How to Become an Approved Vendor

    In order to become an Approved Vendor, you must respond to a Bidding Opportunity when one becomes available for the category of products or services you sell.  If you are selected through the formal bid process, you then become an Approved Vendor. 
    Our bidding opportunities are posted on our website, in the Section below, and also on Texas Bid Systems.  If you would like to be notified of bidding opportunities for your category of items, you must register and choose the Automatic Email Notification option.  There will be a $49.95 per year fee.  You may select the free option if you would like to search the website for bidding opportunities without receiving email notifications.  Registering on Texas Bid Systems will give you access/notifications to bidding opportunities posted by any entity using this system, including other area school districts and municipalities, in addition to those posted by Pflugerville ISD.

    Current Bidding Opportunities

    For a list of current bidding opportunities, please click here.

    Contractor Employee Background Checks

    Senate Bill 9 and Texas Education Code Chapter 22 require entities that contract with school districts to obtain criminal history records on covered employees.  Covered employees with disqualifying criminal histories are prohibited from serving at a school district.  Contractors must certify to the district, using the forms below, that they have complied and must obtain similar certifications from their subcontractors.
    Covered Employees is defined as:  Employees of a contractor who have or will have continuing duties related to the service to be performed at the District and have or will have direct contact with students.  The District will be the final arbiter of what constitutes continuing duties or direct contact with students.

    For your convenience, here are Frequently Asked Questions provided by the Texas Association of School Boards. 

    Entities must create an account with DPS to access criminal histories through the Fingerprint-based Applicant Clearinghouse of Texas (FACT).  To set up an account with DPS, contact the crime records service bureau at 512-424-2474.

    Certification Forms
    For Contractors (e.g. Company Services)
    For Subcontractors
    For Independent Contractors (e.g. Educational Diagnostician)

    Contractors may be asked to send contract information to DPS. If you do not have a formal contract please contact our office. A District confirmation letter of contractor status is available from this office upon request.

    District Expectations

    If you are interested in doing business with Pflugerville ISD and would like to learn some of the expectations placed on District vendors, click here.

    District Purchasing Policies

    Purchasing and Acquisition (CH Legal)
    Purchasing and Acquisition (CH LOCAL)
    Purchasing and Acquisition (Vendor Relations)
    Payment Procedures
    Purchasing and Acquisition (Real Property and Improvements)

    School District Purchasing and what the Law Says

    Selection Criteria

    In determining best value, the following selection criteria shall be considered:

    1. the purchase price;
    2. the reputation of the vendor and of the vendor's goods or services;
    3. the quality of the vendor's goods or services;
    4. the extent to which the goods or services meet the district's needs;
    5. the vendor's past relationship with the district;
    6. the impact on the ability of the district to comply with laws and rules relating to historically underutilized businesses;
    7. the long-term cost to the district to acquire the vendor's goods or services; and
    8. any other relevant factor specifically listed in the request for bids or proposals.

    Bid Tabulations

    For a list of Bid Tabulations, please click here

    Bid Renewals

    For a list of bids that we are currently in the process of renewing with the current vendors, please click here.
    Vendor Protest Procedures