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  • Dress Code

    We have had an increase of students arriving to school out of dress code. Please visit the link below to review the PfISD Student Dress Code. Students in violation of the “Basic Principle” and “Students Cannot Wear” sections will be provided three (3) options to correct the dress code violation. Students will be asked to:

    1. put on their alternative clothing if it is already available at school.
    2. wear temporary school clothing that will be provided, for the remainder of the day.
    3. If necessary, students' parents may be called during the school day to bring alternative clothing for the student to wear for the remainder of the day.


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  • Reminder: Student IDs

    Secondary students are required to wear district/campus issued student ID badges at all times during the school day. ID(s) must be worn and not kept in a backpack/purse/wallet. Students can purchase a new ID during Pfang (advisory). The price of a replacement ID is $5. If your student has misplaced their ID, please send them with $5 to purchase an ID.


    We do random badge checks. Students not wearing badges could receive consequences such as a loss of privileges or lunch/after school detentions. Without an ID, students will not be able to attend school dances, campus athletic events, and potentially lose privileges. Please remind your student to wear their badge daily. Student IDs are a part of our the district and state's safety initiative.

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