Much To Be Thankful For at PCMS!

Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 11/17/2017

Greetings Pumas,

Happy Friday! This was an eventful week at Park Crest Middle School! As we prepare for a much deserved, and honestly much needed holiday break we have so much to be thankful for! On behalf of the faculty and staff I want to sincerely thank our PTO and the many parents who contributed to today’s Sweet Treat event. Each and every staff member was spoiled with a pie, cake, cookies, or other holiday treat to take home and enjoy this Thanksgiving. This means a lot and your support for my staff’s hard work does not go unnoticed. I appreciate you. I want to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and hope you are able to find time to relax and spend some quality family time together. Students and staff will enjoy an entire week off from school. We return on Monday, November 27th.

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One Pride. One Family:

Thanksgiving is a time to relex, watch football, EAT, reunite with family, but most importantly to give thanks for what we have. Along those lines, I want to share with you the culminating results of One Pride. One Family support efforts for Sugar Grove Academy in Houston who was affected by the hurricanes earlier this year. I want to give thanks for the contributions of our PCMS community and give a special thanks to the efforts of one of our generous staff members, Mr. Lindman and his family for their many contributions. Park Crest came together and raised over $1,250. That money was used to purchase what their campus leadership team had deemed most urgent which was new school clothes (uniforms) for their children. We were able to purchase 212 brand new uniforms for their students. We also sent an assortment of encouragement cards from our staff and students (see below).

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I wanted to highlight one of many that I found inspiring and enlightening. These kiddos never cease to amaze me.

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Sugar Grove will be receiving those new uniforms and our encouragement cards soon. We will also be sending this letter on behalf of the entire PCMS family: ONE PRIDE. ONE FAMILY LETTER. Thank you again for all of your support. This Thanksgiving Holiday we have a LOT to be thankful for in the PCMS community.

Family Kahoot! Night:

Our first annual Family Kahoot! Night, brought to you by our AVID program was a huge success. We had nearly 70 people in attendance which is pretty great for the first time. I hope you will ask a friend who was in attendance because I can promise you all 70 people had a great, and exciting time. The excitement and competitiveness in the room was very apparent! Special thanks to Coach Vecchio our amazing AVID coordinator and her team of AVID leaders who made this entire event possible. After the feedback we received this will definitely be an annual event.

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Kudos to our event winners (some participated individually while others in teams):

  • Round 1: PCMS Facts –Garret Ping
  • Round 2: Social Studies – Brendan O’Mara, Shelly O’Mara, Sean O’Mara and Brian O’Mara
  • Round 3: Math - Brendan O’Mara, Shelly O’Mara, Sean O’Mara and Brian O’Mara
  • Round 4: Science – Audrey Le
  • Round 5: ELA – Alexis Phan
  • Grand Champions!!! Brendan O’Mara, Shelly O’Mara, Sean O’Mara and Brian O’Mara

PCMS Art Contest Winner!

As many of you may know, we held our annual student art contest that concluded at the start of this month. The prize for the winning submission is to be featured on a Park Crest shirt, bag, or other item to be sold by PTO. I am proud to announce that we had a ton of great entries this year and the student votes came in close for this years winner. Congratulations to our winning submission which came from 6th grader Lexie Espinoza! Lexi’s art will be featured on an upcoming PCMS item that will be sold by our PTO. Keep an eye out for this awesome item!

 11-17-17 pic6.jpg.png

Also, congrats to our other great finalists who submitted very worthy drawings. Voting was held in lunch last week, and it was a close finish but #7 came up on top. We definitely have some pretty talented Pumas here at PCMS!

11-17-17 pic7.jpg.png 11-17-17 pic8.jpg.png 11-17-17 pic9.jpg.png 11-17-17 pic10.jpg.png

Extra-Curricular in Review:

Special Olympics:

Please help me in congratulating our Park Crest Pumas who participated in the Pflugerville Falcon Special Olympics. Below are the results of the area bowling competition that the following athletes competed in at the beginning of November:

  • Harrison Massey-Bronze Medal
  • Isaiah Salmon-Silver Medal
  • Marissa Critendon-Bronze Medal

Gold Medal Performances – UIL Academics:

The Park Crest UIL academics team quietly competed in the first UIL Academics meet and brought home 1st place in the district! Our Pumas are proving why Park Crest is such a great place to be, on the field, court and in the classroom. I could not be more proud of this group of kiddos and their fearless leader Mr. Cutter. The teams will compete again in the spring, so stay tuned for more results!

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Basketball kicked off the season this week! Girls and boys both competed against Dessau Middle School this week. The girls played Monday after a super quick turnaround from tryouts last week. The 7th grade B team and both 8th grade teams were victorious. The boys played Thursday night and the 7th grade teams played hard but both A and B team came home without a victory. The 8th grade teams battled hard and both teams were victorious. The A team game was especially close and intense. Be ready for a great season if this is a preview of what is to come!

Next 2-weeks Preview:

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Most sincerely,

Zack Kleypas
Park Crest Middle School

“Keep improving, always, in all ways.”