• The School Counseling Program


    Through the school counseling model, services are provided in three domains: Academic, Career and Personal/Social. For student development in each of these areas, delivery is provided to all students through classroom guidance and for students needing more targeted support through small group and individual counseling.

    Guidance Curriculum

    Guidance lessons are taught in grades K-5 approximately every two weeks by the counselor using the Second Step Social Emotional Learning Curriculum. Topics range from obtaining skills for learning, communication, getting along with peers, problem solving and emotion management. 

    Small Group Counseling

    Some students meet in small groups to work through problems or issues that the student may be facing that could be hindering their academic progress. We may meet during lunch time or at times of the day where the student will not be missing core instruction. 


    Individual Counseling

    Students have a variety of ways to make an appointment to visit the counselor about more personal issues that may be affecting their self esteem, and therefore, their academic progress. Students may 'self refer' by leaving a note the purple mailbox located outside the counseling office, teachers may make a referral if they see a student having difficulty in class or a parent/guardian may call or email the counselor to alert a potential problem. The counselor will meet with students to understand their needs, give support and offer constructive suggestions. Individual counseling at school is not therapy and is limited to three twenty minute sessions.

    Consultation with Parents/Teachers

    At Northwest we welcome the opportunity to visit with parents and teachers to brainstorm possible ways to discuss student progress, appropriate school interventions, or community resources. School-home communication and collaboration are key to students' school success.  


    Assistance in obtaining assessments for ADD/ADHD, giftedness, grade level acceleration, as well as, score interpretation for STAAR, CogAT, NNAT2 and TELPAS is available through the school counselor. Review for 504 accommodations and special education follow a system of progress monitoring of least restrictive interventions prior to formal assessments.