• Bullying Awareness Week September 24-28, 2012
    Bullying has become a major problem in schools receiving national and international publicity as more tragic bullying related stories come to light. At Wieland Elementary School we are dedicated to making your child's school experience as safe and positive as possible. This year Wieland will be hosting our first annual Bullying Awareness Week September 24-28. Throughout this week students will learn about bullying related issues including what bullying is, how to stand up against bullying, and what to do if they are the victim, or see someone else being bullied. This week will also include fun dress up days and activities to encourage students to use the information they are learning.

    Friday, September 21st


    2:00 pm Hold Pep Rally- get students pumped up about Bullying Awareness Week

    Monday, September 24th      “Put a Lid on Bullying


    Attire:  Hat Day


    Bullying 101 Presentation in the Café by Admin Team

    Tuesday, September 25th    "Dreaming of a Bully-Free School"  

    Attire:  Pajama Day


    Students/Staff/Community Members will sign Resolution of Respect in Café.  Student will receive a personal copy of the resolution to take home.

    Wednesday, September 26th   Together We Are Stronger


    Attire:  Dress Like Twins


    9:00 am     Ms. Seeju Dupre, AKA Grandma Dupre, will speak to Pre-K 0 2nd Graders in the café.

    10:00 am   Mr. Charles Dupre, Superintendent will speak to 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders in the gym.


    Thursday, September 27th     Sock-it-to-Bullying”


    Attire:  Crazy Sock Day

    Friday, September 28th          “Creating a Peaceful Community”


    Attire:  Students, Staff, families, community wear white shirt.


    Community Walk/Moment of Silence at 2:00 pm “Envisioning a Bully-Free School.