• Mrs. Michulka  

    Cheryl Michulka, MA, MLIS

    Westview Middle School Librarian

    Phone (512) 594-2271  

    The WMS library continually gathers materials and develops programming to reflect the learning and recreational reading needs of our widely diversified community. Our collection of Bilingual materials has increased to include both fiction and non-fiction works in a variety of languages. We subscribe to many periodicals, representative of our curriculum and the interests of our student population.

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    Student Access

    During Class Time: Students may come to the library with their class or individually with a signed pass from their teacher. Students coming individually must sign in. During Lunch:  Students may come to the library with a pass signed by a teacher. Students must sign in.

    After School: Students do not need a pass, but must sign in. Students may use computers for school work with a pass from a teacher. Parent accounts are available-please contact the librarian.

    Check Out Policy: Students may check out books, magazines, videos, audio books and reference materials. Students may have three items checked out for a two week period, unless:

    The item is marked “Overnight Use Only”
    The item is a periodical-all periodicals are 3 day check outs 
    The student has items overdue
    The student has fines from overdue/damaged books

    Books can be renewed as often as desired, unless the item has been reserved by another student.

    Check In Policy: Books can be returned to the Purple Mailbox outside the library doors, or placed in the book return at the circulation desk.

    Students are expected to return materials on time. We give a three day grace period, and then charge a dime a day (capped at $2.00) for overdue materials. Materials not returned must be paid for. Overdue notices are normally distributed through Language Arts classes the third week of each month. Students and parents are encouraged to check accounts on-line frequently.