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    Parent and Community Involvement Commitments:

    PfISD will communicate with parents and encourages parent participation in these ways:

    • District Gifted and Talented program website 
    • Course guides and choice sheets
    • Communication with parents during campus open house nights
    • Parent Notification of Service letter 
    • District Parent Information and Forum Nights
    • Product Fair at campuses to allow students opportunity to display their research projects to parents and other interested parties

    In District Opportunities:

    1. Duke TIP
    PFISD actively participates in the Duke TIP program. Letters are sent to students who qualify for the 4th - 6th grade talent search and the 7th grade talent search. Letters should be sent home with qualifying students in the fall semester by the campus.  Contact your campus counselor for additional information.

    Parents and students can learn more by visiting:  http://tip.duke.edu/.
                  7th Grade DUKE TIP Information                               
                  4th-6th Grades DUKE TIP Information                        
    Information for the 4th - 6th grade Duke TIP program and the 7th grade Duke TIP will be distributed by campus counselors in the fall of each year.  It is the parent's responsibility to register students for program services and testing.     
    Webinars and Videos 

    Duke TIP provides webinars and information sessions about many of our programs and benefits of participation. Many of these, mainly for parents and educators, have been recorded and are for public listening and viewing at any time.  Visit Duke's website for more details on the various webinars available: 4th - 6th webinar and 7th grade webinars .


    2. PAGE Parent Advisory for Gifted Education:  One parent per feeder pattern (preferably two - one elementary and one secondary) will be selected to serve on a district advisory group. 

     Minimum of two meetings per year.  Meetings for 2019 - 2020: October 28, February 24, and April 20.  Meetings are from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Parents selected to serve on the district gifted advisory will be notified of location. 
    3. SENG
    Parents are encouraged to lead SENG-Model Parent support groups.  To learn more about this opportunity visit the SENG webpage.  

    Out of District Opportunities:

    Join Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT)

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