Red Ribbon Week at PCMS!

Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 10/27/2017

Greetings Pumas,

Happy Friday! What an amazing week this has been. In talking to many of our students, this was the best week of the year thus far. Hard to top a week that consists of Red Ribbon Week, a pep rally, and an early release day all in one week. Not to mention tonight is the Fall Dance! I hope to see your kiddos later this evening.

PCMS Experience:

As I have mentioned before, and will mention again, here at PCMS we understand that “If you have a child’s heart… you have a child’s mind” – Flip Flippen. That quote comes from one of Park Crest’s main focuses in putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and that is our focus on Capturing Kids Hearts (CKH). This week I got to attend an amazing professional development through CKH called Process Champions alongside ten of our teacher leaders. This professional development was geared around helping us even further hone the things we intentionally do on campus to build relationships. My teachers and I came back so fired up and inspired. I am sure you and your children will see the impact in the short and long term.

Along those same lines of building relationships, sometimes it is good to balance the high expectations and consistent focus on student achievement with simply having fun and being a bit silly. This week our kiddos got to enjoy many spirited days thanks to Red Ribbon Week. Wednesday was definitely one of the favorite days as students filled the school in their cute and cuddly onesies. I saw Winnie the Pooh, Mario, Pikachu, Lilo and Stitch, Dragons, Teddy Bears, Wonder Women, and much more. Check out these pictures of our spirited participants.

10-27-17 pic1.png 10-27-17 pic2.png 10-27-17 pic3.png

Today, Friday, was crazy sock day for our students, but our staff had a little surprise up our sleeve! To show that we have the ability to be a bit silly too we secretly arrived at school in our “educationally focused costumes” in preparation for tonight’s Fall Dance. Check out a couple of our fun pictures and see if you can guess which PCMS Staff member they are:

10-27-17 pic4.png

Now, I know I might have a reputation of being a bit formal with my daily suit and tie attire, but I also know how to have a bit of fun myself. I surprised not only the kiddos but also the staff in my “Student’s First” costume today. We pride ourselves in making decisions about the campus, based first on the needs of our students. That is evident every single day on campus. In that spirit, I dressed, as best as I could, as a Proud PCMS Student. It took some of our kiddos until about 3rd period to realize it was me:

10-27-17 pic5.png

Pep Rally:

We had an awesome first pep rally of the school year. The school morale after an event like this is always at an all-time high. Students filled the gym to watch the cheerleaders perform, the band play, and support our football and volleyball athletes. Wish you could have been there to see it? Well you can by checking out this awesome 360 picture of the event: PCMS PEP RALLY!

Also worth noting is that a long standing tradition during our pep rallies is the earning of the Spirit Stick. The spirit stick goes to the loudest and proudest grade level who can scream, shout, and holler in support of our athletes. Historically, it has been an award that is consistently claimed by our 6th graders. This year was no exception. Those 6th graders can scream to a frightening, but fun level. Check out this picture of some of the proud 6th graders as they hoist the Spirit Stick in the air in worthy celebration.

10-27-17 pic16.png

All-Region Choir:

I am so proud of our 13 Pumas who auditioned in this year’s regional choir. Check out this special congratulatory message we received because of the outstanding 13 Pumas who represented PCMS, and their Gold Medal performance:

“I want to complement Tyler Groft and the Park Crest Middle School choir students for their hard work! On Saturday, there were 13 students from your school auditioning with hundreds of other students from our region, which includes 23 school districts north and east of Austin. To prepare for this, the students spent the past couple of months learning 4 very challenging songs. On the day of the audition, students had to overcome their nerves to sing excerpts from two of those songs individually for a panel of 5 music professionals. The judges selected the top 30 students per voice part to be part of the All-Region Choir. The students who participated in this audition process went above and beyond, and they gained valuable, real-world experiences from it.

Congratulations to 4 students (listed below) from Park Crest Middle School who have earned a spot in the All-Region Choir! They will have the opportunity to work with a clinician and give a concert at the Klett Center for the Performing Arts in Georgetown on Saturday, November 4th at 4:30 p.m. You are invited to join us at this concert, which will be free and open to the public.”

