End of September at PCMS!

Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 9/29/2017

Greetings Pumas,

Happy Friday! This was another amazing week at Park Crest Middle School. Each week it becomes more and more evident that our kiddos are learning/remembering our campus expectations and our systems and processes are becoming smoother and smoother. We put in a lot of work this week to ensure our expectations were being met in the hallway, classrooms, and cafeteria. The key to our success at Park Crest is that everyone from the students to the teachers, to the support staff, to the principal understand and operate under all of the same expectations. It makes me proud to work at a campus where that is the case!

Parent’s Homework:

Parents, I have two tasks for you this weekend as homework. They are simple and quick, but will make a HUGE impact on your child’s success:

  1. Check FOCUS to view their grades. Here is the website for parent log in: https://focus.pfisd.net/focus/
  2. Check their PCMS Agenda for these things:
    • Are they utilizing the agenda pages?
    • What are they learning in class?
    • Do they have any homework?
    • Does the EPIC section have any signatures?
    • Do they have any upcoming tests?

9-29-17 pic 1

PCMS Experience:

I always like to share a little bit about what is happening in our classes. Although my role as campus principal includes a lot of different facets and looks a little different each day based on the needs of the campus, the part I enjoy the most is being around the kiddos and the learning. Below are just a few of the cool things I saw on campus this week:

In Ms. Perez’s computer science class students were designing and building a boat out of foil to see whose could hold the most pennies. They only got a single piece of foil and had to work together to make the best design. A few teams were able to craft a boat that held 15 pennies!              

 9-29-17 pic 2

In Advanced musical theatre students were learning the behind the scenes work of controlling the lights and sound for our musical productions. Below is an image of the lights board used to control the PCMS stage. Pretty impressive, especially considering a current student was leading the training!

 9-29-17 pic 3

In Project Lead the Way (Gateway) students were exploring technology where they learned about the process used to turn ideas into solutions. Below is a snippet I got that perfectly defines the process our young engineers and designers will be using to solve todays problems in our exciting new Project Lead the Way course with Mrs. Rivera or Mr. Martinez.

 9-29-17 pic 10

In the library, Mrs. LaMarre and some of our kiddos were exploring life under the sea with a pair of virtual reality glasses loaned to us by the district! Kids were having a blast as their heads swirled around as they visually traveled beneath the sea! One of our six Education Foundation grants is going towards the purchase of these virtual reality glasses so we will soon have a set for the campus!

 9-29-17 pic 5

There were so many great moments happening in classes all over the school just like this. Please take time each day to ask your kiddo about their experience and their favorite classes here at PCMS.

Athletics Recap:

This was a great week in athletics. 7th grade B team volleyball got a great win against the Cele Colts, and 7th grade B team brought back a win, while our 7th A team and two 8th grade B teams played very well. The Colts took home the victories this time around.

Boys athletics cannot be stopped, even by the pouring rain! It was a great week for boys athletics as all four teams; 7th A & B and 8th grade A &B were victories. The boys are all undefeated at 2-0 for the season.

 9-29-17 pic 6

Next Week’s Preview:

9-29-17 pic 7

Monday @ Chick-fil-a:

Do not forget to swing by Chick-fil-A in Stone Hill THIS MONDAY for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to support the PCMS PTO and our campus. Don’t forget to simply say that you are there to support PCMS and to save the receipt. Thanks in advance for supporting PCMS, I know I cannot wait for my Chicken Mini’s for breakfast, Spicy Chicken Sandwich for lunch, and Nuggets for dinner.

9-29-17 pic 8

Festival of Bands:

This is a fun night where the middle school bands of PfISD are able to showcase their skills. I hope to see you at the Pfield for this annual event!

9-29-17 pic 9

Meeting with the Principal:

Want to learn more about the processes and systems in place at PCMS? Want to know more about our campus data and how our kiddos perform? Come join us for our Campus Academic Advisory Committee (CAAC) Meeting in the PCMS Library from 6:00 – 7:00pm on Wednesday, October 4th.


Most sincerely,

Zack Kleypas
Park Crest Middle School

“Keep improving, always, in all ways.”