• Birthday Book Club
    Birthday Book Club is great way to celebrate your child's birthday and help support the library.  Birthday Book Club forms are usually sent home in Tuesday folders at the beginning of the month, for birthday occuring in that month.  August birthday forms are sent home in Septmember.  June and July birthday forms are sent home in the Spring, usually in March and April.  If you didn't get a form, or you misplaced it, print one out online.  It's never too late (or too early!) to participate in the Birthday Book Club!
    Joining is easy!  Students return the Birthday Book Club form, along with a $5-$15 donation to the library (cash or checks are fine!).  Then the student chooses a book from the library that they would like as their Birthday Book Club book. The books still belongs to the library and must be returned, but their special Birthday Book Club sticker stays in the book permanently.  A picture of the student and their book hangs on the hallway bulletin board for several weeks and they also receive a certificate with their picture and information about the book.  Students love to check out "their" book over and over again!  Donations are used to by more books and other items needed to make our library a great place! 
    Birthday Cake