8th Grade Women:

  • Harlow Hurley
  • McKenlee Wilson

7th Grade Women:

  • Anavelle Urbina
  • Caedran Yeidel

Gold Medal - Park Crest Cafeteria Staff:

Want to know why Park Crest is such an amazing campus? It is because no matter who you are or what you do at PCMS, everyone here cares about kiddos. But don’t just take it from me, check out this short video that was included in a recent Superintendent’s message, about Park Crest Middle Schools Cafeteria Manager, Melba Blakely:

While we are talking about the cafeteria, it is that time again for the annual Holiday canned food drive. Check out the flyer below for more info:

10-27-17 pic7.png.jpg

Character Education:

It is that time again, when students travel back to their EPIC 1.0 classrooms to learn about the student character trait of the month. This month’s trait is being a leader. We believe that a leader is an individual who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way. A leader can be anyone, anytime, who leads others positively by example and action. Park Crest’s success relies on leaders to help guide and encourage others to be the best they can be and follow the Park Crest expectations. To follow along with us in our lesson, please click this link: NOVEMBER EPIC 1.0 PRESENTATION

 10-27-17 pic8.png

PfISD Big Event Forms:

I am extremely excited to announce that we have begun the kickoff for the 4th annual PfiSD Big Event. The Big Event is a one-day community service project where students from PfISD go into the community with teacher leaders to perform various community service opportunities. Participation is open to all 6-12th grade students in PfISD. The only requirements are a completed participation form and passing grades in all classes at the end of the 2nd 9-weeks. The event will take place this year on Friday, March 2nd and I can assure you that your child will NOT want to miss this amazing opportunity. Last year over 3,000 students from PfISD went into the community and made a positive impact. Your child will be coming home today with a form to be signed. These forms can be returned to school as soon as Monday of next week. Please encourage your child to participate and get their form turned in asap. Here is a link to the PfISD Big Event page on the district website for more information:

10-27-17 pic9.png

Little Hawks Cheer Workshop:

Check out this fun Cheer workshop going on at HHS this weekend for any interested kiddos. Here is a link to registration details: CHEER WORKSHOP

10-27-17 pic10.png

Extra-Curricular Review:

Football took on the Kelly Lane Knights this week. The 7th grade travelled to KLMS and played hard, but came up short. However, the 8th graders showed why they are still undefeated this year with two big wins at home. Next week’s game against PMS is the last regular season game before we move into the “playoff” games.

Volleyball played on Thursday night against the Cele Colts. 8th lost in some close matches while both 7th grade teams were victorious. Their next competition will be on Saturday, Nov. 4th when the district middle school volleyball playoff tournament begins. The tournament runs from 9AM – 1PM. When we know official seeding and game times we will communicate that out.

Kickstart competed a few weekends ago and our kiddos as usual did amazing. I have just received the results for our Pumas and wanted to share them with you as a proud principal. You will also notice some names of some former Pumas who represented us well.

10-27-17 pic11.png

Next Week’s Preview:

10-27-17 pic12.png

Halloween, Tuesday Oct. 31st:

Although I hope that every kiddo who wants to trick-or-treat has a great Halloween evening, we are not allowing costumes here at Park Crest. Unfortunately, it simply causes too much of a distraction and becomes too much of a personal opinion on what might be considered appropriate in a school environment. For that reason, I politely ask that you save all outfits and festivities for after school. Thank you in advance.

Veterans Day Assembly:

Friday, Nov. 10th is our annual Veterans Day Assembly. We would like to officially invite all veterans and their families to join us for this spectacular event. Honored guests will be provided snacks, refreshments, and a light breakfast both before and after the event as well as priority seating. The event will include a guest keynote speaker and performances from our students. The assembly will run from approximately 8:45AM – 10:00AM.

Kahoot! Family Night:

Are you smarter than an average middle schooler? Come show off your skills with a fun Kahoot! (similar to trivia) night at Park Crest Middle School. Families and friends are welcome to come compete on a team or solo. This will be a fun night for everyone. Save the date now so you don’t miss out!

10-27-17 pic13.png

Most sincerely,

Zack Kleypas
Park Crest Middle School

“Keep improving, always, in all ways.”