HAWK Cheer


    Please click on the link below to view the 21-22 Hawk Cheerleaders


    2021-2022 Hawk Nation Cheerleaders 


    Hendrickson School Song 

    Hail Hendrickson, we pledge our full allegiance,

    Proud soaring Hawks, to victory on high;

    With loyal hearts so brave and true,

    We will honor the silver and blue.


    Sharing mem’ries dear, throughout the years always faithful we will prove.


    Long may we strive to triumph with pride,

    Lift our united voices, ringing through,

    Hendrickson we proclaim devotion to you.


    Hendrickson Hawks Fight Song! 

    Hendrickson Hawks are soaring high,

    It’s victory tonight!


    We’re always high above the rest

    Just put us to the test.


    Hendrickson Hawks, Silver and Blue

    We’re loyal and we’re true.

    Oh Hawks, we’re faithful to the end,

    Oh Hendrickson, Go! Fight! Win!