Gold Medal Week at PCMS!

Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 11/10/2017

Greetings Pumas,

Happy Friday! This has to of been one of my favorite weeks thus far this year. Why you ask? Easy, because so many of our kiddos were able to have remarkable, memorable experiences here at Park Crest. Whether it was our Volleyball teams competing in the distirct playoffs, our theatre arts students traveling to the Renaissance festival and/or UIL, our band students competing for Regional spots, Academic Honor Roll Breakfast, and of course, our Veterans Day Assembly. We understand at Park Crest that grades and academics are extremely important, but there is nothing more important than the lessons and skills we teach kids everyday outside of the content in the classroom. I am so proud of our Pumas and their many Gold Medal accomplishments this week.

A Reminder from PTO:

Each year just before Thanksgiving the amazing PTO and parents of PCMS put together a beloved event for the staff at Park Crest. This is the annual Thanksgiving PTO Desserts for staff members. Each year each staff member is given the opportunity to select a dessert that was either bought or baked by the PCMS community.

 I just checked the sign-up sheet and there are still spots available and we would love your support. To sign up to participate and share a dessert with your child’s teacher please use the link below:

 Veterans Day Assembly:

I want to start by genuinely thanking all of our Veterans for your service to our contry. We are so fortunate to be able to come to work and school each and every day in a free and safe country. Today's ceremony, and tomorrow official Holiday, are for you.

As expected, this years event was AMAZING! The theme this year was "We Don't Know Them All, But We Owe Them All." Students, staff, and numerous honored guests were treated to two guest speakers and a series of student performances from our band and choir in honor of all of our countries veterans. Our guests speakers included Captain McFarland and Lieutenant Colonel Lane who were both extremely motivating and inspiring. Aside from our outstanding speakers, my favorite part again this year had to be the playing of Taps. Overall, this was such a powerful and moving assembly. Please ask your child about what they thought when they get home today. I cannot give enough thanks to our amazing Mrs. King who coordinates this entire event every year. We are so grateful to have her as part of the PCMS Family. I also want to thank our two amazing art teachers Mrs. Daniel and Mrs. Kempf for theier amazing backdrop they made just for this event. Please visit our PCMS facebook page for pictures of the event: PCMS FACEBOOK PAGE   Also, check out these pictures below:

 11-10-17 pic 1

Please use this link to read a little bit more about our guest speakers: VETERANS DAY ASSEMBLY SPEAKERS

11-10-17 pic 2.jpg

 Volleyball Playoffs:

On Saturday, our girls took the court for the PfISD middle school volleyball playoffs. This new format for ending the season was extremely exciting and gave the athletes a taste of what high school sports will be like. Although I spent the majority of my time watching our 8th graders play their last ever game as a Puma over at Weiss, I am proud of the work of all of our teams. Win or lose, every season is always a huge success because of the experiences that our kiddos learn through being part of a team. Not only that, but the pride I see in our students and in their parents, guardians, and accompanying fans makes me proud to be a part of the Park Crest family! 

I want to give a special thanks to our Gold Medal coaches; Vecchio, Munoz, Christian, and Girls Coordinator Coach Hinojos. As I am sure many of you know, these coaches put in countless hours to help our athletes be successful and be able to compete at a high level.

11-10-17 pic 3

Football Playoff Games:

Our football team concluded their season this week as well. Unlike volleyball, where they competed in a bracketed playoff, football was seeded into games based on their regular season record within their pool. Based on our successful season both 8th grade teams played in the championship games and our two 7th grade teams played in the 3rd place games. I am proud to announce that ALL four teams were successful in their season ending game. In fact, our two 8th grade teams brought home the coveted district championship trophy and will be receiving a banner to hang in our gym for all to see for many years. I am so proud of all of our athletes and their great season.

11-10-17 pic 4.jpg

Just like with our girl’s athletics coaches I want to give a special thank you to our boys coaches; Wilson, Prine, Elliot, and Coordinator Coach Lauve. You will not find a better group of committed middle school boys coaches anywhere.

I present you with the 2017-18 Pflugerville ISD 8th grade B team football District Champions!

 11-10-17 pic 5.jpg  

I present you with the 2017-18 Pflugerville ISD 8th grade A team football District Champions!

 11-10-17 pic 6.jpg

Theatre Arts Visits the Texas Renaissance Festival:

11-10-17 pic 7.png

On Tuesday Mrs. Kelly and her Theatre Arts students visited the Texas Renaissance Festival to be transported into an experience unlike many others. At the festival students were able to see individuals who were taking on a new persona through costumes, accents, and mannerisms. This experience is exactly like what they are expected to accomplish through theatre arts. What better way to learn how to transport their future audiences into a story, than to join one themselves!

REGIONAL Band Members:

After two rounds of fierce competition against students from Round Rock, Manor, Georgetown, Hutto, and Pflugerville, we are pleased to announce that 12 of our Puma Band members earned a chair in the Region 18 Region Band.  They will be performing on Saturday, December 16 at the Round Rock ISD Performing Arts Center.  Way to go, Puma Band!

