Parmer Lane Elementary

Pflugerville ISD

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What Makes Us Unique

  • Enrichment Beyond the Classroom

    PfISD recognizes that learning extends beyond the traditional classroom setting. We offer a wide range of enriching activities, such as campus clubs, music and dance programs, field trips, and play, providing students with diverse opportunities to explore their interests and passions.

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  • Cultural Diversity

    PfISD embraces and celebrates cultural diversity, creating an inclusive environment where students from different backgrounds feel valued, respected, and appreciated.

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  • After School Care

    At PFISD, we understand that learning doesn't stop when classes end. Our Extended Day Program offers a safe and nurturing environment where students can explore exciting activities. We provide a diverse range of opportunities for every child to shine.

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  • Academic Opportunities

    PfISD creates an inclusive and challenging environment that supports the growth and development of every student. We provide a wide range of exceptional academic opportunities tailored to students at various levels. Our commitment to educational excellence involves collaboration among students, staff, parents, and the community.

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  • Empowering Curriculum

    PfISD's curriculum focuses on building a solid foundation in core subject areas while promoting critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills across all areas of learning.

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  • Family Involvement

    We firmly believe that family involvement is vital in ensuring student success. PfISD actively collaborates with parents to enrich the educational atmosphere for all our students. We warmly welcome and encourage parents to be a part of our educational community.

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  • Kindergarten Readiness

    Our early childhood programs at PfISD offer comprehensive opportunities for academic, social, and emotional learning, preparing our youngest students for a successful educational journey.

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  • Personalized Learning

    At PfISD, we foster a personalized learning approach that empowers and inspires each student. We prioritize meaningful relationships, set high expectations, promote continuous growth, and provide authentic engagement opportunities to ensure each student's academic success.

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  • Visit the district’s library Summer Reading page with information about our 1,000,000 minute reading challenge through Beanstack, pop-up libraries, and other opportunities to keep students reading all summer long.

    Visite la página de la biblioteca del distrito acerca de la Lectura de Verano con información sobre nuestro reto de 1,000,000 de minutos de lectura a través de Beanstack, bibliotecas pop-up y otras oportunidades para que los estudiantes sigan leyendo durante todo el verano.

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  • If you purchased a Chromebook from the district, you must reset it by powerwashing (factory reset):

    1. Sign out of your Chromebook.

    2. Press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r.

    3. Select Powerwash.

    4. Confirm Powerwash. Follow the prompts to continue the process.

    5. Log in with a personal Google account (not PfISD).


    Si ha comprado un Chromebook del distrito, debe restablecer su Chromebook completando un “Powerwash” (restablecimento de fábrica):

    1.Cierra sesión en tu Chromebook.

    2.Mantenga presionado Ctrl + Alt + Mayús + r.

    3.Seleccione Lavado a presión.

    4.Confirme el lavado a presión. Siga las indicaciones para continuar el proceso.

    5. Primero debe iniciar sesión con una cuenta personal de Google (no con PfISD).

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