• Technology Support Department


    Helpdesk Call Center - 512-594-0212 (40212 in district) 

    The PfISD Helpdesk Call Center is open for calls Monday - Thursday from 7am to 5pm (7-4:30pm on Fridays). This is a great resource for technical support, password resets, problem solving, etc. 


    Technology Support Ticket System - GetHelp  - Helpdesk Management

    The PfISD Technology Department provides an online ticket system for all employees and students of the district. The district currently uses GetHelp as a means to provide communication between the technology team and the district's end users. It provides a way for email communication, status updates, and access to a knowledge base. 

    Help button

    The Technology Help shortcut is pushed to your desktop. Look for the red Help Button icon.
    Please click here for a brief tutorial on how to login and use the Technology Ticket System software

    Campus Technical Support Team

    • Helpdesk Call Center - 512-594-0212
      • Julie Benitez
      • Jillian Rameriz
    • Technical Support Team
      • Tylene Cunning - Supervisor of Technical Support
      • Jayme Munoz - Windows Client Support Specialist - District-wide
      • Mario Pena -  Apple Client Support Specialist - District-wide
    • Technical Support Specialists 
      • Paul Manibusan - Technical Support Specialist ( Aramark, PD, Transportation, EDP, PACE, Admin)
      • Alexander Toms - HHS, WHS
      • Scott Meis - CHS, PHS, PACE, OC
    • Technical Support Technicians
      • Samuel Perine - CMS, RES, RLES, VMES
      • Vell Smith - PMS, RBES, SHES, TES
      • Angel Pena - BMS, JCES, PES, WLES, HLES
      • Lukas Sammler - Floater
      • Jeramie Bryan - PCMS, BES, CWES, WES
      • Devin Pagano - DMS, CES, DES, WDES
      • Vacant - WMS, NES, PLES, ROES
      • John Reyna - KLMS, HPES, MES, RES
    • Audio/Visual Support Team
      • Patrick Singleton - AV Specialist - All HS, OC, PACE, BMS, Administration Building
      • Samuel Martinez - DMS, PMS, WMS, CES, DES, NES, PLES, RBES, ROES, SHES, TES, WDES, WLES
      • Gedeon OsambaWosamba - CMS, KLMS, PCMS, BES, CWES, DRES, HPES, JCES, MES, RLES, RES, WES, VMES, HLES

    Overview of Services

    PfISD’s Technology Support team supports over 22,000 computers, laptops, and ipads plus over 26,000 Chromebooks among the 36 networked district sites, including food services, police department, EDP, and transportation. Additionally, we support hundreds of different peripheral devices for various departments and programs.

    Our team handles installation, configuration, imaging, disposal, hardware repair, software installation, software packaging, troubleshooting, inventory, and licensing for various types of equipment. We also support all AV equipment such as projectors, displays, interactive boards, broadcasting equipment, etc.  

    Replacement Cycle

    PfISD has established a 4-6 year Computer Replacement Plan, 4 years for mobile devices and 6 years for desktops. The Replacement Plan covers presentation stations, computer labs, libraries, offices, teacher laptops, and student district devices (Chromebooks and iPads). The equipment is fully covered for support due to failure during the initial lifecycle. For the two years following, support may be provided for the operating system and software, with minimal hardware replacement. The equipment will have no formal support beyond those timelines, but will remain in service as long as possible. Replacement cycle support does not cover theft or damage due to user negligence.