• Technology Department

    Network Information and Infrastructure

    Pflugerville ISD's campus networks are connected via a private fiber. This high-speed wide-area network allows PFISD to centrally locate services, provide multimedia applications to all campuses, and a host of other technologies requiring high speed connectivity.  Because this network is owned by PFISD, there are no recurring costs of leased connections for in-district communications.

    Spam Filtering

    The district incorporates Barracuda Network hardware to provide spam filtering to our users.  Every staff member receives a daily spam summary report containing a list of all email flagged as spam the previous day.  If a legitimate outside email is mistakenly caught as spam, the recipient can choose to release the email from quarantine, and flag the sender as OK for future email correspondence.  If a parent believes their email did not reach their intended recipient, we suggest contacting the recipient first, before contacting technology support.

    Web Site Filtering

    PFISD abides by the "Children's Internet Protection Act" and uses multiple methods of protecting students from offensive material.  PFISD policy restricts internet usage to only that which is deemed educational, or of necessity to the business operation of the school district. 

    The District's Acceptable Use Policy is available for further information:

    PfISD Student Responsible Use Guidelines


    From the CIPA website:

    "The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is a federal law enacted by Congress in December 2000 to address concerns about access to offensive content over the Internet on school and library computers. CIPA imposes certain types of requirements on any school or library that receives funding for Internet access or internal connections from the E-rate program – a program that makes certain communications technology more affordable for eligible schools and libraries. In early 2001, the FCC issued rules implementing CIPA."

    More information concerning CIPA can be found here: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/cipa.html