 11-10-17 pic 8.jpg
Pictured (from right to left)

Back Row:

David Sanchez, 6th Chair Alto Saxophone, Concert Band Grace Parrott, 7th Chair Euphonium, Concert Band Mia Bachtel, 6th Chair Horn, Symphonic Band Genesis Moffett, 11th Chair Clarinet, Concert Band

Middle Row:

Madelyne Ziegler, 6th Chair Horn, Concert Band Daniella Vargas, 1st Chair Trombone, Concert Band Karely Garcia Hernandez, 11th Chair Trumpet, Concert Band Rachel Tran, 10th Chair Flute, Symphonic Band

Front Row:

Nathan Roque, 8th Chair Alto Saxophone, Concert Band Golden Nguyen, 7th Chair Clarinet, Concert Band Brianna Gunsch, 12th Chair Flute, Symphonic Band Naomi Roque, 8th Chair Clarinet, Concert Band

Academic Honor Roll:

This week wasn’t just about fun and games though. On Tuesday we honored our first nine weeks honor roll recipients. Any student who received all A’s or all A’s and just 1 B on their report card was recognized. As you can imagine, at a school like Park Crest who has high academic expectations for our students, this is no easy feat. That being said, we had over 20% of our students, or over 190 students recognized at the event! I hope that we can make this number grow each nine weeks! How can we do it? Continue to emphasize to students that every assignement in every class matters. Be proactive with studying and preparing for tests and visiting teachers for tutorials after school as much as necessary.

Big Game Tonight:

11-10-17 pic 9.png

If you can weather the cold, there is a huge rivalry game brewing tonight at the Pfield! The Hendrickson Hawks take on the Pflugerville Panthers. Since Park Crest splits after the 8th grade and students attend both of these schools, I expect to see a lot of Pumas in attendance. If you plan on attending, the Hendrickson side will be the “home” side of the stadium and the Pflugerville side with be the “away” side. Guests will NOT be able to change sides once they enter the stadium.

Teacher Recognition:

Park Crest teacher, Ms. Layman, was recently recognized in a national publication for her work with Explore America travels. This work has impacted many Pumas and we are so proud and thankful to have Ms. Layman as an advocate for student experiences in, and outside of school. Check out this blurb from their recent newsletter (disregard that those who are not from Pflugerville sometimes neglect the all-important Pf).

11-10-17 pic 10.png

Next 2-Week’s Preview:

11-10-17 pic 11.png

Kahoot! Family Night:

Our 1st annual Kahoot! Family night is quickly approaching. The event will be held in the PCMS cafeteria on Tuesday, November 14th from 6-8pm. Students, parents, and staff are invited to participate in a fun and interactive night of trivia! Questions will be based off of questions from students homework, notes, and tests from this school year. Come on out and compete as an individaul or a team to see if YOU are smarter than a middle schooler! The winning team/individual will recieve special recognition and a trophy!

 11-10-17 pic 12.png

The Rumble in the ‘Ville:

Due to incliment weather the game between the Pflugerville Falcons Special Olympics team and the Pflugerville Police Department was rescheduled to Wednesday, November 15th. I hope to see you there for this fun event!

11-10-17 pic 13.jpg


11-10-17 pic 14.jpg

I often hear from students and/or parents that it is okay to miss the day before or after a holiday because “not much is going on at school anyways...” Please know that this is a huge myth! The day before and after a holiday are crucial to two things:

  1. They are times when teachers and students conclude lessons and either wrap up or start up important information. Missing either of these times can put your child at an academic disadvantage.
  2. Attendance matters to our campus every single day. If we work so hard to get our kids here every day and have just one bad day, it can completely disrupt all of that hard work. Remember, the attendance of our campus affects our academic state accountability and how much money the state provides to our district and thus our kiddos.

Please make sure that your kiddos make it into school on those days.

Thanksgiving Break:

We have been granted an entire week for Thanksgiving break again this year, so please enjoy all of that time with family and friends. It is the perfect time for our kiddos and our staff to recharge and regroup. Please, please, please, take a moment between now and then to send an email to your child’s teacher(s) simply wishing them a happy holiday and thanking them for what they do each day for your child. Those kind notes are what keep our hard working teachers going day after day.

To you, as the parents, guardians, and supportive members of the community, I thank you for your yearlong support and for sending us such great kiddos each and every day. As I have said before, and I will continue to say throughout the year, YOU are an important piece of the puzzle to our success, and we understand that although we get to be with these kiddos for a long part of each day, they have a support team at home as well. Together, let’s continue to make this a Gold Medal- the best of the best- school year at Park Crest Middle School!


Most sincerely,

Zack Kleypas
Park Crest Middle School

“Keep improving, always, in all ways.”