• Allstate Identity Protection Plan logoAllstate Identity Protection Plan is meant to prevent or mitigate risk of financial loss, reputation damage, and stolen identity.

    • Prevention & Monitoring
      • Online alerts for suspicious behavior
      • Dark web monitoring
    • Insurance Protection
      • Recovering losses after a breach
      • Covering the cost for investigation
    • Restoration
      • Labor intensive
      • Communicating with financial institutions


    Allstate Identity Protection Pro $4 per person/month or $10 per family/month 

    • Check your identity health score
    • View and manage alerts in real time
    • Monitor your TransUnion credit score and report for fraud
    • Receive alerts for cash withdrawals, balance transfers, and large purchases
    • Get reimbursed in the event of fraud with our $1 million identity theft insurance policy
    • Protect yourself and your family (everyone that's "under your roof and wallet")


    Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus $6 per person/month or $14 per family/month 

    • See your personal data with Allstate Digital Footprint
    • Catch fraud at its earliest sign with tri-bureau monitoring and an annual tri-bureau credit report and score
    • Lock your TransUnion credit report with a click and get credit freeze assistance
    • Get help disputing errors on your credit report
    • See if your IP addresses have been compromised
    • Monitor social media accounts for questionable content and signs of account takeover
    • Get reimbursed for stolen 401(k) & HSA funds; and advance fraudulent tax return


    How to set up:

    Once you have enrolled, you will receive a welcome email from Allstate Identity Protection. Set up and important information

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