Our kids are the future - make sure YOU protect them!

    • Facebook is NOT recommended, but IF you allow your child access PLEASE make the rule that YOU must be a "friend" so that you can monitor their activities; if your child says, "No way" - ask yourself, do you really want them on something that YOU cannot monitor?

    • Cell phones are not always used correctly...monitoring your child's cell phone must be a Priority..a few tips:

      • Every few weeks look thru "Contact list" - IF you don't know a name, ask questions! Often kids will make-up names of people (adults/older kids) they don't want you to know they are texting.

      • Every few days ask to look at their "texts" - IF they erase them..YOU take away the phone for a day or two - AFTERALL YOU PAY FOR IT!!

      • Middle schoolers CRAVE privacy BUT they also REQUIRE constant supervision - their reasoning is NOT developed....TRUST your instincts!!

    Texas Department of Child Protective Services:

    To report a case of potential child endangerment, talk to an administrator or counselor first - then proceed to the following website for non-urgent services - You will need to click on GUEST LOGIN then follow instructions. http://www.txabusehotline.org/Login/Default.aspx