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District hosts middle school academic meet

Dec. 20, 2018 

The annual Pflugerville ISD Middle School UIL Invitational took place Dec. 15 at Pflugerville Middle School.  

The event consists of competition at the sixth- and combined seventh- and eighth-grade level among each of the school district’s middle schools.

Categories include calculator applications, chess puzzle, editorial writing, impromptu speaking, listening, oral reading, oratory, ready writing, science, spelling and social studies.

Sweepstakes trophies were presented to campuses earning the most points in both levels listed above. Park Crest Middle School was named sweepstakes winner at the seventh/eighth-grade level, while Pflugerville Middle was named sixth-grade sweepstakes champion.

Below is a list of contest individual winners in both divisions. We’d like to thank each of our middle school scholars for their time and efforts preparing and participating in the event.

  • Calculator Applications: Matthew Gomez (Pflugerville Middle, sixth-grade); Colin Martinez (Kelly Lane, seventh/eighth-grade)
  • Chess Puzzle: Eddie Tydings (Kelly Lane, sixth-grade); Cyan Brown (Kelly Lane, seventh/eighth-grade)
  • Editorial Writing: Zita-Louise Conradie (Westview, sixth-grade); Ethan Nguyen (Park Crest, seventh/eighth-grade)
  • Impromptu Speaking: Derek Beck (Pflugerville Middle, sixth-grade); Venus Dinari (Dessau Middle, seventh/eighth-grade)
  • Listening: Amaya Gayton (Pflugerville Middle, sixth-grade); Alexa Cilindro (Cele, seventh/eighth-grade)
  • Maps, Graphs and Charts: Jimena Suarez (Cele, sixth-grade); Hunter Shaw (Cele, seventh/eighth-grade)
  • Mathematics: Isaac Hansen (Pflugerville Middle, sixth-grade); William Brooks (Pflugerville Middle, seventh/eighth-grade)
  • Modern Oratory: Stephen Hudspeth (Kelly Lane, sixth-grade); Aurawyn Brunner (Kelly Lane, seventh/eighth-grade)
  • Number Sense:  Benjamin Nguyen (Westview, sixth-grade); William Brooks (Pflugerville Middle, seventh/eighth-grade)
  • Oral Reading: Cylee Cumento (Park Crest, sixth-grade); Venus Dinari (Dessau Middle, seventh/eighth-grade)
  • Ready Writing: Zita-Louise Conradie (Westview, sixth-grade); Angelina Cao (Park Crest, seventh/eighth-grade)
  • Science I: Nicholas Swanson (Park Crest, seventh-grade)
  • Science II: Olivia Janneck (Park Crest, eighth-grade)
  • Social Studies: Kenneth Kalu (Pflugerville Middle, seventh/eighth-grade)
  • Spelling: Arianne Icaro (Pflugerville Middle, seventh/eighth-grade)