• Wieland Elementary School...
    was named in honor of the Wieland family, who first settled in the Pflugerville area more than 150 years ago.

    Martin Wieland, Sr., immigrated from Dessau, Germany in 1854. While living in a tent, he cleared the land and built a home of fieldstone using natural resources. That home in the area of Dessau Road and Fish Lane still stands today. Later, brothers Albert and Fritz and sister Hermine joined Martin. They worked hard to make their living off the land, building churches and schools to help develop a stronger community.

    Generations of Wielands were educated in Pflugerville Independent School District, which prepared them well to enter the workforce or pursue higher education before entering professional careers. Through time, descendants of the Wielands continued to thrive in this area, serving as leaders in school, church, civic, charitable, medical, engineering, student and agricultural organizations as well as serving in the military.

    The Wieland heritage is the story of pride, honor and determination to not only survive, but to be contributing members to the community they call home.