• 2023-24 Panther Partner PTO Mission Statement:

    It is our goal to provide better communication and cooperation between the community and school, while raising funds to enhance the education and needs of students and school equally.

    PTO President:  Elvia Hernandez

    PTO Vice President:  TBD

    PTO Secretary: Interim - Philip Clayton

    PTO Treasurer: Amanda Holmes

    Members:  Elvia Hernandez, Tiffany Vargas, Jennifer Fry, Tony Hernandez, Jill Burkart, Adam Hoke, Yvette Casillas, Noah Salazar, Angie Salazar, Kristen Hampton, Daniela Guardiola, Catherine Martinsen, Sylvia Fernandez, Amanda Pérez,  Patty Bañuelos Rentería 

    Volunteers needed!!!!!

    If you would like to be involved with the PTO, please send an email to our principal (Mr. Clayton) at philip.clayton@pfisd.net.


    Please print out the required volunteer form to complete an online background check.