• Librarian

    Sandy Stewart



    The library is open from 7:20-3:00 Monday-Friday. Occasionally it is necessary to close the library for staff meetings or other events.  

    Volunteers Needed!  
    Volunteers help with a variety of tasks, including shelving books, helping students find books, and assisting students as they check books in and out. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Sandy Stewart.
    Scholastic Book Fair Information
    Rowe Lane Elementary will host two Scholastic Book Fairs for 2016-2017 during the week of November 7-11 and April 3-7.
    Please contact Sandy Stewart if you are interested in volunteering at the book fair, or you can simply sign up here. Thank you for your support!!
    A.R. Information

    Home Connect allows you to check on your child's A.R. progress and look up quiz information from home. 


    Check Out Policy

    Books are checked out for two weeks, but may be exchanged sooner if needed.  Students may check out the following number of books at a time:

    • Kindergarten - 1 book
    • First Grade - 1 book (first semester);  2 books (second semester)
    • Second, Third, Fourth - 2 books
    • Fifth Grade - 3 books

    There are no fines for late books -- students are simply required to turn the books in before they check out new ones.  However, students will need to pay for any lost or damaged books.