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  • The district has released the Return to Learn guidelines for this coming school year. Please review the guidelines here:


    At Murchison, we have set up a master schedule that allows for longer transition time between classes as they go to specials, to allow for cleaning of classrooms between classes and clearer hallways. In accordance with Governor Abbott’s order, we will not require the wearing of masks on our campuses. However, we do strongly encourage anyone who wants to wear a mask to do so. Additionally, our teachers will teach and remind students about the importance of physical distancing and handwashing. We will also have the following procedures for arrival and dismissal:



    • Students may enter the building beginning at 7:00 AM, through the front doors. Students arriving between 7:00 - 7:20 will wait in the cafeteria.
    • Beginning at 7:20 AM, students will be able to proceed directly to class. If students need to eat breakfast, they may go to the cafeteria before going to their classroom. Students who are car-riders will enter through the library door. Students who are bikers and walkers will enter through the Gym door.
    • The school day begins at 7:30 AM.
    • The tardy bell rings at 7:35 AM. Any student arriving after 7:35 will enter through the front doors.
    • From Thursday, August 12 - Monday, August 16, all PreK and Kindergarten students will meet in the Gym so that their teachers can walk them to their classroom. All 1st graders will meet their teacher on the back patio for the first three days. Pegasus students will meet at the picnic tables outside the cafeteria.
    • We will have many staff members stationed throughout the hallways helping students find their classrooms as well.
    • Parents are not allowed to enter the building at arrival and dismissal.



    • During the first week of school, we will begin dismissal for most of the student body at 2:40 PM. PreK students will dismiss at 2:35 PM. We are starting early during the first week or two to maintain social distancing while we get into the routine.
    • Bikers and walkers will dismiss first. If you would like to walk up to get your child, please have them dismiss with the bikers and walkers.
    • We will start our dismissal with the 5th grade bikers and walkers, then work our way down the grade levels. That way if younger students have older siblings or neighbors they are going to walk home with, the older child can exit the building first and wait outside for them. Please encourage your children who are walking home together to establish a meeting spot at the back of the school (by the playgrounds/bike racks).
    • After all of the grade level bikers and walkers dismiss, we will dismiss daycares and car-riders by grade level. Only parents who are staying in their car and going through the car loop are car-riders. Please print this car tag to place in your window or come by the front office to pick one up.
    • For student safety, parents will not be allowed to walk up and pick their child up out of the car-rider line. If you would like to park and walk up to pick up your child, please let your child's teacher know they will be a biker/walker and plan to meet your child at the back of the school.


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