If Walls Could Talk @ PCMS

Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 9/15/2017

Greetings Pumas,

Happy Friday!

If Walls Could Talk:

Much like in commercial advertising, walls, billboards, banners, etc. are a great way to advertise messages we want others to see. At Park Crest, we use our walls to remind our students of our message that they are all a crucial piece of the puzzle that makes Park Crest a Gold Medal Campus – the best of the best. The puzzle pieces have been signed by students, staff, parents and relatives at Open House, and other visitors who play a huge role in our success.

There are still pieces to be added, and with new support and students coming throughout the year this project is not yet complete. You can see the final product by coming to campus during one of our many upcoming events and family nights, including book fair in October. Watching this puzzle grow will be part of the fun!

In addition to the names on the pieces you will notice from the photos below that we are teaching our kiddos to have a growth mindset. If you missed last weeks blog attachment regarding the Principal’s Message over Growth Mindset and the puzzle pieces, feel free to click this link: 2017 PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE

Another important piece of the puzzle are the many highly engaging classes and clubs we offer along with the systems and processes we have in place at PCMS to help ensure your child is successful. If we stick to our plan this year to “put the pieces together” and to get even better at the things we already do well, I have no doubt that this will be the best year yet at Park Crest Middle School!

Thank you again for sending us such amazing kiddos, being actively invovled, and supporting our campus as we keep improving, always, in all ways.

9-15-17 pic 1

9-15-17 pic 2

9-15-17 pic 3

9-15-17 pic 4

EPIC 2.0 Has Begun:

We have successfully completed our EPIC 1.0 presentations (campus-wide expectations) and are now operating with EPIC 2.0. What is the difference? During EPIC 1.0 students are assigned a classroom, similar to having a homeroom teacher. In EPIC 2.0 students will have the ability to choose which classroom they go to during this time to get help and support. That being said, our teachers are choosing students who they want during EPIC to provide additional instruction through intervention or enrichment. They request students by signging their agenda under the section labeled “EPIC”. Having your agenda signed is not a bad thing at all, in fact it means that a teacher wants more time with you. For more information on EPIC 2.0 please check out this presentation we delivered to our students: 2017-18 EPIC 2.0 PRESENTATION

Safe School Ambassadors:

This Thursday and Friday we sent a team of forty students and eight adults to be trained as Safe School Ambassadors. This is an extremely important part of our campus’ succcess and contributes to our friendly climate and culture. These students and adults are our leaders on campus to listen for issues that may be brewing, help model positive behaviors, and also to influence the culture in a positive way. I am excited about the work this team will do, much of which will never be known, but absolutely felt.

 9-15-17 pic 5

Attendance Matters:

With flu season quickly approaching it is so important that our kiddos practice good hygene habits. Most importantly, washing their hands. Another thing that kiddos can proactively do is to get a flu shot. I know I will be getting mine! PCMS offers flu shots to students through our school nurse on October 5th. The form to complete to register your child is located on our website or by using the link below. If a flu shot is something you are considering for your kiddo, there is no more convenient way than to get it done here at school. LINK TO FLU SHOT FORM

Since attendence is so important to our kiddos success, please help us remind them to wash their hands, get a good night sleep each night, and eat  three healthy meals each day. Having good hygene and taking care of our bodies will help in keeping us from getting sick and catching any germs.

9-15-17 pic 6

Catch the Spirit:

Speaking of catchings…. This is something your kiddos ARE going to want to catch. Check out these two new pieces of PCMS gear that are exclusively given out by our 2017-18 Cheer squad at athletic events. The new Spirit towel on the left and the Spirit shirt on the right are game day exclusives! We would love to see your kiddos supporting our fantastic teams at our events and to have an opportunity to “Catch the Puma Spirit”.

 9-15-17 pic 7

8th grade SSI brochures:

At the start of the week, PfISD sent home the 8th Grade SSI brochures through math classes to all 8th grade students. This brochure explains the importance of the 8th grade math and 8th grade reading STAAR tests at the end fo the year. Students in the 5th and 8th grade are expected to pass both of these two tests in order to be promoted to the next grade level. No worries, we at Park Crest work hard to make every day matter and prepare each child for success on these two exams. Students should visit their math and english teacher throughout the year in after school tutorials and EPIC 2.0 anytime they feel they need help. If you want to check out the brochure, please click this link for the electronic copy: 8th GRADE SSI BROCHURE

Athletics Recap:

This week our football kicked off with a scrimmage against Pflugerville Middle School. The boys looked great and are ready for games to begin next week. Scores were not kept this week as it was just a chance for our kiddos to practice their plays, safety, and teamwork.

The ladies took on Kelly Lane on Thursday and all teams played great, but fell to the Knights. I was at the 7th grade games and was super impressed with some long rallys and extra effort! Not to mention the great school spirit the teams showed while cheering on their teamates from the bleachers.

Hurricane Support Reminder:

Just a friendly reminder that we are collecting coins and cash during all lunches until the last day in Septmeber along with cans and non-perishable food items in 2nd period. Thank you so much for all of you who have sent in checks and money. Cash, coins, checks and items may be sent to school with your child or brought to the front office. Checks can be made out to Park Crest Middle School. We will be putting together a team of Pumas to deliver all donations to Sugar Grove Academy, the school we are supporting at the start of October.

Currently 6th grade has the Gold Medal for raising the most money. But who will finish first? Only time will tell.

9-15-17 pic 8

Next Week’s Preview:

9-15-17 pic 9

Picture Day:

Don’t forget that this Thursday is picture day. Students will be coming home with their order form envelopes early next week. Please make your selections and send those with your child on Thursday. If your kiddo misplaces or doesn’t get the order form to you by early next week, please feel free to swing by our front office for another copy.


Most sincerely,

Zack Kleypas
Park Crest Middle School

“Keep improving, always, in all ways.”