• Universal Life Events 

    As Chubb logoan employee, you can apply for valuable life insurance protection for you and your family. Your Trustmark Life policy is a personally owned, permanent individual life insurance policy. Once the policy is issued, continued employment is not a condition to continue coverage. Coverage is guaranteed as long as the required premiums are paid, even after you retire or terminate employment. When employment ends, you can pay equivalent monthly premiums directly to Trustmark or by bank draft.

    You may apply for an individual policy on your life or your spouse’s life. The Child Term Life Rider (birth to age 22) offers two coverage amounts: $5,000 and $10,000.The Grandchild Universal Life plan's age range is birth to age 18. 

    Universal Life (Ages 65+ Only) | LifeEvents (Ages 18-64)

    The plan also offers accelerated death benefits for Long Term Care (LTC) to employees aged 8-64 and spouses (age 64 max) at the time of enrollment. 4% of benefits are payable each month for 25 months. 

    Policy questions team 1-800-514-3446 clientservicesvb@trustmarkbenefits.com

    Claims questions team 1-877-201-9373 claimcontactvb@trustmarkbenefits.com

    Sample rates per week:

    Age at purchase        $25,000 Universal LifeEvents policy

    30                               from $3.49 - $4.59

    40                               from $5.05 - $6.71

    50                               from $7.84 - $10.71