behind, which students are on track for success on the Texas state STAAR/EOC, where to focus instruction, who may require intervention, and whether your curriculum and interventions are making a difference.

    How the test works

    STAR 360 Assessments (STAR 360 Reading, STAR 360 Math, and STAR Early Literacy) are online computer-adaptive tests. Instead of grade-level test forms, STAR 360 tailors items to a student’s responses to quickly zero in on the student’s achievement level and arrive at a grade level proficiency.


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