•  Join the Birthday Book Club!  Birthday Cake
    The Birthday Book Club is a great opportunity for the families of Rowe Lane Elementary to help build our library collection. In order to participate, all you have to do is donate $5, $10, or $15 to the Rowe Lane Elementary library during the month of your child’s birthday. Your child will then come to the library to pick out a special Birthday Club Book from our vast collection. A bookplate with your child’s name and the date is placed inside the book and he/she is able to check the book out to show to friends and family. A photograph of your child with his/her Birthday Book is posted in the hallway. The best thing about the Birthday Book Club is that all money donated will be used to purchase additional books for our library! If you would like to participate, simply fill out the form below and return it to school with your donation!
    "What if I have a Kindergarten student with a birthday in June, July, or August that wants to participate in the Birthday Book Club?" It is not too late!  We want to make sure that all students have a chance to participate, so please fill out the form below and send the form and donation to school with your child.
    Yes! We want to participate in the Birthday Book Club!
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