• Happy December @ PCMS!

    Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 12/6/2019

    Greetings Pumas,

    Happy Friday!

    Good Things at PCMS:

    Every day, in every class, students and teachers build relationships and get to know one another through the ritual of sharing “good things”. It sets a positive tone for the class and builds community in the classroom. In line with that practice, I would like to share some good news of my own.

    On Monday, November 25th, as we enjoyed our Thanksgiving Break, my son, Easton Kleypas was born! Coming in a 7lbs 3oz and nearly 21 inches long, he is happy and healthy. Mom, my amazing wife Kayla is doing great as well! My other kiddos, Maddie (10) and Jaxson (22 months) are incredibly excited to have our new addition as well.

    12-6-19 pic 1.jpg

    Great Read, Worth the Time:

    We have been granted access to the monthly parent newsletter from Region 16. It is jam packed with important information that I hope you will take some time to read through. Things that new parents and experienced parents need to hear. I will try and share each month with you as it becomes available to me. Here is more information:

    The December newsletter (Volume 16, 2nd Quarter), The Parental & Family Engagement CONNECTION, is available in English, Spanish, German, Korean, and Vietnamese.   https://www.esc16.net/page/title1swi.3_newsletter%20-%20Copy

    This edition of the newsletter includes articles about Parent-Teacher Conferences, Homework Help, protecting Children from Human Trafficking, Volunteering, and Teen Discipline.

    Puma Pride Breakfast #2:

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    We hosted our 2nd of four Puma Pride Breakfasts of the 2019-20 school year. As a reminder, this is an event that rewards students selected based on the six student character traits located in the grey center ring of our PCMS Crest. It is SO important to us to not only teach our students to be good at their academics, athletics, and extra-curricular, but also to be good people. Congratulations to our 80+ recipients and their families!

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    A Word from the PTO:

    Hello Puma Parents,

    We are trying to host a holiday lunch on Dec. 20 for our teachers. Sign up genius is below. PTO will be purchasing the protein and baked potatoes. We will need funds in order to accomplish this event. Please donate money by using our apple square account (Any size donation will help):

    Here is a link to sign up to donate items needed for the luncheon:

    Thank you,
    Diana Silva

    2020-2021 Pflugerville ISD Calendar:

    The board has approved the 2020-2021 school calendar, so I wanted to make it available to you right away! It is so important to your child’s success that you plan vacation, trips, appointments, etc. around the calendar to minimize missing school. Time out of the classroom is time without learning. Here is the link to the calendar: http://www.pfisd.net/cms/lib/TX01001527/Centricity/Domain/1882/2020-21CalenDraftVa.pdf

    Gold Medal One Act Play:

    Our One Act Play competed just before the break and did a fantastic job! Special congrats to our kiddos who won best actress, the techie award, and honorable mention all-star cast. I am so proud of the hard work and LONG hours of this cast, crew, and their fearless leader Ms. Perez.

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    Safety Reminders:

    I want to take a moment as we enter the middle of year, to remind everyone of a few safety expectations from the start of the year:

    • Parking Lot Drop Off & Pick Up:

    Thank you in advance for helping make our morning drop off and pick up safe for everyone. I HIGHLY recommend you use the back parking lot for drop off and pick up as it moves much quicker and is not impacted by buses. If you do choose to use the front loop, please stay within the car lane (shown below) and not in the bus lane. Otherwise, you will politely be asked to move to ensure the buses stay on schedule. Also, the middle lane in the front is for individuals parking, not dropping off. Please use the outside loop if you are dropping off, this helps us get your kiddos as close as possible to the building so they are not being let out and crossing in front of cars. Finally, please remind your kiddos to use the cross walks when dropping off and picking up so our staff and I can help get them across the streets in a safe manner (images below):

    12-6-19 pic 5.png

    • Bike Riders and Walkers:

    If your child is a bike rider or a walker please help us emphasize the importance of using our cross walks and looking both ways as they cross the roads. We want ALL of our drivers to be cautious around campus, but ultimately we want our students to be cautious as well. As bike riders, we ask everyone to walk beside their bike until they get off the school grounds. This is so bike riders do not wiz by walkers or accidently knock anyone into the traffic on our narrow side walk. Thanks in advance for having these conversations.

    Speaking of bikes, we are having more bike racks installed due to an influx of riders. It is awesome that we have so many kiddos riding to school, but please encourage them to lock their bikes up on the rack each day. Leaving anything valuable out in the open and unlocked is not a good idea, even at a great school like Park Crest.

    Cold Weather Concerns:

    Texas weather is impossible to predict, however I do know that sometime in the future it is going to get cold, again. Please encourage your child to dress appropriately for the weather. I cannot tell you how many kiddos come in on freezing cold days in shorts and no jackets. Although they don’t expect to be outside, you just never know. Along those same lines, please have your child leave their blankets at home. That may sound like a strange request, but every year we have kids try and bring blankets to school and walk the halls with them wrapped around them. Although they are super comfy and effective, they are a huge distraction to learning. Lastly, please help us remind students to take their hoody, hat, or beanie off when they enter the building. I encourage them to bundle up outside, but we keep the building plenty warm, and these need to come down when they enter. We, like many schools spend an unnecessary amount of time politely asking students to take down their hoodies. Ultimately, it simply comes down to a safety/identification issue with hoodies and hats on inside. Thank you!

    Extra-Curricular Review:

    Girls Basketball: The girls took on Kelly Lane this week, and although they played hard, the teams did not come up with wins this time around.

    Boys Basketball: The 7th and 8th grade A teams lose close games, while the 7th and 8th grade B teams won close games.

    Next Week’s Preview:

    12-6-19 pic 6.png

    Kahoot Night:

    Monday night, our doors open at 5:45pm and the event starts at 6:00 pm in the PCMS cafeteria. This is a family friendly event you DO NOT want to miss. It is fun, heart pounding family fun. The event is an opportunity to test your skills individually or as a team to see “are you smarter than a middle school students.” You will compete in a friendly version of Kahoot to answer questions that come from different content areas from our very own classrooms at Park Crest throughout the year. No experience with Kahoot is necessary. Please bring a device, or we will have some available for checkout. This event is hosted by AVID and everyone is more than welcome to join the fun!

    12-6-19 pic 7.jpg

    Band Winter Concert: join us Tuesday night for our winter band concert in the PCMS gym at 6:30. Various bands start at different times, so please look for communication from Mr. Barnes and the band program for the specific time of your child’s band. Please arrive a few minutes early/on time because the stands fill up QUICK for this awesome event.

    Zaxby’s Spirit Night: Forget cooking dinner Wednesday evening. Stop by our local Zaxby’s and support our Park Crest PTO!

    Basketball: Our teams take on Cele this week on Wednesday with our 8th grade teams at home and 7th grade will travel to Cele. Girls play on Wednesday and the boys play on Thursday.

    Choir Winter Concert: Our winter choir concert will take place on Friday night at HENDRICKSON HIGH SCHOOL performing arts center. The event starts at 6:30pm. I hope to see you there!


    Most sincerely,

    Zack Kleypas
    Park Crest Middle School
    Who are we? We. Are. Pumas!

    “Keep improving, always, in all ways.”


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