STAAR End of Course



    Which high school courses require an End of Course (EOC) test?  
    Math English Science Social Studies
    Algebra I English I Biology U.S. History
      English II    


    When is STAAR EOC administered?

    Students have multiple opportunities to pass EOC tests after they have completed the coursework.  December, spring (April/May) and June opportunities will be offered each school year.
    How does STAAR EOC impact graduation?

    Beginning with the 9th grade class in 2011-2012, students will take 5 EOC assessments listed above based on their participation in courses. To graduate, each student must meet the "Approaches Grade Level" standard (previously Level II Satisfactory) of each EOC assessment.  Passing each EOC to earn credit for the course is a state graduation requirement.   Students will continue to take the exams until the passing standard is achieved.

    Further information about graduation requirements is available here.   
    Fall 2022
    STAAR EOC English I - December 6, 2022
    STAAR EOC Algebra I - December 7, 2022*
    STAAR EOC U.S. History - December 7, 2022*
    STAAR EOC Biology - December 7, 2022*
    STAAR EOC English II -  December 8, 2022
    Spring 2023*
    STAAR EOC English I - April 19-20, 2023
    STAAR EOC English II - April 19-20, 2023  
    STAAR EOC Biology - April 26, 2023
    STAAR EOC U.S. History - April 27, 2023
    STAAR EOC Algebra I - May 10-11, 2023
    (These dates are for middle and high school students.)
    Summer 2023
    All subjects will be tested on June 20, 2023.
    Students who need to take more than one test will be scheduled to test on June 21 and June 22.
    *Students who need to take multiple tests that are offered on the same date will make arrangements with the Campus Testing Coordinator.