Texas Roofing and Mitchell honored by Career and Technical Association of Texas

Aug. 14, 2019

Renae Mitchell   Texas Roofing   Pflugerville ISD business partner Texas Roofing and PfISD Board Member Renae Mitchell were honored July 18 at the Career and Technical Association of Texas awards luncheon in Houston.
PfISD Career and Technical Education nominated Texas Roofing for the association’s Business-Education Partnership award, and Trustee Mitchell for the Champion for CTE award.
Texas Roofing has supported the Geometry in Construction program at Hendrickson High School with donated materials, tools and guidance on how to install metal roofing on the many projects we have completed.
Mitchell was elected to the Pflugerville Board of Trustees in 2016 and is starting her second term following a successful reelection in May 2019. Her focus includes targeted efforts to assist students who perform below grade level.
She supports district CTE programs through participation in celebratory events, active engagement on the CTE Redesign Committee and is a CTE advocate in the community. As a member of the Pflugerville Economic Development Steering Committee she actively promotes CTE programming and works to build connections with regional business/industry partners.